Top 11 Business Name Generator Tools

Top 11 Business Name Generator Tools

Are you looking for a business name generator that will help you choose a catchy and effective name for your website or business?

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the task of naming a business. When choosing a business name, you need to think about many things, including whether your domain name is available and how brandable it is.

It can be difficult to think of everything all at once. Business name generators are here to help. The name generator will give you suggestions based on your keyword or niche.

We’ll be sharing eight of our favorite tools in this post. They are all free.

11 Best Business Name Generators For 2022

Let’s now look at 11 great business name generators. While each one offers a different set of features, the one that delivers the best results will depend at least partially on what keywords you use.

1. Wix business name generator

Our first choice for best business names is Wix’s free tool, which is a well-known website builder. Wix is well-known for its ADI technology, which allows you to create a website on autopilot.

The Wix business name generator will show you many great names. It’s as easy as entering a few words to create a unique name for your business.

You can get industry-specific names using this company name generator tool, in addition to keyword-based names. You can also mark your favorite names among the 100+ choices and filter down to the three most suitable.

Wix, unlike NameSnack, will display multiple domain extensions. This includes .com and .org. .net. And other TLDs. After choosing the right brand name, you can begin building your Wix website. You can also choose the name and put it elsewhere.

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2. NameSnack

NameSnack is a popular business name generator, that allows you to choose a domain name that is brandable for no cost. The tool uses powerful artificial intelligence to uncover unique names in the industry. Enter the keyword which best describes your niche.

You’ll see a list with business names after you have completed the first step. Although you won’t be able to filter by industry, there are still some interesting options. It will also let you know if the .com domain is still available.NameSnack can be downloaded in English, Spanish and Italian.

3. Zyro

The third pick on our list is Zyro, one of the cheapest website builders for small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Their artificial intelligence is a bit different than other business name generators. The Zyro business-name generator allows you to input multiple keywords, then separate them with commas and hit the “Generate” button.

Zyro’s name list includes unique options that can be brandable. Zyro’s other great feature is the ability to copy any name with one click.

4. Brandroot

Brandroot, as the name implies, is all about building brands. Brandroot is a business name provider that allows you to purchase a premium domain. After you type the keyword, you will see a list with brand names you can purchase.

Although brand names will be more expensive than regular names, your chances of success will increase greatly because these names are more memorable.

You can also choose to mark names you like or dislike. Next, click the “Generate New Names” button at the end. Brandroot will then improvise names and come up with the best. A simple name can be purchased for as low as $2,000, or you can find inspiration to create a keyword-based name.

5. FreshBooks

FreshBooks, a cloud accounting software for small businesses, also offers a free branding tool.

FreshBooks’ business name generator begins by asking you to choose an industry. Choose from one of the following industries:

  • Marketing & Creatives
  • Business consulting & legal services
  • Trades & home services
  • Information technology

You can then choose the one-word keyword that best describes your business. Then, you’ll be presented with a variety of brand names with two to three words each.

6. Themeisle business name generator

Although Themeisle is well-known for its amazing business themes (like Neve), the popularity of our blog name generator is growing. It is a blog-name generator but you can use it for any other purpose.

Simply enter your keyword and you will see the best business names that are available. After that, click the “View Details” button to be taken to a hosting site with a free domain.

The AI system can also suggest premium names, but it is much cheaper than Brandroot and other premium domain services. A reputable domain name with a single-word suffix can be purchased for as little as $300

7. Shopify business name generator

Shopify comes in second place after WooCommerce. You can get a lot of eCommerce-specific tools free of charge, including the Shopify business name generator.

According to the company, you can generate business names in ten seconds. You won’t need to wait for a long time after you enter your query into the search box. You will be presented with a variety of business names, most often two words, on several pages by the name generator.

8. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler makes it easy to create a domain name. First, make sure the keyword matches the domain. Advanced options allow you to add additional keywords to your business name. There’s magic: you can type in the keyword you desire and the tool will match it with popular words.

You can even see the page rank of top websites with this business name generator. If you want to get a .com domain check the box at the bottom of the options.

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9. Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket can help you create a brand name and a logo. Although the brand names come at a high price of more than $1000, they are memorable, catchy, and only one word.

You can choose a domain name on this website and get a logo. You are also free to request modifications. This generator was created for businesses that need responsive customer service, great design, and a creative brand that makes an impact.

10. Name Find

This website name generator will provide you with dozens of high-quality domain names. Although domain names can be expensive, you will find the exact domain you are looking for here.

Name Find is ideal for entrepreneurs with a large budget who want to invest in high-quality domain names. You can also email or call their domain experts if you have any questions. They are available 24 hours a day and can help you find the right store name generator.

11. Anadea

Anadea’s business name generator is free and will help you find great business names by using the keyword that you have provided. It will provide a list of relevant and catchy names that you can choose from. Once you have chosen a name, you will be prompted to receive a quote for the domain or website building service.

You can also create company names by selecting an industry category. This gives you many options such as travel, healthcare, software, and tech. Anadea is a brand-name generator tool for creating a unique web design and branding your business. Anadea also allows you to generate mobile app and site names using the free business name generator.

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