Top 10 Meditation Apps to Help You Fight Anxiety and Stress

Top 10 Meditation Apps

A recent survey found that more than three-quarters (75%) of small-business owners experience burnout in their daily work lives. Meditation is a great way to combat burnout. There are many mobile apps that can help you get started with meditation. Here are the top meditation apps to look at.

Top Meditation Apps

1. Headspace

Headspace is one of the best free meditation apps that offers daily guided meditation prompts that you can fit into your busy life. Headspace also provides a platform for businesses that want to de-stress their employees. It has been used by big names such as Google and LinkedIn to help create happier and healthier workplaces.

2. Calm

Calm offers guided meditation via another free app for those who have trouble falling asleep, we offer white noise options and sleep stories. Business owners can improve their health and productivity by getting on a regular sleeping schedule.

3. Insight Timer

Some business owners might find it difficult to fit meditation into their busy schedules. Insight Timer is top free meditation apps that allow users to set the time they wish to meditate, is available for download. You can use this time to have a guided session even if you are short on time.

4. Aura

Aura also offers shorter meditation options with guided micro-sessions of 3 minutes each, which are designed to reduce stress and anxiety. You can download the free app for Android or iOS. It also offers in-app purchases.

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5. Stop, Breathe & Think

Stop, Breathe & Thought offers guided meditation sessions and other activities that aim to increase mindfulness. Slack is also available on the platform to help groups attain mindfulness together.

6. Timeless Meditation

Timeless Meditation lets you choose how long you’d like to meditate and allows you to track your mindfulness and time goals. This feature is likely to be appealing to entrepreneurs who are always striving to improve and track results.

7. Omvana

Omvana offers many guided meditation sessions that are geared toward different goals. Sessions can help improve your focus, reduce stress, and get better sleep.

8. Trixie

Trixie is a personal meditation coach. The app uses artificial intelligence and learns your preferences to suggest guided sessions that will appeal to you. You can get as many sessions as you like for free, or pay $4.99 per month to access more.

9. Oak

Oak is a meditation app that offers guided sessions. It is specifically designed to help you practice mindful breathing. Sessions can be selected at different times, with sessions starting at 10 minutes. You may also learn breathing techniques that you can use throughout your workday, such as when you receive an important email or prepare to deliver a presentation.

10. MindFi

This meditation app is created for specifically busy people. MindFi sessions can be listened to at lunchtime. Your commute or any other short moments during the day. You can also find sessions that will help you improve your focus and productivity.

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