5 Best Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad

Best Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad

You pay an ad fee to get free content from the internet. The ad agency receives a set amount when a website places ads on its content. Although it’s a good way to make some extra money, these ads can sometimes be annoying. There is a way around it – ad blocking. This article will show the best Ad Blockers for iPhone for iPad and iPhones.

These ad blockers are extensions for Safari browser. They can also be downloaded from the App Store. We recommend that you first read our explanation on how to install and use Safari extensions. After you have read this, you can test each of these ad blockers for iPhone and iPad. Let’s take a look at each one.

5 Best Ad Blockers for iPhone and iPad


Ka Block is an easy and one of the best Ad Blockers for iPhone. Ka Block is a great option if you don’t have the time to configure an ad blocking app and just want to use it in a few clicks. You will love it.

After you have installed the app, you are limited to turning it on or off. Ka-Block doesn’t allow you to add blockers. Ka-Block automatically works with a list of curated filters. There are no whitelist options that can prevent certain sites from blocking content. It does not have the ability to create filters or rules. You will find all these features in the next apps on our list.

Although we wish it had more controls and toggles, it may just be meant to be a basic application. Ka-Block! It is also completely free and open-source. If you don’t mind a bit of customization, then go ahead.

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If you liked Ka-Block! and Its simplicity is great, but we would have liked a few more features – BlockBear! has you covered. You get more features, but the interface is simple and easy to use.

BlockBear! It is located in the Tunnelbear house. It is a VPN service that works on both Android and iPhone. BlockBear has a solid reputation and we are confident that it will continue to do so.

The other apps offer a variety of options but it can be confusing to know which ones make a difference for a website. BlockBear! offers a simple and intuitive user interface.

BlockBear! There are four toggles available to block trackers, ads, web fonts, and social buttons. You also have the option to whitelist certain websites to prevent them from being blocked by content blocking.

We wish BlockBear was better! We wish BlockBear did a better job of blocking floating banners on websites. These apps will allow you to completely block floating banners and expect more from your ad blocking app for iPhone. These apps offer features that BlockBear does not! They are missing out on some features.


AdGuard is a content blocker that blocks ads and trackers from websites on Safari for iPhone and iPad is simple and easy to use. The free version allows you to do this, but there’s a paid version that offers DNS protection as well as advanced ad blocking tools.

We like the block elements feature on this page. This feature allows you to select elements such as logos, banners, and images you don’t want and can be removed. It worked well on most websites, but some sites required us to restart it to block content. This issue was encountered by many users, as forums and reviews have shown. This is something you should be aware of.

AdGuard also allows you to set up custom rules that can be applied to each website. These rules could include the level of the content block, and enable/disable trackers. This feature is only available in the pro version. We found it to be very useful.

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AdBlock Pro is an excellent ad blocking tool for iPad and iPhone. It has many features and toggles. However, we loved the ability to block content specific to a region. This content blocker can be used on websites that are almost twenty-plus languages.

You also have the option to hide cookie prompts and block ads (even sponsored autoplay videos), trackers banners, social media buttons, and even block ads. The option to block mining is a unique feature. The ad blocker can also be used to whitelist websites, which allows you to access the website while keeping the blocker in place for all other websites.

You can also use the app’s language filters to block these ads, making it very difficult for them to bypass. The app can be synchronized from your iPhone or iPad via iCloud, as it is also available for Mac. The free version is sufficient to provide basic features. However, the pro version unlocks powerful content blocking tools for a clean browsing experience on Safari.


This app allows you to block unwanted content and ads on Safari. It is the reason it makes our top ten list of best ad blocking apps for iPhone and iPad.

1Blocker’s unique mechanism is its use of Safari’s content-blocking API. This allows Safari to know in advance what to block, which saves time and data. This content-blocking technique is more efficient than blocking content after downloading a webpage.

This in-app tracking feature can only be found in the premium version. You can block ads and trackers from Safari with the free version. 1Blocker has over 120,000 customizable blocking rules. It does a fantastic job. These include blocking comments, inappropriate content, widgets, and other annoying features on websites. 1Blocker allows you to sync settings across iPhones, iPads, and Macs via iCloud.

The premium version allows you to create custom filters that allow you to block specific content on every website. You can also block specific content from specific regions. This increases Safari speed. The app is great overall but some users feel it is too expensive and has had issues accessing their pro subscription.

If you do decide to purchase 1Blocker’s premium version, we recommend that you get a lifetime subscription. It is more affordable than other plans.

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