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Financial Calculator

Advice that helps us develop smart financial habits is something we all appreciate. What if the advice came from an app? What if the advice comes from an app? Would you still accept it? Financial calculator apps can help you assess your financial health. It will track your spending habits as well as your purchasing power.

It can also help you make informed financial decisions. A financial calculator’s compound-interest feature can help you determine if your finances are capable of repaying a car loan within two years or whether a 30-year mortgage would be a good investment.

These obvious benefits make it a smart idea to have at minimum one app on your phone in order to build smart money habits. This review includes the top money-saving apps.

Which app is the best?

We have a variety of financial calculators available for Android and iPhone to help you make your decision. These apps can even be based on the classic financial calculators, which are those with narrow screens and buttons that were designed for serious calculation.

No matter what format they may be, they all serve as valuable financial calculator apps to improve financial health.

Top 10 Financial Calculator Apps

1. 10bii

Price: Paid $5.99
Ideal for: Precise TVM calculations

This app is based on Hewlett Packard’s 10BII financial calculator and has over 100 functions to compute the financial, mathematical, or statistical answers that you require.

This app is what you need if you want to calculate TVM accurately. The cash flow diagram displays the results.

You can also use this app to calculate loan payments, mortgage payments, interest rates, and investment value. This financial calculator app is perfect for business and finance professionals. It can also be used by anyone who needs high-performing financial calculator apps.

Highly responsive customer service will immediately address any issues with the app.

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2. Financial Calculators

Price: Free
Best for Comprehensive calculators

This app offers the most complete financial calculators. This app will tell you all about your financial situation, including retirement, loans, investments, amortization and so much more–get this one!

You can be a professional number cruncher or a finance student, or just someone who enjoys taking care of their finances. This app will assist you in your calculations.

3. Vicinno

Price: Paid $5.99
The best iOS alternative to the HP 12C RPN financial calculation calculator

You are looking for an app? This tool offers the same features as the HP 12c financial calculator. then you’ve got to try this tool from Vicinno. This app uses the Reverse Polish Notation system (RPN), which gives you reliable results every single time.

It can be used to calculate TVM bonds or TVM, as well as for statistical analysis and depreciation estimates. You can copy and paste the calculation results for even more convenience.

4. Touch RPN

Price: Free
Best android emulator for the HP 12C RPN financial calculation

Another emulator app is available based on HP 12c RPN systems. This app is available for Android and iOS users as well.

These financial calculator apps work exactly like the HP 12c. It does have some limitations, however, just like the HP 12c.

The app can be used as either a financial or scientific calculator. There are two types of calculation modes, called “flavors”. You can choose from a basic financial flavor or a more scientific one.

After purchase, you can choose from other “flavors”. These flavors are free of ads and include additional features. These flavors emulate other calculation systems such as the financial flavor with Black-Scholes and algebraic/RPN financial flavor.

To calculate the annual interest rate, loan amortizations, and TVM, use the financial model

5. PowerOne®

Price: Free
Best for Premade templates

This app has been nicknamed “the everything calculator” due to the sheer amount of calculations supported.

It supports more than 400 calculations to date, including financial, investment return, profit margin, and algebraic. These calculations can be found in pre-made templates that are suitable for business, engineering, construction, and health. These calculations are easier to use because they are pre-made.

The app developer offers users the opportunity to personalize their calculating experience through three visual themes.

6. Quick Business Calculator

Price: Free
Best for small businesses

Whether you manage a small business, are a financial consultant, or are launching a startup, This app allows you to see the status of your financial health by simply clicking a few buttons.

This calculator provides accurate results for cash flow, markups and sales funnel. It also includes taxes, discounts, and taxes. You can improve your business’s flow by using a few unique features, such as market position and contract legality.

It is an excellent tool to use in daily business calculations. It can also be used for commercial and accounting calculations. It’s especially useful in financial and business decisions.

7. Bighorn Loan Calculator

Price: Paid $1.99
Best for: Tracking your loan payments

This app allows you to easily track your loan payments. This app is fast and reliable to provide a quick overview of your loan status.

This is one of the best financial calculator apps for people who work in finance, such as accountants or real estate agents. For those who require a quick calculation tool.

You can easily create PDF versions for amortization timetables. The app has a sharing function that allows you to email amortization schedules directly to clients or colleagues. To ensure you have backups of your files, you can sync them to iCloud.

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8. BA Financial Calculator Pro

Price: Paid $5.99
The best emulator of Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator

This emulator of Texas Instruments BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator may be the most efficient available. It was designed to simplify calculations, particularly for small business owners and managers.

This app allows you to calculate your net present value, reinvestment rate, and other business calculations. It can be used to analyze statistics and your cash flow. It can also be used to calculate bond prices and loan repayments.

The app can perform scientific and trigonometric functions, in addition to financial calculations. You can also save up to 10 calculations to be used in the future.

9. Calctape

Price: Paid $2.99
Best for Digital paper tape and notations features

This app allows you to create calculations on a digital tape and leave a paper trail.

The app allows you to make notations on every line of the calculation and saves your calculations for future reference. You can also add or remove lines within the calculation, and the results will update automatically.

This app can be used to track your expenses. Each line can be annotated with the type and amount of expenses. To spice things up, the developer also added several colors to make it easier for you to personalize your calculating experience.

10. MathU RPN Calc

Price: Paid $5.99
Best iOS emulator for the Hewlett-Packard classic

This financial calculator app emulates classic Hewlett Packard financial calculations built using the RPN system. MathU RPN Calc offers fast computations at IEEE-standard accuracy with double-precision. It delivers reliable and accurate computation results.

The app can be used to calculate TVM as a financial calculator. The app can help you calculate interest rates and loan payments.

Conclusion — Financial Calculators

These are 10 financial calculator apps that will help you monitor your financial health. These apps are designed to help you understand your financial situation. These apps give you an insight into where your life might be more successful or where you may lose money. You can develop smart money habits that will help you long-term by being aware of your financial situation.

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