Top 5 Credit Card Readers for Android

Credit Card Readers

Thanks to the low-cost credit card readers for android, Most small businesses are now able to accept card payments using an Android phone or tablet.

You need an Android phone to accept cards

  1. Register with a card reader company
  2. To connect your Android device to a card reader, you can purchase one
  3. Get the mobile payment app for your smartphone or tablet

The swipe-only reader is plugged into your smartphone with an audio plug. An Android card reader for chip and contactless payments (NFC) is typically wireless. It connects with your phone via Bluetooth. Once the reader is connected, the app can be used to accept your first card payment.

Top 5 Credit Card Readers for Android

Which is the best credit card reader for android? We looked at all options and chose the most valuable credit card readers.

1. Square Reader – best all-round value

Of all the low-cost options, Square provides the best card reader service, while maintaining a user-friendly experience for all of its products.

Square offers two card readers: Square Reader for Magstripe (with a microphone for Android devices) as well as Square Reader For Contactless and Chip. This is a free first credit card swiper for android. Additional ones cost $10. Contactless and Chip’s Readers are $49. Both work with the free Square Point of Sale App.

There’s no contract lock-in, monthly fees, PCI-DSS compliance fees, or refunds that are free to process. You may need additional POS features, Square provides POS systems and booking software for restaurants or retail outlets for a monthly charge.

Transactions by tap (card, mobile wallet), android credit card swipe, or chip cost 2.6% +10C/ while keyed transactions cost 3.5%+15C/ Regular payouts can take up to 1-2 business days before they reach your bank account. However, for an additional 1.5% fee, you may instantly transfer funds to your bank account. You can also use your online account balance to purchase Square Card (Business Debit Mastercard).

Square POS is easy to use and offers more features than other apps. You can send invoices through the app, split bills, and track inventory levels. You can also issue gift cards, manage employee permissions, use offline mode, analyze sales, and control employee permissions. These features are available for free, but you can purchase more advanced functions at a monthly fee.

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2. SumUp Plus – cheapest all-in-one reader

SumUp Plus is an Android credit card reader that is easy to use. It costs $35 upfront, and it accepts NFC (contactless), Chip, Magnetic Stripe Cards, and Mobile Wallets. There are no monthly fees or contractual obligations. The transaction rate is fixed at 2.75%.

The transaction fee is a small percentage. SumUp is an excellent alternative for merchants who have small transactions. Square charges a flat fee for each transaction. the overall cost of the transaction fee would be high for small transactions.

SumUp accepts Diners Club, while all the other Android card readers in this article accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. It can take up to 2 business days for payments to be credited to your bank account.

SumUp merchants may apply for a virtual terminal to enable over-the-phone or in-person keyed payment. These key-in card transactions are available at 3.25% + $15C/ each

SumUp’s credit card payment application is simple to use. You can either add any product to the product library or manually enter transaction amounts. You can create user accounts for staff, taxes, and tips, and connect to a compatible receipt printer to print paper receipts. Not all payment apps allow this.

3. PayPal Zettle – best for PayPal merchants

The PayPal Zettle reader is the latest credit card reader from PayPal and is very affordable at $29. The card reader can accept contactless and chip card payments (EMV), and it also has a keypad to enter a PIN.

For all domestic credit and debit cards, the transaction fee is fixed at 2.29% + 9C/ All non-US cards are subject to a 1.5% cross-border fee. A further 3% currency conversion charge is charged for currency exchanges. PayPal can be quite costly for businesses with many tourists and foreign customers. These are the best credit card readers for android because of their use of international payment.

All payouts are made directly to your PayPal Business account. You will need to “withdraw” the money to your linked bank account to transfer it into your bank account. This takes approximately one business day. For an additional fee, you can transfer money immediately to your bank account. You can also order the free PayPal Business Debit Mastercard that is linked to your e-account so you can use money but not withdraw it.

PayPal Zettle’s greatest asset is its integration with your PayPal account. This may allow you to link to eCommerce sales. It makes it easier for you to track your sales by having in-person sales recorded in the same account.

You can use the PayPal Zettle app to get essential features such as tipping, discounts, and a product list to track sales. The app allows you to accept PayPal QR codes and keyed payments, as well as send payment links and invoices via email.

4. Clover Go – offline mode and merchant account

Clover Go is a card reader similar to Square’s and is capable of accepting contactless and swipe payments as well as EMV cards. It is however the most expensive on the list at $99, but it comes at a higher price.

Clover Go on Android devices works with the credit card reader. Your chosen subscription will determine the number of features available.

You can get a credit card reader for the phone by simply buying it. and Pay 2.6% + 10C/ Per Contactless or Chip Card Payment, But then, you have only core functions such as accepting cards, viewing transactions, and sending digital receipts

Clover Essentials plans cost $9.95 per month and allow you to set up a product catalog with modifiers, categories, and other features. You can get a higher plan that includes more point-of-sale features. However, this is not worth the cost unless Clover purchases its more expensive terminals (there are a variety of touchscreen models). Your card rate will be slightly lower if you choose a higher POS plan (2.3% + 10C/).

Clover Go is the only solution in this list that can take cards offline and have the transaction completed online. Clover Go is worth looking into if you have slow internet.

Clover merchants get a full-fledged Merchant Account, which provides better account stability than Square or PayPal. You can cancel your contract at any time without paying a termination fee.

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5. Shopify – convenient for eCommerce merchants

Shopify is best known for its online store builder. However, they also sell two card readers for Android phones or tablets: the Chip & Swipe Reader with no contactless function for $29 and the Tap & Chip Reader with no swipe function for $49. These can be used with Shopify POS for Android. If the free app is not enough, you can subscribe to POS Pro for $89 per month.

Shopify Mobile Credit Card Readers for Android can only be used if you have an active eCommerce subscription. Shopify Lite is the cheapest subscription at $9 per month (the monthly cost is lower if paid 1, 2, or 3 years in advance). This includes Buy Buttons that you can embed on your website but no tools for creating an online store. Transactions on Lite are charged 2.7% in a swipe, tap, and chip fees.

Basic Shopify comes with a fully-fledged online shop for $29/month at the same 2.7% card rate. Shopify plans for $79/month reduce the transaction rate to 2.5%. Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month and offers the lowest transaction rate at 2.4% with advanced eCommerce features.

Payouts can take up to two business days to reach your bank. It may also take 24-72 hours for your bank to clear your account. Shopify is the worst in terms of payouts. The plans can be canceled at any time. However, subscription fees cannot be refunded. So think carefully before you decide to pay for more than 1+ years.

Shopify card readers make it easy for retailers who primarily sell online, but still want to track face-to-face transactions connected with online sales in their reports and analytics. A monthly Shopify subscription can make it more expensive than it is worth, even if you aren’t selling anything online.

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