Top 9 Solana NFT Marketplaces

Top 9 Solana NFT Marketplaces

Non-fungible tokens have been one of the most surprising developments since cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies first appeared. Many people are now creating, buying, and selling these tokens on Solana NFT marketplaces and taking advantage of this rapidly growing industry.

There are many blockchains that can host NFTs. Solana is just one example. Solana is relatively new compared to Ethereum, the NFT leader. Ethereum hosts most of the NFTs. The lower costs and greater versatility of Solana have shifted the NFT marketplace in its favor.

NFTs are available on the blockchain. Their owners have complete control. People rely on marketplaces to make selling and buying easier. Marketplaces act as intermediaries, hosting collection and connecting buyers to sellers.

Top 9 Solana NFT Marketplaces

The key factors in choosing the best Solana NFT marketplaces are their collections, the fees they charge, the tools they offer sellers and buyers, and the unique communities they foster. There are many options available, but these are the best.

1. DigitalEyes

DigitalEyes is a leading open NFT marketplace on Solana’s blockchain and is the first to launch. The platform allows users to buy, sell and develop NFTs using the Solana blockchain. It features many leading and emerging NFT collections.

The mint calendar is one of the most popular features on the platform. It shows NFT launches in the future. Buyers can get in on the ground floor for increasingly competitive launches. Being among the first to adopt the technology can result in high-profit resale profits as well as exclusive opportunities to purchase the rarest NFTs.


  • A large catalog of collections
  • A wide range of wallets are available
  • Simple to use platform


  • Unimpressive 2.5% service charge
  • Additional royalty fees

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2. Metaplex

Metaplex is an intuitive NFT marketplace with a unique approach. Metaplex allows users to create their own storefronts that showcase the NFTs that they are trying to sell. This is in contrast to other marketplaces which are strictly collection-based.

Metaplex is one of the most popular Solana marketplaces in terms of fees. Users can only access the marketplace via the Phantom wallet. However, many NFT collectors are savvy enough to use multiple wallets so that they don’t have to worry about a lack of options.


  • Unique sale options for collectors
  • Many unique Solana NFT collections are available
  • Excellent presentation


  • Options for restricted wallets

3. SolSea

SolSea, a Solana NFT marketplace, offers creators unique tools to manage and develop their collections. This platform allows creators embed licenses into NFTs during minting. This makes it easier to integrate artwork licensing.

The marketplace features a calendar that allows buyers to keep track of new NFT launches, and then purchase them while they are still fresh. SolSea charges a higher than average 3% for NFT sales. Although this cost is higher than other options, SolSea offers unique features that could justify the cost to many creators.


  • Flexible licensing options
  • There are many new collections to choose from
  • Creators have more control


  • Fees that are higher than average
  • Impressive presentation

4. Solanart

Solanart is one of the top Solana NFT marketplaces with the most sought-after collections like Aurory and Degenerate Ape Academy. The platform is easy to use to discover and explore new collections users might not have otherwise.

Solanart offers excellent wallet support, with many options available. However, it recommends Solflare. Although the platform charges a higher than average fee of 3% for its services, the offerings are good enough to warrant that cost.


  • A great selection of collections
  • A wide range of wallet options
  • A platform that is easy to navigate


  • Fees that are higher than average
  • Creators may be subject to additional fees

5. Magic Eden

Magic Eden enjoys a significant market share. It is also at the forefront in the top Solana NFT marketplaces based on user number, with over 10 million unique monthly users. It is a popular choice for many users and even has its own collection called Magic Ticket.

There are over 7,000 collections on the platform, including Okay Bears or Degen Dojo. The transaction fees are 2%.


  • Low fees
  • Huge variety
  • Intuitive design


  • Integration of wallets is limited
  • Many copycats are attracted to its popularity

6. is a Solana NFT marketplace that is decentralized, in a contrast to the centralized nature found on most other listings. This decentralization could give NFT owners more control and freedom, while also solving the problem of NFT being delisted.

You also get a reasonable fee of 2%. Listing is free and encourages a vibrant marketplace with many collections. has attracted a lot of attention because decentralization is a hot topic in every crypto app.


  • Low fees
  • Market decentralization
  • All times under the control of NFTs


  • Limited wallet support
  • There is no possibility of transaction mediation

7. Exchange.Art

Exchange.Art, a Solana NFT marketplace, is very much like its name. It focuses on creators and artwork. This platform is more focused on original works than the crowd-generated ones that are so common in other NFT marketplaces.

The standard fee is 2.5%. Artists can easily upload their artworks to the creator’s portal and create NFT collections. It offers a variety of management tools, as well as ways to organize collections.


  • There are many examples of truly original artwork
  • Amazing support for creators


  • A higher-quality collection means fewer collections available
  • Support for buyers is not particularly impressive

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8. is a Solana NFT marketplace that offers a wide range of unique collections, including the Piggy Sol Gang Collection. This collection allows users to stake their NFTs in order to make profits.

It also offers decent wallet support and low fees of 2%. Although may not have as many options as other marketplaces, it has enough unique charm to be worth a look.


  • Innovative use of NFT staking
  • Some unique collections
  • Reasonable fees


  • There is a limited overall variety

9. Solport

Solport is home to some of the most innovative collections. Taiyo Infants/Incubators is one example. It features NFTs that can be used to develop from infants to toddlers over time.

It charges only 2% and offers decent wallet support. The platform has a lively community with Telegram, Discord channels, and dedicated Telegram and Discord channels to support the platform and its NFT collection.


  • Interactive and innovative collections
  • Reasonable fees


  • There is a limited selection


Competition is encouraged by the increasing complexity of the NFT ecosystem. This competition brings innovation and opportunity from more ambitious projects. NFT buyers should be open to trying out different platforms to find the Solana NFT Marketplaces that best suit them.

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