Top 10 Freelance Graphic Design Websites

Top 10 Freelance Graphic Design Websites

Are you looking for the best freelance graphic design websites that are free?

There are many freelance websites available online. However, not all are great.

This is why we have compiled this list with the best 11 freelancing graphic design websites. We will highlight the unique features of each platform and guide you through how to hire freelance logo designers.

Best graphic design freelance websites make the process even easier, we’ll give you some tips!

Top 10 Freelance Graphic Design Websites

1. Upwork

Elance oDesk was formerly known as Upwork. It is one of the most well-known freelancing platforms in the world. You’ll find freelancers for all your graphic design needs with over 300,000.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

Two options are available to you when looking for a graphic designer on Upwork:

  • Post a job posting and freelancers will respond.
  • You can also look through their profiles and contact freelancers yourself.

Key Upwork Features

  • You can use search filters to quickly narrow down your graphic designer searches
  • You can track hours spent by freelancers on your projects with a built-in work journal
  • You can collaborate online with your graphic designer to share feedback and create new designs.
  • Upwork offers powerful mobile apps for iOS and Android that can be used to manage freelancers while on the go.

Upwork Pricing

Three plans are available with Upwork:

  • Basic (Free): 3 freelancers per job posting + safe payment options + transaction report
    Plus (from $49.99/every month), 15 freelancers per post + dedicated account management + advanced collaboration tools
  • Unlimited invites to freelancers for your business ($499/month), premium plus customer support, advanced job posting, and talent sourcing tools
  • Upwork charges a flat fee of 3% on all designer payments in addition to the membership fees.

2. was founded in 2009. It is a powerful website for freelancing that will help you find the right candidates to fill your graphic design job. They can be hired for part-time and full-time roles.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

Freelancers can be hired by:

  • Use their search filters to find freelancers who match your job requirements, and then reach out to them directly.
  • Posting job openings and screening freelancers who apply.
  • You can organize contests in which freelancers can present their ideas to you, and you will choose the winner.

Key Features of

  • This platform allows you to create a detailed portfolio of freelancers, allowing you to screen carefully.
  • offers certification exams that verify the skills of freelancers.
  • Streamlined dispute resolution with active customer support. Pricing offers four membership options:

  • Intro Plan ($0.87/month): 15 bids per month + unlimited project bookmarks
  • Basic Plan: $50 per month, 50 bids + preferred freelancer + 3 contest entries
  • Plus Plan ($10.18/month), 100 bids per Month + Daily Withdrawals +5 Highlighted Contest
  • Professional Plan (27.91/month), 300 bids per Month + 15 contest entries Highlighted + Premium Freelancer Insights

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular graphic design freelance website for small businesses to hire a web and graphic designers. You will find everything you need with a user-friendly interface and many visual design categories. Fiverr offers freelancers for any design job, including business cards and WordPress website designs.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

Here are some ways to hire a graphic artist in Fiverr

  • Post a job listing and freelancers will respond.
  • If you are interested in a freelancer’s skill set, you can view their profile and contact them.

Key Fiverr Features

  • Fiverr shows you the seller level of each freelancing design to help you quickly find the top-rated freelancers.
  • Fiverr is very affordable, as there are no membership fees and services starting at $5 (which is how its name is derived).
  • You can use multiple search filters to find the best freelance designers.

Fiverr Pricing

  • charges a $2 fee for work under $40 and a 5% for all services over $40.

4. 99designs

99designs is an online graphic design platform. It offers over 90 types of services, including designing business cards, managing logo designs, creating landing pages with a website creator, and helping with e-commerce website design.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

  • You first need to submit a brief description of your project requirements to the website for graphic designers.
  • The brief for the project is then sent to the freelance designer, who then submits their pitches
  • Then, you can choose the one you like best and hire them as a freelancer.

Key 99designs Features

  • 99designs allows you to host contests that allow you to select the best freelancer.
  • 99designs is proud to say that every freelancer has been thoroughly screened.
  • 99designs offers a 24-48 hour resolution for all disputes and complaints.

Fiverr Pricing

There are three options for fixed-price memberships:

  • Bronze ($199/month): for 30 design concepts
  • Silver (from 299/month): For 60 design ideas
  • For 90 design ideas, gold ($599/month).

5. Toptal

Toptal is a great marketplace for freelancers because they are very selective about who they allow using their platform.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

This is how Toptal makes it easy to hire a freelancer:

  • Send a job posting with all of your requirements.
  • An expert from Toptal will contact you later.
  • The team will then search for freelancers who meet your job requirements.
  • Then, you can choose the ones that appeal to you most.

Toptal Key Features

  • Toptal does all the work so you don’t need to spend time looking for and screening freelancers
  • Toptal’s freelancers have extensive knowledge of multiple tools, including Google Apps and project management software. This makes it easy for them to adapt to your preferred workspaces.
  • Toptal employs one of the most stringent screening processes in the world, which results in only the top 3 percent being featured on their platform.

Fiverr Pricing

  • After you’ve chosen a freelancer you will need to deposit $500. This amount will be refunded after the job is completed.
  • You will also have to pay an hourly rate to the freelancer in addition to the deposit.

6. Guru doesn’t limit its users to designers, unlike some other platforms. It can be used to hire SEO-experienced freelance writers or someone with digital marketing expertise. It’s well-known for providing all the necessary resources for clients to complete their graphic design projects. freelance graphic design websites provide the best graphic designers for your business.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

Guru offers two options to hire freelancers:

  • You can post a job posting on their job board to receive quotes from candidates
  • Look through the profiles of freelancers and contact them for a quote

Key Features

  • Guru checks each freelancer thoroughly before they are allowed to be featured on the platform.
  • Even better, you get a dedicated WorkRoom which allows you to communicate and collaborate on your freelance jobs
  • is very affordable because there are no membership costs.

Fiverr Pricing

  • is free to join.
  • There is a 2.9% charge for every transaction made via e-wallets or debit/credit cards.

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour was founded in 2007 and is a UK-based business that employs all the graphic designers needed to manage your work.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

On PeoplePerHour, you can either:

  • Send a brief about your project and the freelance graphic designers will contact you with their estimates.
  • Freelancers can offer pre-set packages, also known as “Offers”
  • Browse the platform to find freelancers that you are interested in hiring and then connect with them.

Key PeoplePerHour Features

  • PeoplePerHour offers pre-set packages to freelancers. This saves you time and effort in negotiating deliverables.
  • The majority of designers are expected to have a working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop,
  • InDesign, and Illustrator. This will give you the flexibility you need in the design.
  • You can communicate with your freelancer easily by creating a project stream.

Fiverr Pricing

PeoplePerHour does not charge a membership fee. To get started, you can sign up instantly with your social media accounts. They charge $0.78 plus 10% for the service fee.

8. Dribbble

Dribbble, like Behance, allows talented designers to share their work with potential clients. You can browse the portfolio of a freelancer and contact them to discuss a project if you are impressed by their work. This is the best freelance site for graphic designers.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

  • Send your brief to Dribbble
  • Then, they’ll review it and provide you with a list of freelancers that meet your needs.
  • Get a quote from freelancers who are interested in the project.

Key Dribbble Features

  • Dribbble is very selective about who they allow in, as freelancer membership is strictly on an invitation-only basis
  • Dribbble offers a communication channel that allows you to interact with freelancers about your projects
  • There’s no need to manually find freelancers on other design freelance sites. Simply submit your project and let the platform do the rest!

Dribbble Pricing

Dribbble prices start at $99/month and include basic support from Dribbble to help you find the right talent.

9. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is a new addition to the online freelance market. Graphic designer websites help recruiters and businesses find the best freelancers. This platform was launched in 2015 and is only available to U.S.-based LinkedIn members.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

  • Send your job request to LinkedIn ProFinder
  • LinkedIn will provide you within 24 hours with a list containing potential freelancers in your area.
  • This list will start with people from your network, then those in your mutual networks, etc.
  • Then, you can reach out to any freelancer that is available for your project.

Key LinkedIn ProFinder Features

  • Linkedin ProFinder makes it easy to find freelancers you can connect with, and you don’t even have to do any of the research.
  • Linkedin ProFinder allows you to directly message freelancers via the platform in order to build long-lasting connections.

Linkedin ProFinder Pricing

ProFinder charges $60 per month for a monthly membership.

10. DesignHill

DesignHill, another well-known website for graphic design, can help you find talented graphic designers to help with your projects.

How to Hire a Graphic Designer

DesignHill offers three ways to hire a graphic artist:

  • You can organize design contests and hire those who impress you the most.
  • You can choose from the built-in Graphic Design Services or get custom design services from the platform’s designers.
  • One to One Projects is also available where you can contact a freelancer directly to discuss a project.

DesignHill Key Features

  • DesignHill allows you to organize freelance graphic designer websites. You can respond with proposals, and then you can hire the best.
  • DesignHill’s built-in team of graphic designers makes it easy to find talented people to help you with your projects.
  • DesignHill gives you the ability to request as many revisions and without additional charges. In the event that you are not satisfied with the work, there is a 100% refund guarantee.

DesignHill Pricing

DesignHill offers four membership options:

  • Fast Track ($199/month: 20-40 designs
  • Standard (from $399/month): For 40-60 designs
  • Executive (from 699/month): For 60-80 designs
  • Premium (999/month): For 80+ designs

Conclusion – Freelance Graphic Design Websites

It doesn’t take much to hire high-quality graphic designers.

You can easily find talented designers for your projects by using one of these freelance graphic design websites. You can also manage your freelancers if you use the tips listed here.

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