What is the Future of Customer Experience Design?

Customer Experience Design

You can make your brand more loyal by adopting customer-focused practices.CX design (customer experience design) is the process that design teams use to maximize customer experiences before, during, and after conversion. They use customer-centered strategies to delight customers throughout the conversion process and foster strong customer-brand relationships.

Businesses could not rely on the quality and reliability of their products to generate new business. A company’s sole focus was to deliver a reliable and functional product/service that is market-ready. This is what led to its success.

This is simply not true today. Large brands have turned into marketing machines that compete with each other for customers’ attention, rather than being user-centric when designing their products and services. Today, product differentiation is no longer considered the success factor in large businesses.

However, there is always room for improvement. Consumer preferences and habits are changing for the products and services that they use. Unlike the days when shoppers would go to stores to look at products before making a decision, Deloitte reports more than 49% of consumers have done extensive research on which product they are interested in before even going into a store.

Modern consumers have access to almost all information on the globe in their pockets, making them a powerful tool for interrupting and coercive advertising. They no longer have to be restricted by what’s available locally. They have the freedom to make their own decisions and they want it to be in line with their values and provide a meaningful experience. Empathy and purpose are the cornerstones of great CX design

The new generation of businesses, which were just startups a few decades ago but are now billion-dollar darlings, have a new trick they have learned from the greats of old. Instead of focusing on sales and marketing strategy, they are focusing on customer experience. This is a path that was paved by The Four Seasons, Nordstrom. Their success is encouraging big businesses to rethink how they approach their business.

Businesses can differentiate themselves by focusing on customer experience and design. Even more important brand differentiation factors will be customer experience and price by 2020, according to some predictions. Businesses that elevate the customer experience to an extraordinary level will be winners in their verticals.

What is customer experience design?

Customer Experience Design refers to the art of designing products and services with the goal of delivering a positive user experience. Every interaction with a product/service by customers is intended to deliver the brand’s promise. Companies must tell stories through offline and online experiences to bring the brand to life.

Experience design (XD), is more than a medium like an advertisement campaign or an app on the web. It’s a strategy that keeps customers engaged with a brand via meaningful interactions. Every product, service, and action must deliver an exceptional experience. This includes your packaging, online properties, web ads, check-out experience, and customer service policies.

Also, consider how staff greets customers, what they wear, and how the store looks, feels, and sounds. This strategy requires that everyone in the company, regardless of their position, participates in creating a seamless customer experience. It is designed to impress clients and customers at all stages of their journey.

Optimizing customer experience planning

After you have considered your customer experience survey metrics and internal goal-setting, you are now ready to explore how customer feedback can be used in your CX improvement plans.

The customer experience plan is the plan you have in place to create positive customer experiences at every touchpoint. It also includes the objective ways to measure these experiences.

Does that sound complicated? Let’s take a look at Tesla. Elon Musk, the CEO, stated that “buying a Tesla should not be difficult” and that the brand did everything they could to make this a reality. This is a look at Tesla’s customer experience.

Brands that focus on customer experience reap the benefits

According to studies, brands that focus on creating a memorable customer experience will see a positive impact on their bottom line. Take a look at these statistics:

  • According to American Express, 58 percent of consumers would spend more on companies offering excellent customer service.
  • Customer satisfaction can lead to better word-of-mouth. Harvard Business Review reports that 23 percent of customers who had positive experiences told at least 10 people.

A delightful experience crafted from the brand promise

A great customer experience design involves incorporating purpose and empathy into all your company’s activities. McKinsey’s research shows that 70% of customer buying experiences are determined by how they feel treated. This includes showing that you care about your customers and value them.

Here’s the best thing. It doesn’t need to cost a lot. All it takes is a few moments of joy. These moments can be large or small, like Buick’s 24-hour test drive or responding to customers within one hour on Twitter. They are all part of the brand promise.

Nordstrom is an example of a brand that promises service above everything. This is demonstrated through every touchpoint with customers, such as their open return policy and free gift-wrapping. They also walk customers’ bags around the counter to show appreciation for their sales. Digital Telepathy has adopted the noble cause in order to “elevate people’s experiences”.

Five Customer Experience Design Principles You Should Follow

  1. Create a consistent and strong brand identity.
  2. Your customers should be empowered to take action.
  3. Build relationships with your customers
  4. Offer a superior product
  5. Customers will feel amazing

Every brand can elevate the customer experience

Customer experience design can be a powerful way to increase a company’s bottom lines by placing the customer first. Any brand, B2B or C–can achieve this. Customers who are satisfied with their purchase experience will be loyal advocates and will help you grow your market share.

This is the beauty of XD. Your customers are the key to your success. The best companies aren’t over-marketed with Super Bowl ads, catchy jingles, or Black Friday sales. They create extraordinary experiences for customers and are rewarded with loyalty, affinity, and respect.

Using practices that improve the customer experience will ensure a return on your investment and a solid foundation for your brand’s growth.

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