8 Best Remote Typist Jobs for 2023

Best Remote Typist Jobs

Typists and texters quickly realize that speed is the key to increased earnings in a digital economy, where content is paramount. If you have lightning-quick fingers and quick thumbs, you will be able to type or text quickly. Many organizations offer a living wage, part-time or full-time employment, and independent contractor positions. Get your fingers ready, it’s time for you to put your skills to use. It is enough to be familiar with the industry and companies offering legitimate remote typing jobs. This is the list of remote typist jobs:

8 Best Remote Typist Jobs

1. Transcriptionist or Transcriber

There are many remote transcription and transcriber positions on the Virtual Vocations job boards. Transcription workers listen and then type the audio files. They may record dialog in interviews, business presentations, or conference speeches. They can also transcribe legal proceedings or medical reports. These documents usually require exact accuracy.

Professionals may also offer captioning services. They watch videos and transcribe the audio to allow viewers to read the dialogue and narrations. Some captioning projects can be done live while others require transcribing prerecorded files.

Job Requirements

Although employers tend to overlook education, some jobs may still require a high school diploma. While some positions require experience, others require only a basic knowledge of the job. Many entry-level positions and independent contractors require that you pass online assessments. Specific industries require specific jobs For example, legal and healthcare professionals may require industry-specific knowledge or field-specific experience.

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2. Translator

Another type of job that is in high demand is translation. They translate articles, books, websites, reports, and other written materials from one language into another. Many jobs in translation offer flexible quotas and work-when-you-‘d-like options. Translators can also be transcribers, providing subtitles in foreign language audio and video.

Although you might find both translation and interpretation jobs in the same job category, they are very different in nature. Translating written content is often part of translation, while interpreters translate live conversations or speech orally.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 20% increase in the demand for interpreters and translators from 2029 to 2029, regardless of whether you prefer writing or speaking. This is 11% more than the average rate of all occupations. Fluency in multiple languages is a great asset that will pay off for many years.

Job Requirements

Certain fields have specific employers Some fields, such as science and healthcare, require specific education because the content can be very technical. Employers will require proof of fluency in multiple languages as well as the completion of language assessments. It is helpful to have previous experience in speaking or translating multiple languages.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that there will be a 20% increase in the demand for interpreters and translators from 2026 to 2026. This is 12% more than the average rate of all occupations. Fluency in multiple languages is a great asset that will pay off for many years.

3. Data Entry

Data entry specialists fill out forms, add data to databases, update tables, and fix information errors. Employers often combine their data entry role with other remote jobs, such as scribe, customer service specialist, or abstractor. Virtual Vocations has data entry clerk jobs available for both full-time and part-time employees as well as independent contractors.

Job Requirements

Employers will usually ask if they need a Mac or a PC, but it is helpful to have both. Data entry professionals need to have knowledge of standard office software such as Microsoft Word or Excel. They also need to be familiar with online forms and applications. A high school diploma is required and experience in office work is a must. For healthcare-related jobs, you will need to have specific medical knowledge and a minimum of an associate degree in health information.

4. Chat Agent

A live chat agent is another popular typist job. These individuals are part of a customer support division and provide real-time assistance via messaging systems built into the company’s website. Customers can now visit the company’s website and open a chat window to get the help they need, without having to wait for the next representative.

Although chatbots are sometimes used to assist companies, they still require real people to answer questions and monitor activity. Live chat agent jobs are a great option if you have experience in customer service and online sales, and want to be able to communicate with customers via the internet.

Job Requirements

Most employers require at least a high-school diploma. Some prefer a customer service experience. Chat agents must also be able to demonstrate their abilities using basic cloud-based apps, such as messaging and ticketing systems. Employers may require previous online sales experience for sales agent positions.

5. Virtual Assistant

Managers and leaders can use virtual assistants to manage their schedules, keep track of meeting minutes, plan events and respond to queries. They also update social media accounts and communicate with customers, suppliers, and other associates. Virtual assistants do much more than just take notes or make appointments. Virtual assistants are able to offer a wide range of technical and analytical skills as well as business acumen. They are vital members of management teams.

Professionals can work as executive virtual assistants. They provide support to upper management and C-Suite executives (e.g. Chief Executive Officers). These positions often require more skill and experience, but they are usually paid a higher salary.

Job Requirements

Virtual assistants are sought by many employers with a bachelor’s in business or related field and experience working as a manager or executive. These virtual assistants will need to have proven skills in scheduling, coordination, and using a variety of cloud-based apps.

6. Writer

Remote writing jobs are available in all industries and levels. Online content writing, copywriting and social media copy are all common entry-level jobs. You can also find writing jobs that are specific to grants, contracts, business proposals, medical, scientific, and technical disciplines. This job is more creative, but it also requires speed, which makes it one of the most sought-after typist jobs.

Writing is a great skill that can be transferred to any position as a virtual writer from any field, provided you have sufficient grammar and composition skills. If you love to teach others about taxes and investments, for example, You can find writing jobs in financial companies online around the nation.

Job Requirements

Online content writing jobs require a proven ability to write and pass aptitude tests. However, the more technical the job is, the more qualifications are required. Industry-specific jobs, such as legal, financial, and medical writing, require knowledge of the subject matter and previous experience in that field. Accredited institutions may also be required to provide certifications in areas such as legal writing and medical.

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7. Editor

Two types of telecommute editor jobs are available: content managers or proofreaders. Proofreaders check content for consistency, grammar, spelling, as well as consistency. Proofreaders may verify factual accuracy as well as ensure that the tone and style are appropriate for the intended audience.

The content managers are responsible for publishing, leading teams of writers, creating editorial calendars that include themes and topics, and assigning tasks to staff members and freelance writers. They can either give proofreading tasks to other editors or finish the content before publishing. They are responsible for directing social media and ensuring that content is published on the right platforms.

Although editing jobs don’t require as much typing as writing or transcription, they still require the ability to use the keyboard quickly to communicate with colleagues, report to higher management, refine content and post final pieces online.

These editor positions should not be taken lightly. Grand View Research predicts that the enterprise-level content management (ECM), the industry will reach nearly $94 billion in 2025. ECM covers the management of records, documents, and digital rights. Although these responsibilities might not fall under the editorial role, editors are essential members of ECM teams in large corporations.

Job Requirements

Employers are looking for editors who can proofread and write well. Content managers often need to have experience in managing an editorial team. Jobs for technical publications such as scientific and medical journals require industry experience and expertise in the subject matter.

8. Social Media

Social media marketers create copy, take photos, post images, engage with audiences, respond to comments, share relevant posts, like other posts, and initiate contact with other businesses and followers. They are usually part of editorial or marketing teams and must adhere to advertising and branding requirements.

Social media marketers can manage social media specialists in teams, assign tasks and lead projects, much as editors or content managers do. Many social media marketers, regardless of their rank, can work from anywhere on the planet using mobile devices.

Job Requirements

Employers are looking for individuals with a large social media following and a history of engagement. Employers will often require a minimum of a high school diploma. However, professionalism, understanding of target audiences, and the ability to communicate effectively are some of the most important qualifications.

Are You Ready to Apply for Virtual Typist Jobs?

These virtual typist jobs will appeal to those with quick fingers who want to make a career out of their skills. You can also browse job listings on the Virtual Vocations job board by job type, title, and other criteria. Register for Virtual Vocations to get all the resources, jobs, and other information you need for a successful remote career.

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