10 Popular Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence & Tools for a Winning Strategy

10 Popular Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence & Tools for a Winning Strategy

Are you looking to increase your social media presence? Although you may have many social media accounts, it is possible that your presence is lacking.

These problems could lead to:

  • There are very few people following your social media accounts. You can keep tweeting and posting, but few people see your posts.
  • There are few followers, but very little engagement. You rarely see your posts get “liked,” let alone comment or share.
  • Negative comments. You might be receiving negative comments about your posts that are too self-promotional.

10 Popular Ways To Improve Your Social Media Presence & Tools for a Winning Strategy

These are 10 ways to increase your social media presence without spending a lot of time.

1. Make your brand voice clear and create guidelines

Everything you post on social media should be tied to your brand. This could be serious, lighthearted, funny, silly, or anything else that makes sense for your company. It should be linked to your website and other media.

It’s important to establish clear guidelines for how your company should voice its social media presence. You can include plenty of examples from past posts and inspiration from other companies’ accounts on social media.

Even if you only post on social media, it is worth investing some time to establish your brand voice. This may require some time and effort upfront but it will make it easier to make informed decisions in the day-to-day management of your social media accounts.

Guidelines don’t have to be complicated or long. You might start with just a few examples and bullet points.

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2. Concentrate on a smaller number of social media sites

Many marketers believe that “presence” is synonymous with “being everywhere”. It doesn’t. It’s not a good idea to spread yourself too thin on a number of social media platforms when you don’t have the time or resources to build a following.

Instead of having multiple social media accounts, choose a few networks to focus on. Pick the networks where your ideal customers will congregate. If you are targeting Gen-Z then would be a good choice. Facebook is a better option if you are targeting retirees.

Instead of having many social media accounts, choose a few networks to focus on.
Select the networks where your ideal clients are most likely to congregate. If you target Gen-Z for example, It would make sense to have a TikTok presence. If your goal is to reach retirees, Facebook is likely to be a better option.

3. Make use of social media tools to save time and build a winning strategy

Many social media tools can help you save time and get better results. You don’t have to open your Twitter app manually every time you want or wonder if your posts are getting the engagement you desire. These social media tools can help.

Here are a few great ones you might want to try:

  1. Buffer – Buffer allows you to easily schedule multiple social media posts ahead of time. Cross-posting to multiple platforms is possible or you can create different posts for each platform. Buffer has tools that allow you to measure your results and allows you to respond to comments.
  2. ShareThis – There are many tools available, but the social media buttons are especially useful to drive more social shares and boost your presence by getting your content front and center for people who aren’t following you yet.

You might also want to check out tools specific to your key social networks such as this list of essential tools on Instagram.

4. Publish High-Quality Content

Your brand is represented in your social media content. Posts that are full of typos and careless errors should not be published. You want your images and videos to look the best possible.

You can invest in high-quality content if you have the funds. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for each piece of content that is created by a designer. Instead, you could purchase a template that can easily be reused again and again. Then, add high-quality stock photos.

Even if the content is created by you, it’s worth taking a few extra moments to proofread a text and ensure that images look professional. This is a time-saving investment that can make your social media presence more professional.

5. Do not post new content too often

It’s easy for people to believe that publishing more content is the best way to increase their social media presence. Posting a lot of content can be annoying for followers. This is especially true if the posts aren’t of any real value and merely clutter up their social media accounts.

You can waste your time and possibly pay resources by posting too often. You’re more likely to post too often, which can be counterproductive.

Although there is no set number of posts you should make on social media, research by Hootsuite suggests that you should publish content at least once per week:

  • Once a day (or less) on Instagram.
  • 1 – 2 times a day on Facebook.
  • 1 – 5 times a day on Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can try scaling back if you are posting more than that – for example, on Facebook 4 times per day or on Instagram 3 times per day.

6. Find a balance between different types of content

Ever come across a brand account that was solely focused on self-promotion on social media? Maybe every tweet you saw was about their products or their blog posts. Or every image on Facebook that is related to their company.

It’s important to mention your products or services on social media. However, you need to find a balance between self-promotional content as well as content that is designed to help your audience. This could include helpful tips, URLs to other resources, polls or questions, and funny memes.

It’s also worth considering publishing a mixture of post formats, including text, image, and video. People may stop reading the same content if you keep publishing it.

7. Optimize Your Social Media Bios

By bringing people back to your website, you can make the most out of your social media presence. You’re not simply trying to get social media followers or likes, but you want to convert some of those followers into customers.

Social media bios are an important part of a business’s social media strategy. These can be easy to create quickly when you set up your social media account. But they are often forgotten about.

When people follow you, or even before they like your page, their social media bio will be the first thing they see. It can be used to tell people about your company and to link to your website or to key pages such as a landing page for a key product.

Although it only takes a few moments to update your social network bio, it can make a huge difference in how effective you use your social media presence.

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8. Use sticky posts or pin-worthy tweets

Many social media platforms offer the option to “stick” (or “pin”) a post to the top. This ensures that the post will always appear first in your feed, even if there are more recent ones.

You can use pinned tweets or sticky posts to help you:

  • To promote your latest product, highlight a message that you want to convey to all who visit your page.
  • You don’t have to repeat the same information to everyone (answering questions such as “What are your opening hours ?”).?”

Use a sticky note to ensure it is still useful. It’s possible for something that was important one month ago to quickly become obsolete.

9. Set Clear Measurable Goals for Your Social Media Presence

Social media can drain your time. It is easy to spend a lot of time on social media, looking at other accounts and wondering what to post. You may not be seeing any results.

Social media can drain your time. It is easy to spend a lot of time on social media, looking at other accounts and wondering what to post. You may not be seeing any results.

You can set clear, measurable goals and focus your social media marketing efforts accordingly.

Take, for example, You might decide that your goal when you grow your social media presence is to reach 1,000 followers. To measure your progress towards your goal, you can track the growth of your followers each week.

10. Make a content calendar for your social media platforms

Although it might seem like a lot of work to create a content calendar or editorial calendar for your social media, it is actually very easy and will save you time and effort over the long term.

A great way to quickly create a content calendar is by coming up with themes for different days. You might post a meme every Friday or a new video every Tuesday.

Planning ahead is also a great way to make it simple to link your social media posts to your content marketing strategy. For instance, You could post about promotions that you are running, or Create posts that link to the content you publish on your website.

Being proactive and deliberate is key to building your social media presence. You need to know what you are trying to accomplish. Make it easier for yourself by focusing on fewer social media networks and posting fewer, but better-quality posts. Soon you’ll start to see the results.

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