8 Best Staplers for Office Work

Best Staplers

No matter if you work in a large studio or are working alone, the best staplers are still an essential tool for any creative business. It’s almost certain that you will need to staple something, even if your creative work is digitally created. For those who make art or crafts for sale, a stapler is a must to attach labels and messages.

What is the best stapler? You want a stapler that is strong, durable, and can withstand regular use. It should not jam each time it is used. Staplers come in many sizes, shapes, and weights. The best one for you will depend on the purpose of your stapler.

A lightweight stapler is fine if you only need it to attach a few sheets of paper together. It can also be carried around easily from one desk to another. If you have to staple books or thicker supports such as cards or plastic, you will need a heavier-duty tool. This could be a long-arm stapler (or a plier stapler) or a staple gun. We’ve listed the top staplers for various uses at different price points in our guide.

You’ll only need a stapler to attach a few sheets of paper together You can use a lightweight option that offers the benefit of being portable so It can be easily moved from one desk to another or carried around with you.

If you have to staple books or thicker supports such as cards, plastic, or textiles, Then you will need a heavier-duty tool such as a long-arm stapler (or plier stapler), or even a stapler. In our guide below, We’ve listed the top staplers for various uses at different price points so that you can easily find the right one for you.

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List of Best Staplers

1. The Bostitch Office Heavy Duty 40-Sheet Stapler

The Bostitch Office Heavy-Duty 40-Sheet Stapler is our choice for the best stapler overall. Some compact staplers only can handle a handful of sheets of paper at once, while this one can handle at most a dozen (it claims it can hold up to 40 sheets, but you would have to use very thin paper to achieve that).

It is ideal for those who need to staple together a portfolio or proposal. The no-Jam technology of the stapler is designed to prevent those frustrating jams that can occur with other flimsy staplers. It also opens 180 degrees for crafting or tacking.

Smart and compact, it takes up very little space on a desk and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. It is easy to transport. Non-skid rubber bases provide stability and protection for your desk. There are many colors to choose from, including bold metallic colors like purple and blue, but you can also opt for standard black or white if your preference is more formal.

2. Swingline 747 Business Stapler

The iconic Swingline 747 is a stapler that will make heads turn. The best stapler is for you. This is our favorite and elegant, dare we even say, bling stapler. Its die-cast zinc construction is double-coasted and has a sleek, modern look It will work in any office, even the most luxurious. Especially if you choose silver or gold finishing for the best office stapler.

The mechanics are jam-resistant and allow for precise stapling of up to 25 sheets (if Swingline uses its S.F.4 Premium Staples). It can be opened easily for tacking, so it can be used on notice boards and walls. The metal piece that goes underneath the paper rotates to make pin staples.


What is a stapler without staples? The clever Plus Paper Clinch does exactly this. Instead of using metal to attach sheets of paper, it creates a small hole in the paper and then tucks the pieces inside the hole to secure the sheets. It is easy to use, and much more efficient than you might think. It can be carried around in one hand and fits easily into a palm.

The absence of staples makes this stapler both more affordable and more eco-friendly, is more user-friendly than any other HTML code since there are no staples. This clever mechanism makes it easier for children to use. If you have to shred paper, there is no need to take out staples. This Japanese-made product was awarded a Red Dot Design Award in recognition of its innovative design. You can only staple up to five sheets of paper at once.

4. EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Stapler

Although the idea of using an electric stapler may seem lazy, if you find yourself constantly stapling multiple sheets of paper or documents, it can be tiresome. EcoElectronix’s EX-25 automatic stapler is quite heavy-duty and can staple up to 30 sheets of paper at a given time using either AC or battery power. This makes it easier to staple multiple copies of the same document quickly and without the risk of repetitive strain injury.

You have 14 settings to adjust the device. The throat depth can be adjusted between.25 and 1.5 inches and locked. This stapler comes with 210 staples, which is a refreshing feature as many other staplers require that you purchase staples in order to get started. You will need six AA batteries to operate the battery mode. This is to avoid having to staple it close to a plug socket.

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5. Rapesco ECO 790 Long-Arm Stapler

A long-arm stapler is ideal for stapling thicker papers or making booklets. It allows you to easily staple different size documents and create booklets with a perfect stapled spine. Rapesco ECO790 is a long-arm heavy-duty stapler with a full-metal chassis and a front-loading magazine. The stapling depth can reach up to 300mm thanks to a calibrated paper guide/margin adjuster.

Use thick documents with the correct staples. This can be used for both 24/6 and 26,/6mm staples to staple up 25 sheets. Or 24/8 or 26/8mm staples to staple 50 sheets. For full-strip loading, the rotating anvil can be used with both pin and staple settings. This stapler is a great value and allows you to staple booklets. The ECO designation refers to the fact that it is made of recycled materials.

6. Rapesco Plier Stapler

You will need to staple harder materials with more force than standard desk staplers. This Rapesco all-metal stapler is a perfect choice. You simply need to squeeze the handles together and it works just like a pair of pliers. Although it is still compact, it can hold 70 sheets of paper at once and can handle thicker materials like cards, canvas, and sackcloth.

Its all-terrain nature makes it ideal for customizing boxes if you sell items via an eCommerce website (see our guide to the best places to sell design online). It is also very comfortable to use. It does require some hand strength. However, the handle has a contoured grip for leverage and comfort.

7. Stanley TR-45 Staple Gun

Staple guns are useful for attaching items to surfaces such as walls or frames. Staple guns can look more like power tools than staplers, and may not be appropriate for an office setting. Stanley’s lightweight staple gun has a more refined all-metal design.

The slim design makes it easy to reach tight places and the chrome-plated steel construction makes this a tough tool. It also has a jam-clear mechanism that makes it quick and efficient for removing jammed staples. This staple gun is our top choice for crafting because of its easy-to-use bottom loading mechanism and safe storage.

8. Swingline Tot Mini Stapler

Mini staplers can be quite fragile and end up getting jammed a lot. Mini-staples are also more fragile than standard sizes and can easily get bent. Swingline’s mini stapler is a compromise. It can be compact, but it will still accept regular-sized staples.

It has a surprising amount of leverage for the best small stapler and performs just as well as larger desktop staplers. The only difference is its lower capacity and possibly its lack of durability because it is mostly made of plastic.

The back has a curved metal piece that serves as a staple removal tool, but it can also scatter staples around the room. It is easy to load. Although the tab that holds staples in their place can be temperamental and pop open sometimes, this stapler is still the best for its price and size.

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