Top 10 Ways to Get Free Money

Top 10 Ways to Get Free Money

You may have been told by your parents that money is not possible for you. Unfortunately, for them, this is not true. There are many ways to make free money with very little effort.

The ‘effort’ part is crucial. There are many other ways to make free money online, such as paid surveys which we think are misleading. Having to do anything other than the bare minimum for your money means it isn’t free – it means you’re working.

We’ve chosen the easiest and most straightforward ways to make free money. And don’t worry, you can still earn £100s!

1. Bursaries, scholarships, and grants

This is not a surprise to many of you. But, we are a student-money site.

You’re probably aware that s Students can get money through scholarships, bursaries, and grants. These are not required to be repaid like Student Loans. What you might not know is the number of people who are eligible for this cash.

These funds are often thought to be only available to students with high grades or who have a talent in a specific sport or instrument or to those from less fortunate backgrounds. These students may be eligible for support, but there are many others who can also receive this money.

We explain in our guide to the strangest bursaries. Students can apply for funding for a variety of reasons. Being a great FIFA player or simply having the right surname you could get free money to do almost anything. You don’t have to look for funding.

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2. Sign up for our offers

A company selling anything can create an account. You should check to see if you can sign up for new customers.

Many companies offer free money to sign up, not just a discount for the initial purchase. Although you will need to make a qualifying purchase, if the item is something that you are going to buy anyway, it’s still 100% free money.

Sometimes the reward comes in the form of an Amazon voucher. A voucher is just as good as cash, as Amazon sells almost everything. You can get a discount by using our Amazon shopping hacks.

There are many signup bonuses, but our favorites are the £5 bonus to join OnePoll or the £10 payout to sign up for Monese and Curve. (Read our guide to find out what Curve cards are).

Sign up to Coinbase, complete a few tasks and you can earn cryptocurrency for free. These cryptocurrencies can’t be spent with retailers. However, you can trade them for Bitcoin (some shops accept Bitcoin) and sell them for £20+.

3. Money for switching bank or utility supplier

We recommend that students open a student account before starting uni is open a student bank account. Did you know that you can transfer bank accounts even if you have already started university? You could even get cash free of charge for switching bank accounts.

It’s easy to switch bank accounts. It doesn’t matter if it’s cash, or an Amazon gift card (which is just as good as cash anyway). Some banks will offer as much as £100 to persuade you to switch.

Don’t panic if you don’t yet have a bank account. These offers are available to all customers, not just to those who have switched.

Just make sure to double-check the terms of each bank’s offer, There’s a possibility that you won’t be eligible for the cash if you haven’t completed your first year at university. Remember that banks offer cash to anyone who wants to make a switch.

4. Refer friends to receive free money

We love referral codes. Referring your friends and family to sign-up with a few companies is a great way to make money. It’s easy to see how little work it takes and how much you can make.

This tip is somewhat similar to our previous one. Banks, energy companies (Octopus Energy offers £50 credit) as well as broadband providers offer some of the best referral codes.

Refer-a-friend programs often mirror promotions for new customers, such as £100 for joining. There is a key difference: both you and the person you refer get a reward.

Banks and utilities providers are likely to offer the best and most lucrative offers. Many companies offer referral programs. While some companies reward you with credits, others pay you cash.

This is where cashback websites and automatic savings apps come in handy. Although specific offers may change, Sign up and earn as much as £15

5. Get a student loan refund

The current UK state of student finance is a mess. However, student loan repayments generally seem to be sound. Until the system’s flaws cause you to make repayments that you shouldn’t.

Two things are required to start repaying your student loan. You must be able to pay your Student Loan in full by the first April following graduation. You must also be making more than the minimum income threshold to qualify for your repayment plan.

Our guide to student loan refunds explains everything in greater detail. Over the past few years, however, many graduates have begun repaying their loans prior to April following graduation.

This is not ideal but it means that graduates who have graduated are entitled to a refund. The average amount of this lump sum is a few hundred pounds.

6. Check if you’re owed a tax rebate

Refunds on student loans are not the only way to get some extra cash if you have overpaid.

Each year, thousands of people in the UK pay too much tax. You may be eligible for a rebate if you are one of these people.

It is possible that you have overpaid taxes for one reason or another. The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether it was your fault.

It doesn’t even matter if the event occurred a long time ago. A refund can be claimed up to four years after the year in which the overpayment occurred.

Keep in mind, however, that students seldom earn more than the annual threshold to pay tax (currently at £12570 per year). You should consider claiming a tax rebate if you believe you have paid tax on incomes below this amount.

7. Earn interest with savings and current accounts

You might not have a lot of cash if you are a student. However, if you have the ability to save money, we recommend that you put it in a cash ISA (or regular savings account).

Inflation means that £100 won’t be as valuable in one year. You’ll still be able to purchase £100 but the price of goods and services has risen so much that you can’t buy as much in 12 months.

You should aim to keep as much money as possible in an account that offers the highest interest rate. You don’t have to be interested in the interest you can earn, but you want your money to retain its value.

8. £1,000 free every year with a Lifetime ISA

Although owning a home may seem like an impossible dream, it is possible. You can make that dream a reality by investing in a Lifetime ISA.

A LISA offers up to £1,000 per year and is the best source of free money we know.

You will need to make a deposit of £4,000 in your LISA within a single tax year (April-April) to get the full amount. Don’t worry if your savings aren’t enough. You will still receive a 25% bonus if you save more than £4,000.

A Lifetime ISA will give you a maximum bonus of £33,000. This is equivalent to 33 years which you deposit £4,000 every year. That is a lot of money! There are some catches, as is always the case with life.

First, you cannot withdraw money from your LISA if it’s being used to purchase a house. Second, you can’t withdraw money if you are over 60 years old or have been given less than 12 months to live. You’ll lose any bonuses and a percentage of the money if you withdraw money for other reasons.

Although you shouldn’t put money in a LISA unless you are certain you will use it for your retirement or a house, it’s the best way to get the most money.

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9. Use cashback websites for online shopping

We already know this, it’s in our guide on how to make money. Cashback is something that most people are familiar with if they love saving and making money. Here’s a quick overview in case you didn’t know.

You have two options when you purchase something online: either you can do it directly or you can use a cashback website. We recommend that you use a cashback website whenever possible.

You’ll enjoy the same shopping experience when you shop through cashback sites as when you do so on the site of the retailer. The cashback site will monitor your activities and refund you a portion of your total purchase or, in certain cases, a fixed amount.

Many of your favorite shops can be found on cashback websites like TopCashback or Quidco. There are many retailers, including ASOS, Amazon, and Adidas. You can expect to get a maximum of 5% back but it is better than nothing.

As you would expect, the big bucks are in big purchases. Cashback sites will pay more than PS100 to buy car insurance or a new phone.

You can also get cash back from supermarkets. Supermarket cashback apps offer up to 100% cashback for single items. These include cashback sites that pay the money back online for food shopping, as well as cashback websites that offer a money back for food.

Cashback sites can be used every time you shop online. You could make a few hundred dollars each year by using them. To get started, read our guide on how to earn cashback.

10. Earn money from walking

Walking is a great way to stay fit and healthy, as well as reduce your carbon footprint. What if there was another reason to walk everywhere?

Sweatcoin and BetterPoints have made walking even more affordable.

These apps monitor your movements throughout the day and give you virtual currency to reward your efforts. You can exchange this money for gift cards at many popular restaurants and shops, or for money free of charge.

You won’t make a millionaire by earning free money from paid walking apps. Keep your phone with you when you are out and about and you will start to see the cash start trickling in.

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