Top 10 Free Virtual Assistants For Android

Top 10 Free Virtual Assistants For Android

Virtual Assistants program can understand your conversations, reply to you, and perform many of your daily tasks such as opening apps, sending mail, searching, opening search results, reporting on the weather and news, and much more. You can even activate it using your voice. It’s actually the only input that some virtual assistant apps for android can receive.

All major virtual assistants are capable of making calls, sending messages to you, opening apps, and performing web searches. Let’s see what else they can do. You can ask for an assistant to help you with your questions, launch your best voice command app for android, or get an A.I. assistant for android. There’s something for everyone.

Top 10 Free Android Virtual Assistants

Here are some of the best virtual assistants for Android.

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one the most trusted and feature-rich virtual assistants available for Mac. It comes from Google, allowing you to plan your day, watch your favorite entertainment and manage your smart home devices without having to use any software. This is the best Android voice assistant.

Google Assistant can be used to make calls, send texts messages, write emails, receive quick directions and search for an answer on Google. You just need to say “Hey Google”, and you can accomplish a variety of tasks without having to move a finger.

2. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is already a top-rated virtual assistant. It can be used to voice-command different actions and tasks on any Alexa-supporting device like Amazon Echo or many other smart home devices.

Alexa is at your disposal to play music, radio, or audiobooks, set alarms, view and edit to-do lists, receive weather and news updates, and create schedules to automate smart homes devices. Free calls and messages can be sent to Alexa-supported devices.

3. Sherpa Assistant

Sherpa, an AI-based virtual assistant, learns about you and your preferences and then assists you accordingly. It predicts information you may be interested in using an intelligent algorithm that is based on probabilistic models.

Sherpa’s most fascinating feature is its ability to learn. It will help you find the right information, whether you are searching for movies, finding your favorite games’ score, or looking for food delivery options.

4. Robin

Robin is an Audioburst voice assistant. This AI-based virtual assistant is all you need to communicate with it.

Robin is especially useful when you are driving and need to hear some music or get the latest news. You can make your own playlist with your favorite songs, weather updates, sports updates, etc. Ask Robin to manage it. You can also send and receive messages as well as make calls.

5. Hound Personal Assistant

Hound, a virtual assistant that allows you to control and take action on your smart devices using voice commands, is an innovative tool. It can be used to play or discover music, search for information, set alarms and check the latest news updates. You can also make calls, send text messages, and make phone calls.

Hound can also take voice commands from your natural speech, so you don’t need to say “OK Hound open new updates”. Instead, you can simply say “OK Hound,” which will tell you what’s happening in the latest news. You can also use follow-up commands to get more information.

6. DataBot Virtual Assistant

DataBot, an AI-powered virtual assistant, works great on all Android devices. The virtual assistant integrates many apps and services that can perform a wide range of tasks. You can also customize the virtual assistant by changing its name, language, and behavior.

DataBot’s main features include: searching for answers on Google, Wikipedia and RSS, sharing your answers via SMS or social media, creating multimedia presentations and saving your notes and reminders.

7. Vani

Vani is a virtual assistant for Android. It allows you to manage your calls using your voice command. To revise a phone call, simply say “Hello” for it to be received, “No” for it to be declined, and “Speaker” to turn it on speaker mode.

Vani can send and reply to text messages by simply saying “SMS”, and can even pronounce the name of the caller. You can also customize the commands to suit your preferences and use your own language.

8. Extreme Personal Voice Assistant

Extreme is an intelligent voice assistant. It will make you feel like Tony Stark with JARVIS. It’s a friendly virtual assistant who can perform different tasks and answer any question you might have from real sources.

Extreme can pick up your voice command in any supported language and will respond quickly. It can be used to get directions and updates on your favorite sports teams. You can even use the camera of your device. It protects your privacy and allows your data to leak to unknown users.

9. Voice Access

Voice Access, a virtual assistant android for people with disabilities, is called Voice Access. This virtual assistant allows people with disabilities to have greater access to their Android devices. Voice assistant for android also makes it easier to use the phone via voice command.

Voice Access allows you to use voice commands to navigate your phone. You can tap and scroll your screen and edit text. You can also check a list by saying “Help”, and if you wish to pause Voice Access, just say “stop listening”.

10. Android Auto

Android Auto, a smart virtual android assistant, connects to the Google Assistant. It allows you to stay connected and focused while driving. You can search for directions using Google Maps, access real-time navigation, and even access your music apps.

It has a simple interface, large buttons, and a highly responsive voice command. Android Auto allows you to access a variety of apps and this number is growing. The app can be connected to your car so you can use it and any other functions.

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