Top 15 Sales Prospecting Tools

Top 15 Sales Prospecting Tools

It is not always easy. Although it’s not always fun, it is essential for long-term growth. Sales teams often rely on prospecting tools to help them move faster, gather better intelligence, engage prospects, and close more deals.

I’ve compiled this list of the best sales prospecting tools with their costs and when they can be used.

What tools are necessary for B2B prospecting? What are the reasons? Most tool lists are too detailed. They want to include every prospecting tool possible.

You might be able to find one that does all five of these things well if you are really fortunate. However, you may need to have a few sales prospecting tools in order to be able to cover all your bases.

We’ve organized our brand-new sales prospecting tools based on the stages in the prospecting sales funnel to help you find exactly what you need.

We have also included a detailed description of each tool in our sales technology stack.

Are you ready to find the right sales prospecting software that will help you land more leads? You are on the right prospecting list.

15 Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Building a prospect list is an important stage of the sales funnel. It is crucial to assess whether a prospect is a good fit for your business and how to approach them. Finally, you need to decide if there is an opportunity to make a sale to them.

1. Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a B2B prospecting tool that allows you to find new leads and prospects. It shows which companies have visited your website, even though they didn’t fill out any forms or reach out.

All you need to do is install the Leadfeeder Tracker plugin. You’ll be able to track and analyze which pages people visit, how long they spend there, and what their preferences are.

This allows you to create custom outreach and engagement strategies that are based on each lead’s behavior, and even identify potential prospects that you may have missed.

Leadfeeder shares contact information with employees of any company that visits the website. This allows you to quickly locate decision-makers and get in contact with them quickly.

Prize:- 14-day free trial

2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn, the largest professional social networking site, is a great choice for salespeople looking to research or find prospects.

LinkedIn’s LinkedIn sales navigator was created to provide more advanced search filters and displays. You can find more information on each prospect. This allows you to save, recommend, and offer InMail credit. This is a lead prospecting tool.

Prize:- starting at $79.99/month

3. FollowerWonk

Twitter is a great resource for prospectors. FollowerWonk makes it even easier.

You can dig deeper into Twitter’s analytics and search for specific keywords (like “Graphic Designer”) in people’s bios. FollowerWonk will then create a list with details such as location, topics they tweet about, and who they follow.

You can then tweet them directly or use the other tools to find their contact information.

Prize:- starting at $29/month

4. Quora

Quora is an internet question and answer forum. Because of their strict moderation policy questions and answers on Quora can be found to be high-quality.

Quora can help you create inbound marketing opportunities by answering questions about your industry and highlighting the expertise of your company.

You can also look through the followers of certain topics or questions to find potential prospects.

You can then reach them through Quora’s messaging platform or through their public bios and linked social media accounts. This is the best prospecting website for questions and answers.

Prize:- Free

5. AngelList

AngelList is a platform that allows startups, VCs, and angel investors to search for investment opportunities and find other companies.

It’s an online directory that salespeople can use to find information about different companies. You can filter it by type of organization, number of employees, and even stage of funding.

Prize:- Free

6. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a directory that lists new and upcoming businesses as well as products. Product Hunt’s platform now includes an “Ask” feature that allows users to ask and answer questions via the community.

A “Collections” feature has been launched by them, which allows businesses to be grouped according to specific topics like “Email Apps”, “Marijuana Tech,” and “Back to School Apps.”

This is a great place to find and sort B2B leads.

Prize:- Free

7. Capterra

Capterra is another resource for salespeople looking for prospects, depending on the industry you work in.

Capterra is a software comparison platform that lists millions of digital products and businesses. Salespeople can filter by topic or category to find the right product for them.

Prize:- Free

8. Clutch

Clutch is the best place to find a list of all digital agencies around the globe.

Clutch is similar to AngelList or Capterra, but focuses entirely on digital agencies, from marketing and advertising to app development. Salespeople can search by topic and location, then find companies based on the size, services, etc.

Prize:- Free

9. MatterMark

Mattermark was created entirely with salespeople as its primary focus, unlike other directories or prospecting databases.

You can search their directory by location, company size, industry and niche, business model, b2b/b2c, and even the amount of money the company has raised.

MatterMark integrates with Salesforce and allows you to save specific businesses onto lists. You can automate prospecting with MatterMark by saving searches with more than 80 data fields. This includes company and news alerts.

Prize:- 14-day free trial

10. BuiltWith

BuiltWith allows salespeople to find specific software and tools that are used by businesses. This is especially useful when searching for rivals in your area or tools that integrate.

If your tool is compatible with Shopify or Google Analytics, you can search sites using these tools.

It’s not enough to see which companies are using a particular tool. You also have access to contact information, average tech spends, company size, and other details.

Are you turned off by the $295 monthly price? The Google Chrome extension is free and provides a basic overview of the tools that a website is built using.

Prize:- start at $295/month

Sales Prospecting Tools to Find Contact Details

You’ve created your lead lists. Now it’s time for you to go out and make sales calls. Unfortunately, not all contacts are publicly available. How can you determine which email address or phone number to use?

These best prospecting tools can help you locate them.

11. Voila Norbert

Do you need an email address? You can use Voila Norbert to enter your name and the company you work for. It will automatically pull up the email address of that person.

Voila Norbert offers a Gmail plug that allows you to set reminders or notes, schedule emails, and send follow-up messages automatically.

Prize:- starting at $39/month

12. Hunter

Hunter, formerly known as Email Hunter, is a website and Google Chrome extension which finds email addresses from any domain. It also gives a score that ranks how likely it is to have an active address.

Hunter gives the format for domain email addresses so that you can guess who your target is. this is the best email prospecting tool.

For example, if most email addresses for SpaceX use the format, you can easily guess that John Smith’s email address is

Prize:- starting at $49/month

13. FindThatLead

Similar to Hunter, FindThatLead lets you type in your domain name. The tool will pull up a list with associated email addresses.

You can also install the Google Chrome extension to search for email addresses right from your browser. Easy, peasy.

Prize:- starting at $49/month

Sales Prospecting Tools to Qualify Prospects

Now that you have identified your prospects, it is time to find their contact information. Next, you need to qualify your leads. This serves two purposes.

Assess whether a prospect is worth your effort.

This tool will help you to develop a more personal approach. These tools will help you quickly qualify prospects to allow you to focus on more leads.

14. Datanyze Insider

Datanyze assists salespeople to find B2B contact information. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, and cell numbers. They also share “icebreakers,” which are topics that relate to the prospect’s location or social media activity.

You’ll be able to contact the right people and have something to share with them.

Prize:- Free 90 day trial

15. Mention

Mention tracks every mention of a brand or keyword. It is a great way to find out what your prospect has been saying online, and what other people are saying.

The free version is sufficient for most salespeople. You can use the Mention data to qualify leads if your marketing team uses it already!

Prize:- starting at $29/month.

The purpose of your prospecting system is to find the right people to sell to, build relationships with, and eventually make a sale or a lot of people. This prospecting tool is for salesmen and sellers.

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