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Watch Videos and Earn Money: Top Websites and Apps

Watch Videos and Earn Money

Watching videos and earning money that is a great way to make money online and make the most out of your spare time. You can choose your work hours, whether it be morning, evening, weekend or any other time you prefer.

Do not be surprised if random videos are all you see while browsing the internet. This happens to many of us. It’s a common occurrence. But, why not make a profit and earn money online by watching videos?

You can make passive income by watching videos in many ways.

Top Website to Make Money From Watching Videos

Instead of beating yourself up about being ineffective, make the most of your time and start watching videos to make money. Below is a list of top websites that allow you to view videos and make money.

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks (dotcom) is one of the most well-known rewards sites. It has given out over $700,000,000 in incentives since 2022.

You can watch videos and earn money on the website to score points (which are called SBs). The platform offers a minimum payout of $1, so even though most rewards start at $3, they are worth about one cent each.

As payment options, gift cards from companies such as Amazon, Target, or Walmart as well as money transferred directly to your PayPal account are all available. You can choose from a variety of movie categories including entertainment and travel. Users can earn money by taking part in surveys and shopping for rewards. Swagbucks’ review lists over 20 ways to make money on the site.

New members receive a $5 signup bonus. Spend $25 or more at any merchant to receive an additional $10 Swag Up Bonus.

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2. Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel

Nielsen is a well-known company that provides TV viewership ratings. You can easily make money by watching your favorite TV shows online.

You can earn up to $50 per year by simply downloading the app and remaining in their panel.

The Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel does not require you to change your viewing habits. You can choose what you want to see, unlike other platforms. You will not be asked to view sponsored content or adverts. To get started, you will need to create a username, and password, enter some basic information, and then install the app.

You can participate in the program to be eligible for the $50 annual award and recurring sweepstakes.

By joining the Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel you are consenting to anonymous browsing data. They are charging you for this.

To make the data “anonymized,” your name, IP address, and any other personally identifiable information are removed. This means that the business can see the URLs you have visited, but not your activities. Nielsen does not keep any user IDs or passwords.

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars offers you the chance to make money by watching things like TV shows, movie trailers and cookery ads.

Online surveys and checking your email can help you make extra money. You can also use their money shopping portal to buy money or print coupons for rewards sites such as Swagbucks. These websites are owned by the same parent company.

InboxDollars Review provides detailed information about how the website works. It has earned a great reputation and its members have received over $60 million in cash rewards. The site’s iOS and Android apps have been well-received by more than 100,000 users. However, InboxDollars, which is an app, is the only place where you can be paid to watch videos on a desktop browser.

Registering your account and signing up will get you a $2 signup Bonus The bonus is not available through Swagbucks. It can be earned by signing up and registering your account.

The initial payout is $15. After your earnings reach $10, you can withdraw additional payments.

4. Fusioncash

FusionCash registration is easy and quick. You’ll get a $5 bonus for signing up. You can also watch videos on other websites. There are many other sites that offer the chance to make money through surveys and other “get paid to” tasks.

FusionCash is one of the lesser-known websites on this list. It has received average to mediocre user reviews. It scored just a 3.1 on Trustpilot and received an “F” rating from the BBB.

The most common customer issue is that winnings expire 180 days after they are added to your account. There is a small risk that you won’t be able to make enough profit to cash out during that time frame due to the site’s high ($25), minimum withdrawal amount. Once you reach the minimum threshold, payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit, or PayPal.

5. Earnably

Earnably is another service that will reward you for minor tasks. It also pays you to watch videos, play online games, and take paid surveys.

Earnably makes it easy to make passive income. All you need to do is click “Next” in order to view the next videos. Earnably is a trusted platform that allows you to make money. Many users have commented on how easy it is to make money using this platform.

Referring friends can help users make a decent income. Refer a friend and you will get a 10% bonus.

You must have at least $5 to withdraw money for PayPal cash and gift cards. While the video earnings are not as high as the others on this list they are still respectable.

6. MyPoints

For watching movies, completing surveys, printing coupons, and playing games. MyPoints -dotcom-paid surveys) rewards users by letting them earn points that can then be converted into real money.

These points can be exchanged for PayPal money, gift cards, or travel rewards. The platform offers many options to earn points. Most users can withdraw the minimum amount of $3 depending on which option they choose.

It is important to know that MyPoints has two mobile apps: The regular MyPoints app as well as “Daily Scoop”, which focuses on video content.

Daily Scoop is available only for Android smartphones. Some reviews claim that it does not always have a complete list of movies.

Spend at least $10 on the MyPoints website within the first 30 days to get 1750 points. These points can then be used for $10 gift cards.

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7. Creation rewards

Watching videos online at Creations Rewards can help you make money.

The Creation Rewards website is similar to Swagbucks. It allows you to earn money by watching videos and participating in various activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, completing side jobs, and via friends’ referrals.

To earn $5 in signup bonuses, you must accumulate at least 5000 points within the first 60 days after becoming a member. You can also refer friends to earn 10% of their profits.

It offers great potential to make money watching videos, compared to other options on this list.

8. Netflix

Did you know that you could earn money to watch Netflix videos Netflix employs taggers to ensure that customers find the content they like?

It is difficult to be a Netflix tagger. The only requirements are that the candidate has at least 5 years of experience in the TV/film industry and is able to distinguish the subtleties with a variety of content. If you feel you are qualified, you can still apply for the job on Netflix’s job board.

This work can bring in around $69,000 per year. These employment opportunities may not always be available. Netflix employs only 30 people for this job. You should be cautious as the competition is intense.

Final Word

This post has been read through and you now know about some of the apps and websites that allow you to make money watching ads and movies. Many companies will pay you for your time while you’re promoting their products.

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