How to Use AI to Grow Business and Make Customers Happy

How to Use AI to Grow Business and Make Customers Happy

As the co-founder of NLX, a conversational Artificial Intelligence company, I have a people-focused/solution-oriented approach.

AI is often glorified and made to sound like it’s taking over the world. NLX was founded in 2018 with the goal of helping companies transform customer service into personalized self-service.

Through the years, I have learned to be a people-first leader and to always adopt a human approach to your customers and products.

Let’s see what this means…

Designing people-centric products

Problems relating to products or services are not always your problem. It is more about the utility of the solution.

AI is being simplified and organized by us. Our goal is to make it simple for clients who are not technical to be able to take control and create the applications that their users need. People love feeling empowered.

We have also decided not to build our own conversational artificial intelligence model because multi-trillion-dollar companies are heavily invested in that. Instead, we asked ourselves “How can you manage content in tens of languages while simplifying integration for better automation?”

Products of five years ago are no longer relevant. Technology may be able to compete with each other. For example, we don’t lock unhappy customers into multi-year contracts and instead use pay-as-you-go pricing. This is the norm.

Keep your focus on human-oriented design and solutions. This will allow you to focus on the important things as you create your products and that will distinguish you.

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Creating value-driven cultures

When I looked back at my past jobs, I saw that people leave because they aren’t being paid well, B), don’t feel respected, and C) don’t have any meaningful work.

We made it a point not to make these mistakes when building NLX’s culture. The results have been amazing. While it may sound like a good idea to save a few thousand dollars by letting someone go, founders are the only ones who can see the true cost of losing a great friend.

It is important that your team embraces the values you promote and instills them. These values will be passed on to customers by the experiences you create for them.

Building customer-oriented businesses

Instead of focusing on what technology you can offer customers today, think about their experience and then work backward from the ideal solution. This will allow you to break free from the existing status quo. This allows you to innovate for the end-user, customer, platform, and industry.

We have learned that customers and businesses want solutions. When they are struggling with a problem, simply telling them about the latest tool or transcription feature might not be enough to give them a solution.

One of the top three reasons that people call, call centers to reset their passwords was revealed by us. This seems simple enough to do on a website, but customers still have trouble with it. Voice instruction is difficult to automate, so the customer must use “uppercase A”, “lowercase B”, “zero” and “0,” respectively. ).

Automating airline bookings is the same. Papancea is my last name and there are many people with unusual-sounding names out there. In such cases, it is not a good idea to follow the current tech practice. It is difficult to capture booking codes and last names so that they can be transcribed correctly. We work backward when designing solutions for these use cases. This could mean developing multi-modal capabilities that transcend channels and move beyond traditional automation. We do it.

Listening to customers and paying attention to their metrics will reveal what they want. Imagine a solution that solves the problem in a pleasant way for users. Then, create an automated solution.

It is easy to be excited about a large customer, but it can also be easy to feel disappointed when the opportunity doesn’t come up. Emotional oscillations can be unhealthy. Be aware of your value and remain steady. You should celebrate the little things, but you should also treasure those that fail. They will always lead you to new avenues.

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