11 Easy Ways to Brand Yourself as a Speaker

11 Easy Ways to Brand Yourself as a Speaker

Whether you are giving the keynote speech at your Alma Mater, or leading your weekly group coaching calls is something every leader needs to master. How to make an argument or weave a cautionary story into actionable steps that inspire, motivates, or educate an audience is more than a skill. It can also be profitable.

Position yourself as a leader in your industry to advance your career/ company, branding you as a speaker is an attractive growth strategy. According to the Harvard Business Review study, speakers who have “social proof” are able to earn as much as $20k per speech. This is because combining a strong brand and deep industry knowledge increases your chances of success. Speaking doesn’t have to be about money. It can be a powerful tool to promote your company’s charitable causes and establish long-term relationships. How do you market yourself as a speaker? These 11 tips will help you get started:

11 Easy Ways to Brand Yourself as a Speaker

1. You can make your charisma shine

Charm is key when it comes to public speaking. You’ll be able to engage an audience and establish a personal connection with them, which will help you achieve success.

Some people are born with charisma while others need to practice it. But the good news? It is possible to develop charm. Start by learning from the greats if you don’t have the ability to speak naturally. Their videos can teach you a lot about their personalities and the things they say. Next, practice your charisma until you feel natural.

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2. Subject matter expertise is required

While your charisma will keep them interested, your business expertise will make it more profitable. You must be an expert in the niche to be considered a serious speaker.

Education is the key to mastery. Spend time studying and practicing your craft. It is easier to share what you know with others if you have more knowledge. You can also become an expert by creating a book and other content that positions you as an authority within your industry.

3. Create your own signature style

Personal branding can also be done in a signature style. Your style should be appropriate for your industry, but personal enough to express your individuality. It is important to be true to yourself and to find a way that lets your personality shine.

4. Book a professional brand photography shoot

A brand photography shoot is intended to capture images that you will use to promote yourself as a speaker. You don’t want to cut corners on your brand photoshoot. Because your photos will be a reliable resource for branding, they will also help you to create a consistent look and feel in all your marketing materials.

5. Leverage the power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for finding industry leaders and customers. You can optimize the platform by telling your network that you are available for speaking opportunities. A strong profile should highlight your experience and skills. Make sure you include information about the topics you are interested in speaking on, as well as clips of your speeches and videos.

6. Create a speaker kit

The three main purposes of your speakers kit are:

  1. This helps event planners to get to know you better and your work.
  2. They can easily book you for events.
  3. It will help you stay organized and professional.

Your kit should include a bio, headshot, and a list of speaking topics in your kit

7. Keep your consistency across platforms

Consistency is key to success for influential brands. You can encourage consistency across all your online platforms. Automate communication using systems and processes. Your website, social media, and other materials should have the same look and feel. These assets will allow people to quickly identify you and your brand.

8. Develop a unique selling proposition

What sets you apart from other speakers in the industry? Your unique style, messaging, and positioning are all ways to show your differentiation. Each one of these elements contributes to your unique selling point (USP) and will make you stand out from the rest.

9. Create and practice your signature speech

If you have a Les Brown speech memorized, raise your hand. Brown captured his audience’s attention through his stories. Your signature speech is what you represent. You will be able to tell the world who you are as a speaker and introduce yourself to a new audience. It should be clear, concise, well-rehearsed, and engaging.

10. Speak at industry events

Many industries have trade associations or professional organizations. These organizations are a great way to network with professionals in your field. Practice your signature speech at seminars and industry events. This is a great way to build your brand, and feel comfortable speaking in front of a large audience.

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11. Start a podcast tour

Podcasts are a great way to learn about your industry and can be found on almost any topic you wish.

Chartable website allows you to find the most popular podcasts in your industry by searching on the website. Then, you can reach out to the hosts to ask if they would be open to having your guest. Podcasts are a great way to share your knowledge with new audiences.

These tips will help you to brand yourself as a speaker. It is important to remember that even though it may seem like a time-consuming task, building a speaking career takes effort and dedication. However, the rewards can be enormous.

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