5 Deep Learning Skills Helps to Get Jobs in MAANG Companies

5 Deep Learning Skills Helps to Get Jobs in MAANG Companies

These are the essential skills that will allow you to succeed in this global economy. You can also land high-ranking job opportunities by using your deep learning skills MAANG (Meta and Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). This article will cover all the required Deep learning skills MAANG companies are looking for.

1. Software development

Software development is the creation and development of multiple systems. Software development can be divided into two main areas: website development and mobile operating systems. On the other hand, web developers must be proficient in SEO and SEM. UX designers are the most popular and highest-paying jobs in this industry and Android mobile developers.

2. Spark

Learning Spark is a great way to revolutionize analytics and the big data field. Spark is an open-source processor engine that is designed to be fast, easy to use, and provide analytics. Spark makes Hadoop cluster applications run 100 times faster on disk than they do on Hadoop.

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3. Programming languages

Specialized knowledge of programming languages is always in high demand with continuous technological advancements. According to the source, programming skills are expected to increase by 22% by 2028. This can lead to a variety of opportunities in MAANG companies.

4. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is the storage and distribution of data and software via the internet. Cloud engineers and cloud experts are required to plan, design, develop, and maintain cloud computing solutions. There are many tech skills that are highly sought after, such as certifications in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. This area offers many career options, including cloud security engineers, data scientists engineers, cloud architects, and cloud consultants.

5. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a group of services, technologies, and procedures that are responsible for protecting networks and devices from unanticipated attacks or unwanted access. Cybersecurity specialists are needed to have skills in information security, vulnerability assessment, and network security. This industry has bright prospects for cybersecurity specialists, cybersecurity analysts, security engineers, and ethical hackers.

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