10 Best Android Customization Apps for Smartphone

10 Best Android Customization Apps for Smartphone

Android’s customization is one of its main advantages over iOS. Android has been a strong player in this area, and it continues to be so. You can modify many aspects of Android, even without root. Apart from using pre-installed options to make it easier, you can install third-party apps. We’ll be sharing some recommendations for the best android customization apps to use on your Android smartphone in this article.

These are just a few of the many android customization apps available on the Play Store. We tried to include as many apps as possible. Below are 10 android Customization apps. They’re not in any particular order. We have included descriptions of each app as well as other details you might be interested in.

Top 10 Best Android Customization Apps

Here is some information about the best apps for android. Also, we offer suggestions for which type of users the app is most suited to.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is probably well-known to many of you. Nova Launcher is an Android launcher that is well-known and popular. This launcher received a major update recently, and it is simply amazing. Nova Launcher is a long-standing staple in customization for Android. It’s even better than ever. You can use a variety of gestures and have them do whatever you want.

You can also edit animations and change icons. You can also edit grid sizes and folder functionality. Unused apps can be hidden from the app drawer. They can also be organized into tabs or folders. There are so many customization options in this app that it would be difficult to list them all. Although the app is free to download, you will need the premium version in order to access all features. It’s well worth the cost.

2. Tasker

Many would argue that Tasker is one of the best customization apps in the Play Store. Tasker can do an amazing number of things. This application can be used to automate tasks to the maximum extent. It can be used to create new actions and a lot more. You can use it to create triggers using widgets, launcher shortcuts, and long-pressing volume buttons.

Tasker is powerful but not easy to use. There are so many options and details you can adjust that Tasker is difficult to use that you will need to be able to understand what you are doing. This android custom app can be extended with other apps. Tasker is available for rooted phones, but you can still use it on non-rooted devices.


IFTTT stands for If This Then That and is all about automation. IFTTT is supported by over 630 apps, so chances are that you are using a lot of them. These apps include Twitter, Google Drive, and Telegram. Twitch, Twitch. Dropbox, Slack. Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Android, and many others. You can either create automated tasks or download them from IFTTT.

This app is a well-known and trusted tool that allows you to automate tasks without having to do any work. It is much simpler than Tasker and has a different purpose. You can have appliances that activate when you enter or leave the house. Or you can make it publish something to social media after activating another trigger. This is just a small sample of what you can do with the app.


KWGT is a widget maker. You can make your own widgets if you don’t like what’s offered by certain apps. This app is amazing in what it can do. You can create your own widgets and get them from tons of others. Some are free while others require you to pay. You can often get lots of great content by purchasing paid bundles.

You can create text and access different shapes such as triangles, arcs, and ovals with this app. Your widget can be shaped in any way you want. You can also use shadows, gradients, and color filters to shape your widget. Layers can be created if desired. There are many touch actions you can use here. It comes with Google Fit support and many other features.


ZEDGE is a popular app for downloading wallpapers and ringtones. This service is a classic and has been in existence since before smartphones existed. It was developed long ago and has seen many improvements. This most customizable android phone app has been rated more than 9 million times and has a decent rating on the Play Store. This app is the best way to get wallpapers or ringtones.

It looks very modern and nice. You can listen to the ringtones before you download them or use them. The ZEDGE database contains a huge number of wallpapers and other ringtones. The app can also send suggestions to you from time to time. You can even have it send you themed content for holidays and major events, such as Halloween.

6. Energy Ring

Energy Ring, another useful app that allows customization, is available if your phone has a display camera hole. Most modern smartphones have a hole punch or display hole. What does it do? This app lets you place a battery indicator bar around your hole punch. This will draw attention to the hole punch so it’s not something you want to do.

This is the best way to embrace it. This custom android app will not only add pizzazz to your hole punch but also make it easy to check your battery status at any time. This app is not compatible for every smartphone. The app listing on Google Play Store lists a few smartphones, but there may be additional supported ones. It is always possible to download the app and test it.

7. Volume Styles

Volume Styles is a useful app that can help you to customize the volume panel on Android skins. This app allows you to adjust the volume panel of your phone. You can even modify it! You can still get Xiaomi’s MIUI volume panels if you don’t have a Xiaomi phone, but that’s no problem.

This customizing app allows you to edit the volume panel in any way that suits your needs. There are many options available. You can have volume panels on Android 10, iOS 13 and OnePlus’ OxygenOS. This app is extremely useful and can help you be more productive by adding more volume panels to your phone.

8. TapTap Lock

TapTap Lock, another customization app I found very useful on my Pixel phone, is TapTap Lock. Unfortunately, Google does not offer the double tap-to-lock feature within the Pixel Launcher. This app is a great alternative. You just need to place a transparent widget on your home screen where you would normally double-tap to lock your phone. You’re ready to go!

This is all the app does. There are some additional options. This customizing app is the only one that has such functionality. It does not appear to have any other launchers. Third-party launchers can mess up navigation gestures on Pixel phones. This app doesn’t. It’s the only way to get a double-tap to unlock the function. However, it works on other phones.

9. Sharedr

Sharedr can be used to replace the share menu on your Android phone. This app is great if you don’t like Android’s default share menu. It doesn’t work with Android 12. It is mentioned in the app listing by the developer, but there is nothing he can do. Google effectively blocked the app from being used, so you will have to deal with whatever your phone shows you after you upgrade to Android 12.

You can change the share menu’s color to suit your needs. There’s no direct sharing here so it will pop up immediately. Long-press on items to pin or unpin them. Unfortunately, this is not possible for certain contacts. If you don’t use certain apps, you can hide them so that they aren’t in your way. You can toggle between grid and list layouts.

10. Power Shade

Power Shade works in the same way as Volume Styles but it is for your notification bar. This phone customization app allows you to create a customized notification bar for your smartphone. You can also adjust the settings quickly above it. You may not like the notification shade or quick toggles design on some Android skins. This cool customization apps for android can make your life easier, more complex, or simpler depending on your need.

Advanced notification options are available, including the ability to change the base color of your notification shade. You can include advanced music and quick response. You can also have your spam notifications bundled together, including those you choose to delete. You can also choose a background photo that you prefer. These are the many options for customized app notification cards.

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