Top 10 Summer Side Gigs That Could Make You Rich

Top 10 Summer Side Gigs That Could Make You Rich

Uber drivers can deliver groceries, start a blog, or drive for Uber. But the most lucrative side hustles are only available for a few months. While many of the most lucrative summer side gigs require you to work outside in the heat during the long days of summer, there are many other opportunities that do not involve the weather.

GOBankingRates talked to experts in a range of industries to find out which summer side jobs pay the highest and are the easiest to do. We also provided earnings estimates for each job. These are 10 side summer hustles you can do this summer to increase your income for the whole year.

Sling Coffee at Festivals

Summer was the season of festivals before the pandemic. All of those multi-day mass gatherings that were held in 2022 are now back on track — and are filled with people willing to pay for a pick me up.

Oli Baise, the founder and managing editor for the coffee blog Drinky Coffee said that a coffee truck for festival circuits can be a very profitable side hustle. “In my 20s, I used to rent a food truck and sell coffee at art and music festivals in my area.

He stated that he made an average of $20,000 per month between June and September. However, there are substantial start-up costs.

“Although it is necessary to pay some money — about $4,000 to rent a vehicle suitable for three months and $1,500 to cover festival booking fees — I don’t know if there are more lucrative summer side gigs if you can afford this amount,” stated Baise.

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Turn your Power Washer into Profits

Anyone who has ever used a pressure washer knows how satisfying it is to see grime disappear from the driveway, sidewalk, and deck. Making money, however, can be even better.

“Becoming a professional power washer is a great summer side hustle,” stated Kieran McRae who blogs about personal improvement and projects. “All you need is a pressure washer. It will cost you around $500. After that, you can charge $50 an hour for cleaning up driveways.

Just about anyone with a power washer can start making money with almost no other investment or skill.

MacRae stated that although it is very little to it, the benefit is that they will only need to spend $50 instead of $500 on their own machine. “A little practice in your own home and perhaps a few neighbors, and you’re ready to go.”

Help Incoming Freshmen Prepare for College

Many high school graduates who are going to college have their acceptance letters ready before summer begins. But not all. US News and World Report report that many colleges accept applications all year, even as the fall semester approaches. It’s the kids who are most in need of assistance, according to US News and World Report.

Mila Garcia, a finance consultant and cofounder of payday loans said that helping high school students pass college admissions is a booming side business. You can tutor students in ACT and college admissions, as well as coach them on how to write essays and how to make their applications stand out. A profitable business can easily bring in upwards of $150 an hour if you have a good reputation.

As a tutor, help prepare high school students

Inbound college students don’t need to be the only ones in need of academic support before the fall school year begins. High school students also need tutors.

Online tutoring is the most lucrative side hustle, according to Anna Caldwell (TopDollar Financial Intelligences Hub), a personal finance expert. “Tutors are highly sought after during summer months for standard test prep, math, science and ESL (English as an additional language), music lessons, and other services. Either you can work freelance or for an established tutoring business. You can earn anywhere from $40 to $150 per hour depending on your market or area of expertise.

House-Sitting for Summer Travelers

Many people will be taking a vacation this summer for the first time since 2019. You can make it a profitable investment by watching over their homes while they are gone.

“During summer, many people travel out of town to enjoy vacations,” Emilia Flores is a personal finance coach who co-founded UkBadCreditLoans.House-sitting can be a great way to make extra cash. Depending on the size of your home, you could expect to earn between $25 and $75 per day.

Pet-Sitting for Traveling Owners

Summer travelers pay people for watching over their homes, just like they pay family members to watch over those they don’t have with them while on vacation.

“This could be considered a passive side hustle since it doesn’t require strenuous labor and would be a treat for those who love animals,” Werner Jorgensen said, sales and marketing manager at Heatxperts. This could be your ideal job. You can spend a few hours caring for someone’s pet and make a decent income. The hourly rate is up to $14 and you would only need to work on certain days.

As a camp counselor, you can keep summer safe and fun

Even though horror movies rarely end in their favor, camp counselors in real life can make a lasting impact on the lives of the children they supervise. They also get paid for it.

Steven Walker, the CEO, of Spylix, stated that camp counselors have the primary responsibility of supervising campers and creating a safe, fun, and healthy environment for campers. They are responsible for planning, implementing, and developing camp programs and leadership opportunities for campers.

Walker claims that the average hourly pay is $12.67, which some top salary sites confirm. ZipRecruiter states it’s $10.43, while Indeed estimates an hourly rate for camp counselors at $14.36. Walker’s estimate falls right in the middle.

As a tour guide, inform and entertain

Tour guides are a great seasonal side hustle if you’re not afraid to speak with groups and if you enjoy people and have a passion for history and culture.

Walker stated that the primary function of a tour guide is to give information to tourists about historical and religious sites, museums, and other important locations. They are responsible for memorizing information and confidently speaking to small or large groups.

Walker gives $14.19 per hour as the average pay. Payscale backs this up to the nth degree. Many salary websites state that you can also expect tips.

Maintain a neat and tidy yard in your neighborhood

For generations, yard care and mowing have been popular summer side gigs.

Matthew Robbs, founder of Smart Money Advice said that mowing the grass is something everyone can do but that many people don’t like doing it. He earned between $15,000 and $20,000 every summer doing this side hustle alongside his family to pay college tuition in the late 1990s or early 2000s.

This means that you can charge an hourly rate, often between 50 and 100% above the minimum wage. There aren’t any startup costs because most people already have a lawnmower. You can also do more than just mowing the grass. Other landscaping tasks include pulling weeds and putting down mulch, trimming bushes, and so on.

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Give Your Best ‘Baywatch’ Impression

Although you won’t make a lot of money working as a lifeguard you can still earn a decent living while learning lifesaving skills, experience, and fitness training that will help you in many other career paths, such as the first responder. You might have fun, which is a different kind of rich.

Luke Lee, co-founder and interior designer at Ever Wallpaper, stated that “not only can you spend your day swimming and hanging out on the beach or pool, but you also get a decent wage.” According to some reports, lifeguards make an average of $11 an hour. You may be eligible for cool perks, such as free passes depending on your job. You can get discounts on merchandise and food at the water park What could be better than spending summer days in the sun, and earning a living doing it?

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