5 Effective Ways To Build Your Digital Presence

5 Effective Ways To Build Your Digital Presence

What is Digital Presence and why is it important?

Your digital presence describes how your business or brand appears online. It also includes how easy it makes it for people to find you. Your target audience whoever they may be is online constantly. The internet is used by consumers to research, compare and buy the products or services they are looking for. Every step of the buyer’s journey is done online. Your success directly depends on how well you present your brand.

Google Search is used by people to search for information. They are presented with relevant results based on the search engine’s algorithm. An optimized digital presence increases your chances of being found online by customers and prospects.

Your business is only one of many that consumers are actively searching for solutions. To attract, engage, then ultimately sell to this online audience, it is your responsibility to build a strong digital presence. You won’t be able to compete with other businesses if you don’t.

This article will walk you through five strategies that SEO digital marketers use to help you build your digital presence and reach your brand and business goals.

Be where your audience is

You need to understand your audience in order to expand your digital presence. You need to find out where they are, and specifically what channels they use online.

Your audience is actively searching for solutions to their problems online, as we mentioned above. You can engage your audience by building a digital presence online where they search and spend time online. This will increase clicks and conversions.

Your target user will undoubtedly use search engines such as Google and Bing. They are likely active on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

While there might be overlap among social channels, each platform serves a different purpose and You must be able to communicate with users on these platforms.

Your Instagram marketing strategy may look different from your LinkedIn marketing strategies. Because the purpose, mood and content type of each platform is different, this is why your Instagram promotion strategy will look very different from your LinkedIn marketing tactics. Knowing where your audience is online will allow you to tailor your marketing and engagement strategies to attract them and boost your digital presence across multiple channels.

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Consistently create content

When building your digital presence, content is everything. Your audience will be more loyal if you create more relevant, quality content.

Google indexes every page you publish. If your content matches a search query, Google will index your page and allow users to click on your link.

A strong content strategy is essential to drive the engagement and traffic you need to grow your brand. Content creation is also a way to optimize your website for SEO. This will help you drive more users to your site.

You can increase your digital presence by creating site content that is relevant to the user intent of your target audience.

Create value

Potential customers don’t waste time looking for answers on the internet. Your user should be valued in every aspect of your digital presence.

Producing content that is targeted at your audience can help you create value in many ways. These content types offer immense value and increase your digital reach and digital presence:

Blogs – Blogging can be the best way to provide value to your visitors to your website. Blogs allow you to dive into specific topics, products, or ideas that may be of benefit to your readers.
Video – Video content offers engaging and easily digestible information for users. Video content allows brands to engage and educate across all devices. Mobile video engagement is the largest source of video engagement, so brands need to create value via video to increase their digital presence.

Prioritize SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way your website gets found by search engines and displayed to online users. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your online presence.

SEO can be divided into two types:

  • Offsite SEO – Offsite SEO covers technical aspects of your site, such as fast loading times, detailed site maps, and valuable backlinks. Users can enjoy a high-quality experience while they navigate your website with off-site SEO.
  • Onsite SEO – Content is the core of your on-site SEO. A successful SEO strategy includes building links, keyword research, and creating valuable, scannable content.

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Actively Engage

A digital presence is essential to be visible online and in search. Search results will be more relevant if you are consistent in publishing, updating, and adding to your site and other channels. Active presence shows that you are engaged in relevant topics and issues.

Posting to your own properties, such as your website and social media, reminds your followers that you’re there and provide the value they desire.

Your online activity should not be limited to one-way communication. Your audience will trust you and build confidence in your brand if they have two-way communication. Use social media to communicate with your followers. If possible, respond to online reviews, both positive and negative.

A strong digital presence requires an active presence online. You can also be active online. You keep up-to-date with conversations in the market and industry you are involved.


To be successful, your brand or business needs a digital presence. And to win your market share, your digital presence must be able to reach more people and encourage them to follow your brand.

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