9 Best Short Video Apps for Android

9 Best Short Video Apps for Android

Along with Snapchat and Instagram, short video clips are gaining popularity. Short video apps for smartphones have become more popular as smartphone video technology improves and we have greater access to online video media. We published a recent report on the top social video apps. These apps, as well as top-performing video apps on the Google Play Store. Learn more about these best short video apps and how they compare to other Android apps.

9 Best Short Video Apps for Android

1. Instagram

Instagram is owned by Facebook and is a social-photo and video sharing platform. The app allows you to upload videos or shoot them in the app. Instagram is short video clips app and it is more popular entertainment platform.

Instagram offers many filters, as well as the ability to muffle the video. The app doesn’t accept SRT files for captioning. Instagram Stories offers more options, including the ability to link multiple videos, insert photos, and add captions or stickers. Stories have a limit of 15 seconds.

IGTV, a separate section of the app, allows video creators to share up to 60 second videos. Because of the vertical format of the videos, subtitles must be hardcoded to IGTV.

2. TikTok

TikTok allows you to share and create short video clips. You can edit, trim, cut, merge, and add music, sound effects, filters, or stickers to multiple videos. Captioning must take place manually using text overlays.

Upload videos to TikTok and send them directly from TikTok to your contacts. Or download them to share them on other platforms.

3. Likee

Likee won the Google Play Awards 2017. It is most well-known for its amazing special effects on a mobile video editing application (think: changing your hair colour or eyeliner). This short video app is designed for lip sync and music videos. It has the ability to sync video frames and music tempo.

4. Vigo Video

Vigo Video works in the same way as other social media platforms for short videos, but it is popular video app and also has a financial platform. Videos that do well can earn “flames,” which can be converted into money.

5. Twitch

Twitch allows players to stream live and chat with others using integrated instant messaging.

Twitch was born out of gamers wanting to live stream their games. This started with YouTube but Twitch simplified it. The app has everything you need to broadcast live or stream.

Live closed captioning allows viewers to disable or enable subtitles automatically generated by the software.

6. VivaVideo

VivaVideo can be used to create short video clips. VivaVideo offers a range of features including music, filters and the ability to add subtitles. Users tend to create shorter video clips that are more artistically driven than other apps. The Play Store’s video resolution is limited at 720p. This is a common complaint.

7. Magisto

Magisto is the Google Play Editor’s Choice 2019. This is because of its AI-based “smart” video editing software. Automatically, the software finds the best parts in your video and chooses effects and filters for you such as stabilization and cropping.

8. Lasso

Lasso, owned by Facebook, is a short-video editing app that lets you add music, filters and stickers to your videos.

Lasso is distinguished by its extensive music collection. Lasso claims to have the largest music library, with everything from current pop hits to classics. This is a great advantage (and a lot different than YouTube!) Because you don’t need to worry about licensing rights.

You can also track trending content and hashtags so you can make targeted videos that will become viral. Lasso is integrated with Facebook, so you can share directly to your Facebook Story and Feed as well as download videos to share elsewhere.

9. Youtube – short video feature

YouTube Shorts is a vertical video format that includes micro-content and can last up to 60 seconds. These YouTube videos were launched in 2020. They are vertically shot in a 9/16 aspect ratio and can be viewed on most smartphones. YouTube offers tools for creating YouTube shorts. So now the YouYube app to make short videos.. It is a popular short-video platform for entertainment and information


Short video editing apps are needed for many purposes, including instant messaging and live streaming of music and games. Each short video app is unique in its user base and features. There are many short video apps for Android that can cater to your specific videography needs.

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