Top 10 Websites For Captcha Entry Jobs

Top 10 Websites For Captcha Entry Jobs

CAPTCHA Entry Jobs is one of the easy and simple online work-from-home options for people who are looking to earn around Rs.10,000 per month while working from home. here are the top Captcha entry jobs.

The job is easy, even though the earnings are not great. Sign up with companies that provide CAPTCHA entry jobs. Log in to your admin panel and then enter the correct Captcha images.

If you don’t know what is Captcha’s work then please read this article where I have given a detailed explanation of the Captcha entry job.

If you are already familiar with Captcha and looking for legitimate sites that provide it, you can continue to read this article.

Top 10 Websites For Captcha Entry Jobs

Your typing speed is a key requirement for earning good income from Captcha entry jobs. You can earn more if you type faster than the rest.

Here are the names and important information regarding the top websites for Captcha entry jobs.

1. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is a top international provider of Captcha entry jobs. For every 1000 Captcha images, they correctly type, they pay $0.35 to $1. You can see the most recent payment statistics of the top 100 people and you’ll find that they make between $100 and $200 per month.

They are strict and ban their workers’ accounts if they make repeated mistakes. Kolotibablo pays you via WebMoney or Payza.

Sign up and log in to your account immediately to start working.

2. MegaTypers

Captcha is a top provider of work. MegaTypers can be joined for free.

The average monthly salary for top and experienced typers is between $100 (Rs.6000), to $250 (Rs.15,000). For every 1000 words typed, a beginner can make $0.45 and an experienced person earns $1.5 for every 1000 words typed.

They accept Debit Cards, Bank Checks, PayPal, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Payza and Western Union. you will need an invitation code.

Try the invitation code “263” and If this is not the case, you can search Google to find another invitation code.

3. CaptchaTypers

CaptchaTypers provides excellent Captcha entry work. Many scam sites and people ask for fees to register on the CaptchaTypers admin panel. You don’t have to pay anything for the admin panel.

You can send the email to for login details & they will provide this free.

For every 1000 images, you type, you will be paid $0.8-$1.5 You will be paid $0.8 to $1.5 for every 1000 images you create between 9 AM and 9 PM. The $1 rate is available between 9 PM and 9 AM. The minimum payment that you can request is $2.

If Captchas require you to enter your case-sensitive information, you will be notified. This link will allow you to download the most recent CaptchaTypers software. For confident captcha images, you can earn up to $1.5 per 1,000

4. ProTypers

MegaTypers and ProTypers are the same. The site is essentially the same. You can also earn $0.45 to $1.5 per 1000 Captcha images that you solve.

You can withdraw your money through PayPal, Western Union, Payza, and Western Union.

5. Captcha2Cash

Many people are making a good living working for Captcha2Cash. Once you sign up, you will need to download and install the latest software.

After you log in, you will find helpful information such as FAQs and others that will help you work with Cash2Captcha. Payza and Perfect Money are the options to receive your payment.

This Captcha entry job site pays $1 per 1000 words you enter from captcha images.

6. 2Captcha

For solving 1000 Captchas, you can earn as much as $1 and receive a bonus for solving more difficult Captchas. Referring more people to 2Captcha can help you earn.

Once you sign up and log in to the site, you can immediately begin earning. Payza, PayPal, and WebMoney are all options for you to get paid. WebMoney has a minimum payout of $0.5, while PayPal’s minimum payment is $5. Payza costs $1

7. Qlinkgroup

To work with Qlink Group, you must download the software. Do not be fooled by sites and people asking for money to manage QlinkGroup. It’s completely free.

Download the Qlink Group software by clicking this link. Then, review each and every detail that was provided for the software to be used.

8. VirtualBee

VirtualBee is a company that has been around since 2001 and is known for providing different types of data typing work. After signing up, you must take an Evaluation Test with scores between 0 and 100. The work will be provided according to your score.

9. FastTypers

To join FastTypers, you will need to scan and send copies of your photo ID and utility bill. For more information, please refer to this link.

10. PixProfit

PixProfit is a great site, but registration is currently closed. If they open it again, we will notify you. You can also follow the site at

These are the top 10 websites for Captcha entry jobs. It is very difficult to manage all of these sites simultaneously. You need to decide which sites you enjoy the most and work only on a few sites.

Although Captcha entry won’t make you much, there are many online Captcha entry job sites that could earn you more than Rs.20,000 a month. To find out if this is something you could do, please read the details.

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