Top 10 Photo Storage Apps for Android and iPhone

Photo Storage Apps

Photos can be a great way to relive the wonderful moments you have shared with loved ones. To preserve our memories, however, we often take a lot of photos. It is easy to capture photos. Problems arise when your phone does not have enough space to store all of the photos. You can store all your photos with the best photo storage apps on Android and iPhone.

Many apps are available for free and commercial photo storage. These apps can help you keep your photos safe and share them with others. We have compiled a list of these apps in this article.

After careful consideration of many parameters, such as ease of use, ratings from users, availability, and features, we selected the top iPhone and Android photo storage apps. Let’s now get down to business.

Top 10 Photo Storage Apps for iPhone and Android

You can choose one of the commercial and free storage apps To keep your photos safe and sound on your smartphone

1. Google Photos

Let’s start with Google. Google Photos is undoubtedly one of the most popular online photo storage apps for many reasons. It allows you to sync and back up your photos across multiple devices.

It also offers 15GB of free storage and the following appealing features that will justify its place on our list.

Key Features

  • Automated photo organization
  • Option for keyword-based photo searching
  • Facial recognition
  • Editing tools and filters built into the software
  • Simple photo sharing with family and friends
  • “Memories,” shows photos from the same day in the past.
  • Direct photo printing from the app
  • Integration with websites, printing, or other applications

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2. Dropbox

Dropbox is the best place to save photos. Dropbox is an online service that securely syncs your files and photos across multiple devices and safely backs them up.

It also helps increase efficiency by providing many useful tools for collaboration, remote work, and sharing. These are just a few of its remarkable features.

Key Features

  • Image search using keywords
  • View version history and recover files
  • Syncs with your phone’s camera
  • Upload new images automatically
  • Two-factor authentication app
  • Password protection
  • Easy image sharing with others
  • Digital watermarking is now possible
  • Smart sync allows you to save local copies of images at a lower resolution
  • Integrates with many other services and applications

3. iCloud

Let’s now introduce you to iCloud. It’s an integrated online photo storage app for iPhone. This app allows you to sync photos across multiple devices and perform cloud storage.

It also has the following features that make it a great choice for iPhone photo storage.

Key Features

  • In-built into all Apple devices
  • Automatic image sorting into albums
  • Simple photo search using keywords
  • Low-resolution images can be stored on your device, and high-resolution photos can be saved to the cloud
  • Album sharing is supported by friends and family
  • All Apple apps can be integrated and synced across all devices.
  • Automatically backups and syncs all your photos to a new device
  • Two-factor authentication provides additional security

4. Amazon Photos

Are you an amateur smartphone photographer looking for the best way of storing photos? Amazon Photos is for you if so. Amazon Photos is a cloud-based image storage platform with the full resolution that provides 5GB storage (unlimited if Amazon Prime member).

Although the features are basic, they are perfect for budding photographers. Let’s take a look at them.

Key Features

  • Automated creation of photo backups
  • Easy sharing of images with others
  • Photo search by keyword or place
  • To find photos of a specific person, facial recognition is used.
  • Let’s set photos as a screensaver for Echo Show and Fire TV
  • Photos can be uploaded by up to six people

5. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is the next best photo storage app for Android and iPhone. This app can store and organize all types of files. You can also use it to share, store, and organize your photos.

Its following features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best online photo storage app.

Key Features

  • Image recognition and automatic tagging
  • Automatically create albums
  • Free 5GB storage
  • Memories: View past images from the same date
  • Photo search by keyword or date.
  • Image organization using tags and albums
  • Backup and automatic photo upload

6. Flickr

Flickr is the ultimate photographer’s paradise. Flickr was the best place for photographers to show their photos before Instagram.

These Flickr features are fascinating to many users and justify the app’s place as one of the top apps for storing photos.

Key Features

  • A community of photographers and image-sharing groups
  • Possibility of photo license assignment
  • Image search by tag. License, location. Description. Date taken. Camera model. Color.
  • Automated image uploads from your phone, computer, and apps such as Lightroom or Dropbox
  • Statistics about how many people view your photos
  • You can order wall art, photo books, and prints from Flickr.

7. SmugMug

Let’s now introduce you to SmugMug. It’s a combination of a photo-storage application and a drag-and-drop website builder. It allows you to store and create a portfolio of images, as well as allowing you to sell them.

These are just a few of the other features that made it one of the top photo storage apps for Android or iPhone.

Key Features

  • Upload automatic photos
  • Integration with photo editing software like Lightroom
  • Gallery privacy and password protection
  • Direct Print Selling from Your Website

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8. iDrive

Next is iDrive, one of the top online photo storage apps. It is a great choice for anyone who just needs an easy storage solution for their images, even though it doesn’t offer many advanced features.

These are just a few of the features that attracted our attention to this application.

Key Features

  • Online photo sharing supported
  • Photos can be downloaded to all of your devices
  • An affordable unlimited backup plan for your photos
  • Amazing security features such as password protection are impressive

9. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is a must-have for anyone who talks about photos. Adobe also offers cloud storage solutions with 10TB of space for your photos, in addition to world-class photo and video editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop.

Adobe Creative Cloud, which has the following features, is one of the top photo storage apps for Android and iPhone for non-casual photographers.

Key Features

  • Editing, storage, and organization of images from anywhere
  • Tools for creating portfolio websites and social graphic
  • Smart image recognition improves search results
  • You can connect with Lightroom presets and share your images in the Lightroom Community
  • Photo sharing with friends and family

10. 500px

Let’s conclude this list of top online photo storage apps on Android and iPhone with 500px. This is a photographic community that allows you to save your favorite photos.

Let’s talk about the features. Here are some of our favorite things about the application.

Key Features

  • Get insights into where your photo views come from
  • You can upload unlimited images
  • Supports portfolio creation
  • Let’s make resources such as videos and then share them
  • To customize your profile, you can hide, add or rearrange tabs
  • Share your resume with potential clients


This article outlines the top photo storage apps that can store all your amazing photos without consuming too much memory. To find the right one for you, you can look through all the features.

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