9 Best Digital Business Card Apps

Best Digital Business Card Apps

Business cards are an essential part of both the professional and corporate worlds. A business card allows you to display all of your contact information in one convenient place. You’re more likely than not to hand one to someone you meet. in this blog, we read the best digital business card apps.

It’s important to use digital business cards in the digital age to share all of your contact information in one place. Digital business cards make it easy to share information and allow you to view all of your contact details in one place.

This tutorial will show you ten apps that make it simple to create virtual business cards that can be shared. You can use the apps to make a virtual business card to help you connect with potential clients or collaborators.

What Is a Digital Business Card?

I’m sure that you are familiar with traditional business cards. These cards can be used to network and leave your contact information for later.

The purpose of digital business cards is essentially the same. Many of us use multiple platforms (LinkedIn. Twitter. Instagram. And many more) and it can be difficult to share all the details on one platform. Virtual business cards are the answer.

An e-business card allows you to create one file that can be shared with all your contact information. This way, the recipient doesn’t have to follow you on social media and can contact you directly using your details.

A virtual business card can be shared by email using your contact signature. It’s much easier to include your social details in the body than it is to mention them in an email. Instead of writing your details in the body, you can add them as an e-business card at the bottom of the email. Best digital business card apps can help you create a card that you can add to your signature.

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9 Best Digital Business Card Apps

1. Haystack

Haystack helps you create digital business cards that are consistent in style for your employees. It can be used to create a consistent style that all employees can access. They just need to add their contact details and it will create an e-business card.

Haystack also has great analytics data. This data allows your team to see how many people are visiting your contact cards. This data helps you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Haystack was the platform that created the digital business card you see in this tutorial’s intro. It took just a few minutes to set it up as a test box. It is very easy to use, as I have personally tested it.

2. Switchit

Switchit, like many other tools in this roundup, focuses on simplicity. Pre-built templates and designs already take care of most of your work. The only thing you have to do is customize the contact placeholders. The majority of the core features can be purchased as part of a “forever-free” plan that will allow you to create a virtual card for your business on a limited budget.

Switchit is a great alternative because recipients don’t need to use the app to view their cards. The template or link can be easily shared and used in a variety of outlets.

3. L-Card

L-card offers all the features you want in an electronic business card app. A wide range of templates is available. These templates make it easier to launch your e-business card than if you were to create one from scratch.

This app focuses on mobile experience and prioritizes the Apple iOS as well as Android apps. L-Card digital business cards are designed to replace physical copies due to their ease of scanning and sharing. With the organization tools, you can also create a rich and searchable library.

4. about.me

Another tool is about.me, which allows you to quickly create a virtual business card by gathering your contact information. This site has a twist: the final product can be saved as a shareable website.

This is a great tool if you are active on multiple social media platforms. It’s easy to click on any social app you use, and then add your username to this card.

About.me allows you to launch a virtual business card on your own domain. This is one of my favorite features. If you have a domain name that is.com, your virtual business card can be used as a personal homepage. A digital business card can be used as a placeholder and is an alternative to hiring a designer or coding a website.

5. eVaunt

The eVaunt App allows you to create mobile-optimized business cards for yourself and your employees using a unique URL. You can create as many business cards as you want for free and make changes at any time.

The eVaunt App has a nice feature that allows you to embed a Google Map and display your social media links. You can also share your business card using a unique URL

All you need to use eVaunt is your browser. You don’t need to download an app for your mobile device. This makes it easier to design your card since you have more screen real estate.

6. Clinck

Clinck is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can create, store, and send a digital card to any interested parties. It makes it easy for you to keep in touch with potential employers and partners. this is one of the best digital business card apps for business card design.

The Clinck app’s unique feature is that other people don’t have to use it to view your business cards. Clinck can help you set up business cards for employees if you are a company.

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7. OneCard

OneCard, another digital business card maker, works right from your browser. You don’t need to install the app on your smartphone. You can include all your contact information and even a video on digital business cards.

Once you are done, share your business card using a unique URL via email, social media, or with a QR Code. As an easy-to-find app, recipients can save your business to the home screen of their phones.

OneCard has three pricing options. While you can create a basic card for free, premium plans are available for those who need to create business cards to promote their company. Premium plans start at $12/mo.

8. Know.ee

Know.ee converts your business card into a digital communication channel. All your contact information, as well as the most important links to your website and social media profiles, can be added.

Video content can be added to your digital business card. Know.ee can also be used to create customized business cards for your employees. These are the best digital business card apps.

Know.ee offers both a free plan and a premium plan to businesses. Pricing starts at EUR4.30/mo and can be extended to up to 10 users.

9. CamCard

CamCard lets you scan and convert your paper business cards into digital business cards. You can also easily save all your cards and add reminders and tags to make them more useful.

CamCard is unique because once you have started saving business cards you can choose to receive notifications. You’ll be notified when a contact joins a new business or receive news from the company.

CamCard can be used on both Android and iOS devices. Salesforce users can scan business cards into CamCard. CamCard can be used for personal use at no cost. Paid plans start from $21/user/month

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