Outbound Sales: What It is and Best Tools

Outbound Sales

What are Outbound Sales?

The definition of outbound sales refers to the way in which sales reps reach prospects through outbound calls or other sales channels. Outbound sales are where a seller (usually a sales representative) initiates contact with a potential buyer. This is in contrast to inbound sales where the potential buyer initiates the conversation.

Sometimes outbound sales involve cold calling leads from a list. However, reps often call leads who have shown demand before by engaging with a brand’s content or filling out forms, emailing businesses, or making previous calls to businesses.

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Types of Outbound Sales reps

Sales Development Reps

Outbound prospecting is the job of sales development reps. A list of leads is often given to them. They may cold-call these leads but they will often contact them via email or social media to establish a connection. Sales development reps are not responsible for closing deals. They are charged with creating opportunities and selling to account executives (also known as closers or salespeople). This saves top closes the time and effort of prospecting for leads. Account executives can increase the revenue they generate each quarter by only selling to qualified leads.

Lead Response Representatives

Lead response reps make outbound calls to leads who have shown interest by filling out forms, attending webinars, downloading videos, or reading blogs. Although they are responsible for following up on inbound leads, a lot of what lead reps do is actually outbound sales calls. They are responsible for creating opportunities for account executives, just like sales development reps.

B2B vs. B2C outbound sales

Outbound Sales for B2B Companies

Business-to-business sales Reps are responsible for selling to potential companies. B2B sales are more complex because of the length of sales cycles and the complexity involved in closing deals. Prospects should be followed up on by B2B outbound sales reps. B2B reps are used to calling leads they have called before. It is vital that B2B sales reps log activities in CRM tools such as Salesforce so that all members of a sales team know the status of a lead in real-time.

Outbound Sales for B2C Companies

Sales reps who work for B2C companies typically sell less expensive items, and their sales are more transnational.B2C companies include companies that sell stocks, insurance policies, and timeshares.B2C reps are often required to dial more leads per day than B2B reps.B2B prospecting is more strategic than emotional.

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Outbound Sales Tools For Reps

Auto Dialers

Sometimes, outbound sales reps are given quotas based on the number of calls they must make on a specific day or week. Many outbound sales reps use tools such as predictive dialers or refractive dialers to dial as many leads as possible. This will allow them to dial more leads on a given day. To ensure that calls don’t get cold, the most intelligent dialers include data about prospects in the context of each call. A Salesforce dialer can pull data directly from Salesforce.

Click-to-Dial from CRMs

Sometimes, outbound sales reps who use CRM tools such as Salesforce adopt click-to-dial solutions. This allows them to call reps from their CRM tool by clicking the contact information of a lead. This is especially useful for reps who use lead list views in CRM.

Local Presence Dialers

It has been shown that leads answer calls from local areas codes much more frequently than long-distance or toll-free numbers. Local presence dialers can dramatically improve connection rates, allowing outbound reps the ability to dial leads from local area codes.

Voicemail Automation

Voicemail messages left during outbound sales prospecting are often time-consuming. Voicemail automation solutions allow reps to maximize their sales time by allowing them to leave prerecorded voicemail messages for prospects with just one click.

Sales Books

Outbound reps can be used by both B2B as well as B2C companies to benefit Learn from the experts. For sales tips that have stood up to the test, check out the top sales books.

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