Top 10 WiFi Calling Apps

Top 10 WiFi Calling Apps

Are you looking for a free WiFi calling application that will allow you to connect with loved ones? There are available many WiFi calling apps. Reliable apps mean you don’t need to spend a lot on expensive phone plans. You can download the app you like, add your contacts and start calling. We’ve compiled a list of the top free WiFi calling apps.

What is a Good WiFi Calling App?

An excellent WiFi calling app should have all the necessary features to make calls over the network. It should allow you to call other people via the app, either through your contacts list or by dialing a number.

It must also offer the feature free of charge without any connection problems. Additional features such as video calling or texting are often offered by the best WiFi calling apps. The apps must allow you to make calls within the US at most.

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Top Free WiFi Calling Apps

Here are top WIFI calling apps that can meet your needs and reduce your monthly bills. These apps can be downloaded on your mobile device, while others have web versions.

1. Dingtone

Dingtone is a WiFi calling app that offers unlimited free calls. Although it is not as well-known as the others listed, it is still a great choice. It has all the features that you would expect from a free WiFi calling app.

Dingtone allows you to see the caller IDs of other people. The app allows you to forward and block calls, making it easier to manage your contacts. The app also allows you to facilitate conference calls with up to eight accounts. You can make group calls easily without worrying about extra costs.

Even larger group chats can be started with more than 100 people. You can also use the instant push chat feature to communicate with other users. You must subscribe to the service for at least $10 per month to get a Dingtone phone number. The free version of Dingtone is also ad-supported. You will need to pay approximately $2 per month if you want an ad-free version.


  • The international number with complimentary service
  • International calling is unlimited
  • Over 230 countries offer calls and texts to landlines and smartphones.
  • Walkie-talkie mode
  • Advanced features such as caller ID, blocking, and forwarding


  • Ad-supported
  • Paywall for the ad-free version
  • Monthly subscription costs for Dingtone number

2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a reliable and flexible WiFi calling app. It allows unlimited calls, chats, and video calls. You can even use multimedia in your texts. You can also make group voice and video calls, and even open chats or texts with other people.

Facebook Messenger is accessible and widely available to nearly everyone. It connects to your Facebook account so you don’t have to add each contact individually. You can add the friends you like and call them instantly via the Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger also offers useful tools for businesses. You can contact your customers and clients easily by calling them without having to know their details. It is free and does not contain any annoying ads. The app is free and doesn’t require you to spend any money.


  • Absolutely free
  • Unlimited calls, text messages, and video calls
  • Calls and group chats
  • Multimedia Messaging
  • Contact directly via Facebook
  • Facebook Business: Distinctive inbox


  • You must have a Facebook account
  • Personalized ads are made using user information
  • Unable to use your mobile phone number
  • Privater than other apps

3. Google Duo

Google Duo is a great WiFi calling app if call quality is your top priority. Google Duo not only offers high-resolution audio calls but also high-quality video calling. The app is also free and can be used on a wide range of platforms, including smart speakers and smart displays.

It also has all the features you would expect from a WiFi calling app. It supports voice and text messages, as well as video calling. You can also create group calls with 32 people using Google Duo.

You can even use the app’s family mode to prevent you from losing your conversation or accidentally muting. It also offers engaging features such as AR effects to spice up your interactions.


  • Video calls of high quality
  • 32 people can participate in a video conference
  • Convenient use in the Family Mode
  • AR effects


  • High bandwidth (up to 8MB per minute)
  • It is not as popular as other apps

4. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger is a free WiFi calling application that uses your number. With a WiFi calling app, it is highly capable and can accomplish almost anything. It allows you to call and text your contacts without any hassle.

This app is private and secure. Signal are not5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype5. Skype encrypts all conversations and promises to not log any information. You can rest assured that Signal won’t save any of your IP addresses or data. It is not necessary to worry about whether the government or corporation spying on your text messages.

Signal is also free and does not contain ads. Signal is open-source, which means anyone can look at it and offer suggestions. It also has good group conversation features, which allow you to add multiple contacts to your texts. It does not come with a tablet version, but it is optimized for smartphones.


  • Highly private and secure
  • You can use your number to access the internet
  • Open source
  • No user data stored
  • There are no ads


  • No tablet version

5. Skype

Skype is a free WiFi calling application for Android and iOS is the best choice. It is a reliable app that has been around from the beginning. It was actually the one that popularized video calling back in the days when it wasn’t widely available.

What’s Skype’s advantage over the rest? Skype can host up to 25 people in group video calls. To make this work, however, you need a reliable network connection. It is a great option because calls, texts, and chats are all free.

Skype is also available via the internet and on mobile devices. Skype is available on the web and mobile, so you don’t need to have your phone with you all the time to communicate with your friends. The app is also free and doesn’t require you to purchase anything.

Note that international calling features need credit to work. Free calls and texts can only be used to communicate with other Skype users. Skype plans are required to make calls to an external mobile or landline number.


  • 25 participants in group video calling
  • International calls
  • Chat and call features are available for free
  • Versions for smartphone and browser
  • There are no in-app purchases or ads
  • Office 365 subscribers get 60 minutes of free calls


  • International calls require credit
  • Stable calls require a reliable network connection
  • Pay for mobile and landline calls

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6. Snapchat

Although Snapchat may not be your first choice for WiFi calling, it’s surprisingly capable. You can make free WiFi calls online with it. You only need to be friends with another person on the app.

How can you use Snapchat’s WiFi calling feature? Tap any conversation to access the WiFi call feature. After that, tap the call button in the upper-right corner of your conversation. You can also make a video conference call with the contact by pressing the video icon.

Snapchat has the same chat features as other apps. The best part is that Snapchat’s social media apps features are included in the app. You don’t need to download an additional app to view posts, unlike Facebook Messenger and Facebook.


  • Social media platform bundles calling and texting capabilities
  • There are no subscriptions
  • Unlimited free calls and texts to all other users
  • Interactive elements such as stickers and emojis


It is not as popular as other apps
Only for 12 years and older

7. Talkatone

Talkatone a free WiFi calling app with a disposable number is a good choice. Talkatone will let you call other people without using your phone number. It can be used to contact strangers and people you don’t want to call you back.

The app doesn’t require a data or cellular plan. You can make calls via VoIP or WiFi whenever and wherever you want.

Talkatone is not perfect. The app’s international calling function is blocked by a paywall. You can only call people within the USA or Canada. Talkatone cannot make emergency calls or ask for assistance. You will need to look into other options as text messages are not supported by the app.

It is still a viable option if you have enough disposable income to offset any of the drawbacks.


  • Disposable custom phone number
  • Voice and WiFi calls
  • No data or cell phone plan required


  • Only calls between Canada and the USA
  • International calls require payment
  • No emergency calling (911)
  • Texting feature unavailable

8. Text Free

If you have a need for something, Text Free is a good WiFi calling app that will provide you with a valid US number. It allows you to call and text any person you know free of cost. Moreover, You can also send SMS and MMS messages via the app.

The app also has everything you need. It supports group messaging and allows you to call other international users. Users have however reported that the app is not able to deliver quality results.

Some users complain that the app occasionally has technical problems and glitches. The connection quality and call quality are less stable than other options. It is important to use the app regularly and stay active. If you wish to keep the US number provided.


  • North American legitimate phone number
  • Text, call, and group messaging are free
  • MMS and SMS messages
  • International calls are available


  • There are occasional technical problems
  • Lower quality connections compared to other options
  • Active users only can keep track of the number

9. TextNow

TextNow is another good option if you are looking for a reliable WiFi calling app. It allows you to call and send free SMS messages within the United States, just like most other apps. Other basic features such as voicemail, group chats, and video calls are also available.

TextNow has some limitations that you will need to accept. To get a mobile phone number, you will need to purchase a SIM card. It does not have an international calling, but you will need to pay $10 per month. The free app is also ad-supported, It is not ideal, however, if you are looking for something that’s non-disruptive.


  • Versions for PC and mobile devices
  • SIM cards to get phone numbers
  • Calls and texts are free within the US
  • Canada Calls
  • Voicemail, group messages, and conference calls


  • SIM cards cost money
  • Free calls with no cost to the advertiser
  • It costs approximately $10 per month to make international calls
  • Unlimited data is almost $20 per month

10. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a great choice if you are looking for the best WiFi calling app. It is well-known both in North America and internationally.

WhatsApp is unique because it offers all the features that a WiFi calling app should offer. The app allows you to make unlimited voice and video calls and has both personal and group chats. The group chats can only be used by eight people.

The app allows you to send documents up to 100MB. It is an excellent collaboration tool. It isn’t as secure and private as other apps.

It is owned by Facebook and uses your data to personalize your ads. Its code is also more susceptible to hacking. If required, the app can also share your data with the government.


  • Group and personal chats with up to 8 people
  • Voice and video calls
  • Document sharing up to 100MB
  • Available locally and internationally


  • Private not
  • Advertisements customized
  • Apps are not as secure as other apps

Bottom Line — Top WiFi calling apps

It is simple to find a great WiFi calling app. There are many options online. It is easy to narrow your focus, understand what you need, and find your contacts. The rest should be easy: selecting a WiFi calling application should be simple.

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