How to Flip Money Fast: 5 Ways to Make Money

How to Flip Money Fast

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Flipping money is a strategy to make quick returns on small investments. We’ll show you how to start flipping money, investing from $0 to a few thousand dollars. This will allow you to get a quick return.

1. Reselling Goods

Reselling goods is a great way of making money without any upfront costs.

You can find low-cost products ($10-30) that are resaleable and maximize your profit margins by using the right strategy. You can make more if you have more skills, such as flipping cars.

Knowing where the best deals are and which markets these goods sell on is key to success in reselling.

Although it is a common strategy to buy goods offline and sell them online, a practice commonly referred to as Retail Arbitrage, you should not discount the possibility of all four possibilities.

If you are looking for clearance items, consider buying them offline. You can also leverage yard sales, second-hand shops, and thrift shops.

You can buy items online by checking out deal sites such as Slickdeals. For ideas that are easy to source and high in demand, see our article The best things to sell online.

Another option is to focus on buying through eBay auctions. These auctions typically have closing prices lower than what the item would sell at a fixed-price list.

Once you have identified potential product deals, it is time to create an online shop or marketplace account to sell your products. You can use popular sites like eBay as well as niche sites that are specific to your industry such as Poshmark, which sells designer clothes, and Depop, which sells Gen-Z fashion.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the skills of a copywriter. You’ll be writing descriptions, taking photos, and making sure customers understand exactly what you have to offer.

To ensure maximum profit margins for each item sold, make sure you include all costs associated with pricing.

You could also consider opening a dropshipping company. This is where you don’t purchase products ahead of time. Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to create an online shopfront and offer products from your suppliers. Then, wait for the orders to arrive. A customer places an order through your website. You place an order with your supplier to have the product shipped directly.

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2. Bank and Brokerage Offers

Sign-up bonuses are offered by banks, credit cards, and other financial institutions that can generate a small to medium return with little to no money.

Banks often offer bonuses to help you open an account or deposit money. This is one of many ways to quickly earn a large return on your initial investment.

You want to sign up for services that offer better value than what you have. For example, banks that offer bonuses or don’t charge fees. The first step to taking advantage of brokerage and bank offers is finding the right service provider that offers a high bonus.

You should consider fees, deposit requirements, and interest rates to earn the bonus. Credit card bonuses typically have a minimum spend requirement. Many banks also require that you make a direct deposit in order to receive the bonus.

To understand any restrictions regarding withdrawals and transfers, read carefully the terms.

3. Repairing Items For Resale

You can make quick money by repairing items for resale. It’s also a great way to earn long-term side income for people with more time.

The first step is to identify items that have high resale value. You should look for items in good condition that require minor repairs such as furniture. These items are usually of high resale worth and require little work to fix.

A simple paint job may work in some cases but it is not enough to make profits. It is important to understand how products work so you can repair them properly. It’s not cheap to repair appliances, phones, and computers. But it will require a skill.

It’s crucial to post photos and a description of your items on websites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Make sure you let buyers know that the item has been rehabilitated.

4. Flipping websites

Flipping websites — e.g., finding an existing website making improvements and finally selling it at a profit — is a great way to make money online.

Although there is a higher investment and skill requirement, there are still sites that offer basic editing, online marketing, and design tweaks to greatly increase their revenue. These sites are often available for as little as a few thousand dollars.

It is important to remember that websites typically sell for 36X their monthly income. If a website earns $100 per month, it is possible to buy the website for $3600. This means that you may be able to sell a website for $7,200 if it has a doubled revenue of $100 to $200 per month.

Buyers will want to see that the revenue increase is sustainable. Therefore, a website flip in three to six months is considered fast.

The first step to flipping websites is to identify which sites have the highest potential for maximum profit. Popular sites to begin your search are ThisWebsiteFlip, and Flippa.

It’s important to evaluate potential sites to flip. Make sure you look for ones where your skills and knowledge allow you to add value. If you are a designer, find a site that can help increase profits through better design. You might also be a subject matter expert. Look for sites that can help improve existing content. If you are a great marketer, consider a site where your brand can be enhanced.

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5. Buy Wholesale, Sell Individually

You can get a great ROI by buying products wholesale and then selling them individually.

A common strategy is to buy bulk on websites like Alibaba and then resell items via Amazon FBA. This program allows you to leverage Amazon’s vast logistics and customer base to store and ship your products.

No matter if you use Amazon FBA or any other platform, the same principles for successful reselling apply.

Your goal is to:

  • Find a product that is in high demand, and has a high-profit margin when it’s sold at retail.
  • You can find out where to buy bulk items (Alibaba or eBay are two popular options).

Amazon FBA is a way to order a product from a supplier and has it delivered to their warehouse.

A garage or closet is an acceptable storage space for small items, even if you don’t use FBA. From


Flipping money can be a great way of making extra money without investing too much of your own cash. It’s also an excellent way to learn valuable skills. Flipping side hustles can teach you how to negotiate, write product descriptions and conduct research.

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