Top 10 Websites for Visual Branding Inspiration

Top 10 Websites for Visual Branding Inspiration

You’re probably using Google image searches to find branding inspiration. Although you might find some great examples on Google, it’s likely that you will be overwhelmed with random images from unreliable sources. It’s better to visit a curated site that caters to designers to get inspiration.

This post will share the top 9 websites that you can turn to for inspiration when designing your brand identity. All of these sites feature the work of professional, experienced designers. They are well-established platforms and visual websites with endless inspiration. Make sure you bookmark your favorite sites for quick access.

Top 10 Websites for Visual Branding Inspiration

1. Behance

Behance Adobe’s platform to showcase and discover creative work. This feature is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Anyone with a subscription can post their work to Behance. The algorithm favors projects that receive the most likes and are more likely to be seen. You can also follow your favorite designers to keep up with the latest work.

Large community and wide selection

Adobe is the industry standard in design software. Many of the top designers worldwide use their products, and they showcase their work on Behance. You can find inspiration for branding in any industry or style thanks to a large number of users.

View complete branding case studies

Behance, unlike most other websites on this list, allows you to upload multiple images to one project. This makes it easy to display a complete brand identity design, including multiple logo variations, typography patterns, stationery, packaging, and stationery.

2. Dribbble

Dribbble is a popular tool for designers. Dribbble is an invitation-only platform for designers that allows them to show their work and then hire them. Dribbble also includes categories for branding such as animation, web design and illustration, mobile, print and product design, typography, and mobile.


Dribbble has two missions: share inspiration and help designers get hired. Dribbble is home to a huge community that offers plenty of inspiration for branding. Dribbble is invitation-only so the standards are higher than platforms like Pinterest and Instagram where anyone can create an account to publish their work.

3. BP&O

BP&O was a blog by Richard Baird. It shares curated design inspiration, primarily branding, branding website design, and logos. Baird is a designer and features only the best, inspiring designs.

Thoughtful design critiques

BP&O is more than just sharing beautiful photos. Each post contains thoughtful commentary and context. BP&O is a wonderful resource for anyone who enjoys reading about design and not just seeing it.

4. Design Inspiration

Designspiration provides a Pinterest-Esque scrolling feed with design and photography inspiration. To see endless branding inspiration, search for “branding”. You might also try “logo design” or “brand identity”.

Scrolling design feed

You don’t need to know what you want. You can look through thousands of designs until finding the one you love. This is a great format for inspiration and brainstorming especially at the start of a project. Create an account to save your designs to collections. These collections are similar to Pinterest’s boards. You can also use the search bar to find specific information.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest can be used as a great source of inspiration for all types of design and branding. It’s important to make use of it in a thoughtful way and only curate the best content. This means that you might have to look through some poor work when searching for inspiration for brand design. The algorithm will share more relevant images if you are better at curating your feed.

Pinterest boards

Pinterest is a master of curation. You can create as many boards you want and categorize them according to style, industry or medium. My boards are dedicated to branding, logo inspiration website, and web design. I find inspiration fast by creating boards dedicated to brand design, logo design, and web design. Brand design inspiration A great way to use Pinterest is to create a board for each client. This can be shared and used as a mood board for the brand.

Unlimited branding inspiration

Every day, Pinterest publishes millions of pins. Pinterest is a popular visual platform that’s used by designers. This means there are plenty of design inspirations shared every day.

6. Mindsparkle Magazine

Mindsparkle Mag, an online magazine and global platform for designers, is a digital magazine. This website offers a selection of design inspiration from various fields, including video, graphic design, architecture, and everything in-between. Mindsparkle Mag was founded in 2011 and offers top-notch branding inspiration. For daily inspiration, give them a follow via Pinterest and Instagram

Curated work

Mindsparkle Mag is meticulous about what they showcase on their branding and website design platform. They feature only the most inspiring and beautiful designs, both from seasoned designers and newcomers.


Are you looking for something particular? To browse inspiration websites by category, visit the Collections Page. The Collections are currently a place that highlights web design inspiration. However, it’s also a great place for browsing work by industry or style, such as luxury and real estate.

7. Instagram

While Instagram has shifted its focus to images, it is still an excellent platform for finding quality branding inspiration. It’s not surprising that Instagram is being used by top designers to show off their portfolio work. You can use Instagram to get inspiration, just like Pinterest. Follow top designers and accounts to curate your feed.


Insta uses hashtags to allow users to search for content that is relevant to their interests. Instagram can help you find anything you are looking for. This includes branding inspiration. These are some hashtags that you can use to get started:


Follow your favorite designers

Instagram is a social networking branding site. One of the best features is being able to follow other Instagram users. Follow your favorite designers and accounts for daily inspiration.

Engage as you browse

Instagram is not only a place for branding inspiration, but it’s also a great place where you can network with other creatives and build relationships. Although I don’t post on Instagram often, I have booked many clients through connections on the platform.

8. Typewolf

What does typography have in common with branding inspiration? It’s almost everything! It’s all about typography. Typewolf is one of the most useful resources for typography. Typewolf was founded in 2013 by Jeremiah Shoaf. It curates fonts and lookbooks as well as educational resources for designers.

Save Time

Have you ever spent hours looking through font foundries trying to find the perfect font for your brand, then spending another hour searching for a complementing font to match it? Although this part of branding is inevitable, Typewolf is the best visual website that can help you save time. You can browse the collection of fonts on the site or go one step further and buy all the lookbooks.

9. Hoodzpah

The last suggestion for branding inspiration is not technically a site (oops). We recommend that you follow your favorite agencies and designers. You can bookmark their site or follow them on the design sharing platform for branding design inspiration. You’ll be able to draw inspiration from them and they’ll appreciate your engagement and traffic. Be careful not to be too focused on one designer’s style or influence.

  • Rachel Hurry, Moka Studio (one of our incredible freelancing and web design coaches).
  • Jennifer and Amy Hood, Hoodzpah Design
  • Ethan Fender
  • Kati Forner Design

These designers are amazing, but this is only a small part of their talent. We encourage you to explore other and brands designers that inspire you.

10. BrandStuck

BrandStruck, an online subscription-based database that contains brand strategy case studies from companies such as Netflix, Louis Vuitton, and Adidas, is available for purchase. These best brand websites will help marketers and brand professionals understand how the most popular brands in the world position their products and companies.

This website is great for inspiration in branding:

This is where you will find a raw brand strategy. Brandstruck’s featured case studies are reviewed by brand experts so that you can leave with fresh branding insight. You can search for your brand name on the site and download all case studies in pdf format so that you have them available to review and share with others.

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