7 Hack to Increase Website Traffic For Your Business This Festive Season

7 Hack to Increase Website Traffic For Your Business This Festive Season

Businesses across the country are already preparing for another busy holiday shopping season, as the festive period is fast approaching. Experts suggest that, despite economic headwinds that reduce disposable income for consumers, there are still ways to make it work.

Retail sales will again reach new records during this period. The holiday season is a time for traditional brick-and-mortar stores as well as online-only businesses. This period, which usually runs from November to December, is considered to be one of the most important financial quarters for businesses trying to recover revenue lost or slow sales.

Consumers are key to increased sales and turnover, digital marketers, on the other side, are working to increase reach and conversion rates for eCommerce retailers and online businesses.
According to The State of Influencer Market 2022, online shopping is still a stronghold during the holiday season.

Benchmark report from Influencer Marketing Hub estimates that social eCommerce sales will exceed $958 billion by 2022. Online retailers must think creatively to capture customers’ attention in an age when they are less concerned about their spending habits.

Consumer holiday shopping habits have changed in recent months following the end of the pandemic. A JLL survey found that 63% of consumers plan to do at least some holiday shopping in stores. This is an increase of 58% from 2021. More than half of the respondents, 55%, plan to shop exclusively online. This will keep their businesses fueled over the holiday season.

The margin of online shoppers is shrinking this year and there are more competitors using the digital ecosystem to help increase their sales, Being front-of-mind would require that marketers and business owners use innovative marketing strategies to win customers this year.

It is difficult to draw customers away from brick-and-mortar stores and towards the competition. But if you use these seven simple strategies, you may just be able to turn first-time customers into loyal customers.

You can Plan and Execute Ahead of Time

Each year the holiday shopping season changes. It often begins one week after Halloween and ends one week before Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday is a common day. We’re seeing holiday decor rise earlier every year because businesses want to reach larger consumer audiences than their competitors.

Although it may not make sense to offer Christmas savings and deals in October, many consumers still want to attend other important holidays. Therefore, it is a good idea to begin planning a marketing strategy.

Research current trends to determine the keywords that you would like to use in your content. Also, research what online consumers are interested in this year. Start developing a strategy that is focused on consumer behavior using data and information from digital marketing platforms and social networks.

Once you know what you should expect, you can prepare, compile, and execute your strategy to see its effectiveness. If you notice gaps, Or you may have missed calculating, you have at least enough time to get things in order before the holiday season begins.

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Capitalize On Social Commerce

Social commerce refers to the act of selling products and services via social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. It’s now possible to run a business online and have an online store through social media without the need for a website.

While much of the marketing noise will be behind closed doors, Your social media presence is a key part of gaining the support of current customers and finding new clients. You don’t need a large social media presence.

Start by looking at ways to increase your visibility via paid ads or the influencer market. By keeping your customers and friends informed via holiday-related campaigns, you can increase your visibility on social media platforms like Facebook or Google My Business.

Salesforce reports that social commerce is big business. Around 4% of all global online sales were made via smartphones using social media apps. Social media accounts for 10% of all mobile traffic to websites. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

Create Relevant Messaging

Knowing who your target audience is and how to find them online will help you create holiday personas and campaigns that align with their online experience. Online businesses need to make sure their messaging and ads are relevant to the needs of consumers and what’s currently trending.

Because of the vast distance between online shopping and the digital ecosystem, uniqueness and personalization have become more difficult to find. Yet, this is one way to increase website traffic.

Customers are more likely than others to interact with your business. This could be through liking posts, following you on Facebook, or even better will visit your website if you have a message that is specific to their needs.

A recent Accenture poll found that 91% of consumers are likely to shop with brands and businesses that can provide relevant messages and recommendations and online messages. Increase website traffic by 91% during the holiday season.

Utilize Web Pop-Ups

You’ll see simple pop-up ads when you visit any website, especially during holidays. you’ll notice simple pop-up ads that jump at you on the screen. These pop-ups are also known as lightboxes and help convert first-time buyers into returning customers.

Pop-ups typically display information about a particular discount or promotion that the business is offering. These promotions may not be available for first-time customers and are often only valid for a limited time.

SumoMe, an app that assists businesses in growing their online traffic – reported pop-ups can convert visitors by as much as 9%. Pop-ups are so effective because it takes little effort to design and integrate them, and they can also be easily modified or altered at any time.

These ads display specific information to the customer and help create a more personal experience. Lightboxes are essentially a way for your business to feel like it is directly talking to the customer. They will also give you an incentive if they buy anything from your company.

See What The Competition Is Doing

The holiday season can seem like a lot of copy-and-paste. While every business strives to create an unforgettable experience, in the end, it is just the same message over and over again.

It is possible to stand out among the crowd by targeting the right shoppers and customers and drawing them to your website. However, it will not help if your competitors are doing it the same way.

It’s not easy to be unique in a highly tech-savvy and digitally-savvy consumer market. Therefore, it is important to take a hard look at the strategies of other competitors before you begin your marketing strategy.

Perhaps you noticed something they did that didn’t result in the engagement they wanted. You might be able to use it to your advantage or even move in the opposite direction, helping to convert clients.

Your methods should be tailored so that they will make you stand out from your competitors, even if they are not significantly different. Do not try to copy other businesses’ methods. Instead, focus on who your target audience is and what their needs are, and how you can address them.

Set Up Solid Festive Link-Building Strategies

You’re probably aware of the importance of on-page and offline SEO for websites. This helps improve page rankings on search engines. Many people forget how important external and internal links are during this time of year. This can lead to some underestimating their importance in the larger scheme of things.

Although these links won’t boost website traffic by thousands of percentiles, they can still bring traffic to your site, increase page authority and deliver the most relevant web pages to users searching online.

Include relevant, festive-specific anchor text in your campaigns. Do your keyword research for Black Friday deals. You should look at both long-tail and short-tail keywords. To adapt to new shopping trends, you can change your keywords and anchor text once you have started moving toward Christmas.

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Test the Website

If you are able to increase traffic to your website through digital marketing, such as social media or affiliate links and your efforts are successful, it is important to assess whether your website can handle this increased traffic.

Your website and domain could be under pressure if you have a constant stream of visitors to your site. They may add items to their carts, check out and buy promotional products.

You must also monitor the performance and “health” of your website throughout all this. Your website may not be able to function as it should if it crashes days before the holiday peak or if its loading times increase due to increased website traffic.

It’s easy for your website to become overwhelmed. This is why it’s recommended that you use performance monitoring tools like Lighthouse and page speed insights. Both programs are provided and operated by Google.

As the holiday season begins, make sure you get rid of any kinks and do regular maintenance or checks. To ensure everything works properly, it is advisable to perform a thorough website check before you go on holiday.


While this holiday season may be a little different from previous years, online businesses still have a great opportunity to increase sales and convert new clients into long-term customers.

It can be difficult for businesses to stand out from the crowd when there is so much competition, especially since big-box retailers are now dominating online retail.

You know your target audience if you have a great product. If you want them to support your business this holiday season, it is important that you start planning and researching well before peak time. Your messaging will make it easier to convert customers. Give your customers a unique experience. But, more importantly, think outside of the box and find innovative ways to spread holiday cheer.

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