Top 10 Apps to Improve Your Memory

Top 10 Apps to Improve Your Memory

Memory leaks don’t just happen in computers. People get slower and more forgetful as they age. To stay healthy, the brain must be exercised like any other muscle. It doesn’t matter if you are taking classes for seniors to learn new skills or playing games on your smartphone. Keep the brain active and improve your memory.

It is important to have a positive outlook on your mental health and self-improvement. In this article, we’ll show you the best apps and tools for improving memory for seniors.

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is the oldest app in the brain-training category. It is used by over 100 million people of all ages. Although it doesn’t target older adults or seniors, the app is most popular with them. Scientists created the app from their lab results and made 40+ fun-to-play games to improve your cognitive skills. These games are designed to improve your problem-solving, memory, processing speed, logic, vocabulary, as well as other skills.

Lumosity’s unique feature is its ability to adapt to the user. Lumosity learns about your strengths and weaknesses and then challenges you accordingly. Every day is different, so Lumosity will keep your mind and body engaged. You can also track your progress through the app.

Lumosity can be downloaded for free, but the premium option allows you to access a customized training program at $11.99 per month or $59.99 per annum. You can download the app for Android or IOS. However, you can also play the games in the browser from the Lumosity website.

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2. Eidetic

Eidetic memory is the name of this app. It’s a method that allows you to recall things through vivid, detailed mental images. Eidetic uses the technique of spacing repetition to train your brain to remember anything you need, from names and faces to numbers. This app is a great tool to improve memory for seniors and people who struggle with memorizing information.

Eidetic offers three brain teasers, memory, picture, and survival challenges. Each level has a different number. Each challenge will only give you five seconds to remember things. The challenge is not necessarily for those with cognitive impairment.

Eidetic is an Android and IOS free app.

3. Peak

Peak is an iOS and Android app that helps you improve your memory, focus, mental agility, and problem-solving. There are over 40 short but intense brain games that will challenge your brain. You can also track your progress and discover your limits, so you can push yourself forward.

Unique because the game acts as a personal trainer and creates a customized brain training program, it is truly unique. The developers understand that person is unique and each person has different goals. The Coach will create new strategies that are tailored to you and keep the games challenging. The Coach’s role is to encourage you to play and improve your mental health.

Peak was created by game designers, who collaborated closely with neuroscientists in order to create this challenging and fun brain-training app.

4. Elevate

Elevate is another app that aims to improve seniors’ critical cognitive skills. This app is open to all ages and can be used by anyone to improve their productivity, learning ability, vocabulary, and mental agility, as well as professional productivity.

The app has more than 40 brain-training puzzles and games that focus on memory and math. Through weak reports, you can measure your performance and track how your progress is going. These metrics can be used to personalize your brain training and push yourself to the limits of your cognitive abilities.

Elevate claims to be able to help users become better writers and readers. Elevate focuses on writing clarity, punctuation, and correct spelling. Elevate can aid seniors in reading faster and understanding better.

Elevate’s basic app is available for free on both Android and IOS. At any time, you can upgrade to the PRO version. It costs $4.99 per month and $39.99 per year.

5. Fit Brains Trainer

Another free app that trains cognitive abilities, Fit Brains Trainer is intended to help you build a higher IQ. The app offers 360 puzzles and games that target different brain functions, and aid seniors in memorizing.

This app was entirely developed by neuroscientists who devoted particular attention to the creation of tools that improve the mental aspects of the games. Here are some of the games that you will find. Fit Brains Trainers are also designed for seniors to improve their emotional intelligence.

This doesn’t mean mental abilities such as concentration, focus, memory, and other cognitive capabilities are ignored. Tracking your data can help you adjust the challenges to suit your needs, and enable you to target the cognitive abilities you want to develop.

This app is free for IOS and Android.

6. CogniFit Brain Fitness

CogniFit Brain Fitness is specially designed to help with memory and concentration in seniors. The app was created with the help of neuroscientists in mind to provide a variety of learning games, such as memory puzzles or cognitive challenges.

Because of the extensive research that went into the creation of these games, this app is recommended by a doctor for seniors. CogniFit Brain utilizes psychological and psychometric tests to determine if a user is at high risk for cognitive impairments like memory loss, difficulty concentrating, or inability to learn new skills.

CogniFit is an Android and IOS app that’s free. The app has a user-friendly interface that is specifically designed to make it easy for seniors to use.

7. NeuroNation

NeuroNation is a brain training app available for iPhones and Android devices as well as a website. The project is based in Berlin, Germany, and participates in government-funded research to treat cognitive impairments. NeuroNation was established in 2011 and continues to develop brain exercises.

NeuroNation offers many benefits. These benefits range from memory enhancement and the development of logical thought to a better quality of life, and an increase in thought process. You can also get personalized training to help you prevent or treat impairments like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The project is free to all users. Its brain training sessions can be accessed in eight languages including English, Spanish, and French.

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8. Mind Games

This app is worth your time, as it can helpful functional to adults exercise their brains. Mind Games offers 40 games that seniors can play to improve their face memory, attention to detail, mental flexibility, and arithmetics.

This app features a variety of cognitive challenges that will challenge users and help them improve their short-term memory, processing speed, and overall brain power. You can keep track of your scores using the Mind Games so that you know where you are at risk.

You can download the App from Google Play and App Store for free. Mind Games Pro costs $4.99 for an unlimited, ad-free edition.

9. Sudoku

Sudoku is a popular puzzle game that many people love. You will improve your brain’s ability to remember numbers if you play Sudoku. Sudoku can improve your concentration, memory, problem-solving skills, and working memory. Sudoku is an excellent game for stress reduction and general well-being.

App Sudoku game offers thousands of puzzles of different difficulty levels that are suitable for all ages. A leaderboard online allows you to keep track of your scores and encourages healthy competition. The Sudoku app is the perfect option if you or your loved one like puzzles.

Sudoku is available in both the App Store as well as Google Play for free. For older adults, there is also a web version.

10. BrainCurls

BrainCurls is a website with a wide range of games that will stimulate your brain to work. The website offers a variety of games including memory games, word, puzzles, logic questions, and word games. You can even play a chit-chat game that will help you train memory and face recognition in order to help with future social interactions.

BrainCurls are a great way to learn and retain skills like face recognition, learning, memory, logic, speed of processing, verbal ability, and short-term memory. These games are suitable for everyone, But they will teach all the skills seniors require in their daily lives.

BrainCurls is an easy-to-use website for the elderly. It offers fun and brain-building games that are completely free.

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