15 Best 3D Printing Business Ideas for Startup

15 Best 3D Printing Business Ideas for Startup

No matter your industry, 3D printing can prove to be an asset. It can be a great asset on so many levels that the 3D printing business is popping up all over the place. 3D printing technology is a great way to create any type of project.

Are you aware of all the possibilities that 3D printing can offer? This blog post will show you how to create your 3D printing business and innovate, iterate, for your own great success.

Are you looking for tips on how to start a 3D printing business/or how to choose the right 3D printing business ideas for a startup? We’ll share the top start 3D printing business ideas with you and show you examples of successful 3D printing businesses. Take inspiration from these 3D printing concepts

3D printing is a useful technology for all industries

3D printing technology has been adopted by increasing numbers of businesses for a variety of purposes. It’s now very useful for the medical sector, the automobile industry, as well as for architecture and aeronautics, and even agriculture. There are many printing options.

Have you seen our State 3D printing page? This study helps us understand the use of additive manufacturing technology by different businesses. This study confirms that additive manufacturing technology is being used in a wider range of industries, including aeronautics and consumer goods.

Top 15 Best 3D Printing Business Ideas

Below is a list of Additive Manufacturing businesses and others who are using 3D printing technology in order to expand their business opportunities. These examples should be inspiring. This cutting-edge technology could be the key to your perfect business opportunity.

1. The Kupol Project

Gabriel Boutin is a 3D designer who created the Kupol Project with additive manufacturing technology. This is a helmet for a bicycle. It was 3D printed using the Multi Jet Fusion technology and Sculpteo’s online printing service. This 3D technology allowed this designer to create a relevant, durable project.

Rapid prototyping can be made possible by 3D printing. It is an easy and cost-effective way to create prototypes. This technique allows you to quickly create your 3D design with 3D modeling software and modify it as often as you need.

To get the different versions of your 3D model, all you have to do is modify your 3D model and then print your 3D file. This could help you save money and speed up your production process. It is much cheaper to iterate on your project with additive manufacturing than using a traditional prototyping method.

2. Netlooks

“We are at the point in the eyewear business when we need to do something new.” Pierre Andrieu is the founder of Netlooks custom-made eyewear company. He is also one of our clients.

Netlooks’s goal is to offer its clients the best made-to-measure experience. They combine craftsmanship with the most recent technologies. Netlooks employs 3D scanning to find the right fit for clients’ heads, and Additive Manufacturing provides them with time- and economical prototypes prior to the final product being hand-made.

The 3D technology was an integral part of the manufacturing process. The company was able to speed up product development and lower costs by manufacturing prototypes using additive manufacturing. Netlooks can also achieve maximum customization and comfort thanks to Additive Manufacturing.

3. Volkswagen Autoeuropa

3D printing is an asset at many levels. It’s not just for your products. Our recent blog post showed that a 3D printer could significantly reduce your investment in tooling. Do you know that Volkswagen Autoeuropa is using 3D printing to make some of its tools in 2017? Whatever your industry, lowering your tooling costs can be a great asset to your company.

Additive manufacturing is an economical way to make customized tools. It can also help you build a profitable business. These tools can be adapted to the specific purpose of their use and are cheaper than traditional manufacturing techniques.

4. P&G

Companies like P&G must keep up with the latest technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. Procter & Gamble can use 3D printing to its advantage. The supply chain innovation sector. Additive Manufacturing provides new solutions to existing issues and improves business strategies.

Peter Hewett, Global Product Supply Platform Lead, explains that it took a small investment of time to understand the technology and services offered to companies to see how we could solve current manufacturing problems in a different and more efficient way. We are already working with experts to find breakthrough solutions that wouldn’t have been possible using traditional technologies.

5. Gaëtan Le Penhuel

This was a crucial aspect of the production for Gaetan Le Penhuel an architect firm from Paris with whom we had the pleasure of being partners. The client needed architectural models in a short time while still achieving high levels of detail.

Gaetan le Penhuel found the perfect solution in additive manufacturing. The architects wanted to materialize their plans, so every part of the project needed to be presented in solid form. They were able to achieve precise openings, thin walls, and sharp edges thanks to SLS technology. SLS is an industrial 3D printer that allows for the production of high-quality models quickly and economically.

6. Octobre71

3D printing technology offers many advantages, including mass customization. Octobre71is an online company that makes light glasses. Additive manufacturing allows them to make customizable glasses. Fashion products are often custom-made. 3D printing is an excellent tool for fashion designers.

3D printing allows for glasses to be made that are shaped and shaped according to the individual’s morphology. These amazing benefits can make it profitable for other businesses, such as jewelry and ornaments or 3D-printed shoes.

7. Endeer

3D printing is now possible for mass customization. It could also be the ideal manufacturing method to transform your product into a service. How? This can result in amazing ideas for 3D printing businesses.

Claire Chabaud was one of our former coworkers at Sculpteo and decided to start her own business, Ender, from this idea. They are able to make custom-made bras for women by combining 3D scanning with 3D printing. Then they insert them into their amazing underwear collection. Our 3D printing facility allows you to 3D print the armatures in nylon PA12. It’s a customized bra that is perfectly tailored to the needs of women at an affordable.

8. Valoptim

Is 3D printing technology beneficial to property developers? Certainly! Valoptim shows how to make the most of 3D technology.

Valoptim’s customer experience was elevated by Additive Manufacturing. This is crucial in any industry. The clients receive a miniature 3D printed replica of the property that they have just bought.

It would be expensive to create a unique flat model using any other technology than 3D printing. This is the fastest method to create the 3D printing business model. Before they get the keys, Valoptim clients can visualize their lives in the flat. It’s a satisfying experience for new owners.

Make XL-sized projects

9. Apis Cor

Apis Cor, a startup from San Francisco, 3D printed a whole house in just 24 hours in Russia. The 3D printing technology is enabling this company to innovate in the architecture industry. The company is using 3D printing technology with an XL3D printer to build homes quickly and at a lower price. This company used 3D printing to complete this incredible project. concrete 3D printers now exist.

10. MX3D

MX3D created a 3D-printed bridge made of metal in Amsterdam. It is great to starting a 3D printing business to create urban environments like bridges. Why? The new XL 3D printers allow you to 3D print on an architectural scale. This allows you to 3D-print designs for large projects such as bridges. The bridge will cross the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in Amsterdam. It will be the largest 3D-printed metal structure ever made.

Make eco-friendly projects

11. Simusolar

Simusolar was founded in 2014. It is an innovative company that develops and implements small-scale, sustainable solutions for solar energy. They developed solar-powered LED lights using our online 3D printer to replace petrol lights used by fishermen on Lake Victoria.

12. Adidas

As we have already mentioned, additive manufacturing is an incredible manufacturing process to create custom-made shoes. Adidas has worked on a variety of 3D printing projects. This is actually a demonstration of how plastic can be reused and used by 3D printers. In the coming years, the 3D printing industry will be more dependent on recycling plastic parts.

13. Feetz

Feetz, an American startup, is specialized in custom-made shoes. It was founded by Lucy Beard. They are comfortable and stylish. They can be adjusted to fit any foot! Feetz uses 3D printing technology in order to preserve the environment. 3D printing is no material waste. This technology allows you to only print the material you need for your product. These 3D-printed shoes are proof of that.

14. Jaguar

Jaguar, the world-famous car manufacturer, uses 3D printing to make spare parts for its older vehicles. 3D scanning was used by the company to create the iconic XKSS model, which dates back to 1957. The best method to reproduce parts that are no more manufactured or not on the market is additive manufacturing. This is a great way to expand your business, even for large brands like Jaguar. It is necessary to create 3D files for the parts you require and then print them.

15. Made in Space

3D printing franchise allows us to reach new heights in every sector. Made in Space, an American company that develops solutions for 3D printing in space to aid astronauts on their space missions. They created a 3D printer that allows astronauts to print any tools they require directly in Space. They are developing technologies that allow 3D printing of significant structures outside the station.

3D printing can help you improve the quality of your products

Improve your products with a better 3D design

You can make your products lighter, or create a design that is too complicated to produce using traditional manufacturing methods. You could add lattices to your product or enhance your 3D printing using jigsaws.

It’s also very convenient to create objects from just one piece. It may not be obvious, but complex designs can be difficult to create in one piece. Fortunately, additive manufacturing technology makes it possible.

Improve your products with 3D printing materials

You can see that there are many materials to choose from on our 3D printing materials pages. Each material has different properties. Some are better for prototyping, while others are better to produce. Some materials are flexible while others are more resilient to stress.

You can use Stainless Steel 316L for mechanical parts. However, you might also consider Stainless Steel 316 made with Binder Jetting. Our ultimate guide will help you choose the right metal material to suit your project.

It is important to choose the right material for your project. Once you have found the right material, you can improve the product’s final properties. A product made with different materials can have different properties. It can be lighter or more resistant to heat. There are many options, but you only need to choose the right one. 3D printing technology can help you find cheaper materials with better properties. It’s amazing, just think about it!

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