Top 6 B2B Websites to Choose Your Audience for Brand Marketing

B2B Websites

Your website is visited by visitors looking for answers to their queries. They are looking to find the answer they seek, so don’t spend your time talking about yourself. A best B2B website design project will reflect your brand. What does it look like to have one of the top B2B websites? These six websites are great examples of B2B websites that put the needs and interests of their customers first.

6 Top B2B Websites

Here are some best B2B website examples for your business.

1. Asana

Asana’s website will smack you with an in-your-face call to action right from the moment you land on its home page. No image sliders, no distractions. A brief description of what they offer is all that’s needed, with an image to show the productivity and collaboration they facilitate.

But wait! There’s more! Although the hero image makes the call-to-action stand out, the rest their website shows why Asana is the solution to communication problems in companies.

Asana identifies the key problem that businesses face and provides a quick and easy solution.

2. Dropbox for Business

The Dropbox page for Business is overwhelming at first. There is too much to see and not enough hierarchy to keep your eyes on the main call-to-action.

They simplify the information and get straight to the point.

Diagrams and icons help you to highlight the benefits that they have listed. Both imagery and copy answer the question “How can Dropbox help my team?” They also answer the question “How can Dropbox help my business be more successful?” This is the experience. They promise to go beyond the client’s current needs.

Then, they punctuate the message by providing a quick and simple “Try it Free” call-to-action with the promise that they will “Get your team on board.”

3. Evernote Business

Evernote is a one-page website that displays a clear call to action and simple pricing right inside the hero image.

A short animation below the page shows how simple the app is to use. It also promises the simplification of team projects.

The remainder of the page is as clear and concise, making it easy to understand the message and the desired user path. Other than the site menu and links at the footer, all other links will take you to sign up or contact sales.

A few paragraphs that briefly list Evernote’s benefits for businesses are sufficient. Plenty of white space allows for better organization and greater comprehension.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite does an excellent job describing the features, benefits, and user experience of its product. This is what their homepage really focuses on. This is a B2B marketing website and it handles your social media platforms

They ask their visitors to choose the category that best suits their business. Enterprise is for larger corporations and Pro level for smaller businesses. They also offer a second pricing plan, which is quite interesting. However, they keep it simple and provide the two ends of the pricing spectrum to give visitors an easier way to find the best plan for them.

Many other pages on this site provide more information about the app’s benefits. It is great that the homepage is simplified before the visitor chooses what they wish to learn more about. Hootsuite is a free b2b website for 30 days after you go for a paid version.

5. MailChimp

MailChimp’s homepage has short and sweet. {The page is only 1,000 pixels high!} The main call-to-action boldly promises that you will “Send Better Email” using their services. MailChimp is easy to use. MailChimp’s service is used by many people.

That’s all. It works.

The product, pricing plans, and how they can help you optimize your email process are all covered on other pages. The site is clean and simple which reflects the value proposition of MailChimp as a way to simplify email for clients.

6. Trello

Trello and especially Trello Business Class, get right to the point. They offer help to customers to manage any project. These examples show how businesses can reap the benefits of paid subscriptions’ security and control.

It is well-organized and clean, with lots of white space. Each pricing page includes a call to action for the plan and details about how to follow up on the “Why Trello?” question. Question.

Trello is a site that promises to help you, whether you’re an individual or a group looking to track project progress.

Last Line – Top B2B Websites

These are just some examples of B2B companies that have created great website copy and a more visible web presence. While this list does not reflect the entire B2B market, it shows how websites can be redesigned from an inward-to-outward focus. B2B clients want more than just information about your business; they want to see how your business-to-business websites will solve their problems.

Your website should show your audience what benefits you have to offer them. This can be done through videos, images, or simple blurbs.

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