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Dark Web Browser

The most important thing for anonymous browsing is the dark web browser. While browsers are currently the most popular applications on any device, not all of your browsing history is kept private. This is why the deep and dark web makes a difference.

Unlike Dark web browsers and other browsers. With cookies, personalized ads and browsing history being tracked and cookies, people can lose their privacy. Not all users would like to share their search history with a third party about what information they are searching for.

Google and Facebook did this in the past, and they are now being investigated for privacy violations.

The Dark web browser is a handy tool for those who prefer anonymity to the internet.

Deep Web is parallel to the Surface Web (our regular google search), however, it does not index sites like Google or other search engines.

What is a Dark Web?

Search engine results include websites, blogs, and images. Software and more are only 4% of the entire internet database. The remaining 96% can be found within the dark web.

It will be difficult for government agencies, search engines, and other web search engines to track browsing history within the dark web.

Dark web access can provide anonymity and privacy for users, but it can also cause chaos for the government. Many illegal and underworld cyber activities are included in this. This may be why dark web access is still considered creepy and unethical.

However, it is legal to access the dark web through the Dark web browser Tor.

Contrary to what we think, the dark web accessible via the Dark Web browser does not contain illegal activities. It was created by scientists, engineers, and professors to share their data with no restrictions.

Because not all countries appreciate freedom of speech and expression, the dark web allows citizens to access information without being identified.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of dark web use


  • Anonymity
  • Freedom of speech
  • Data privacy
  • Knowledge
  • Political activism


  • Ilegal transactions
  • Illegal trading
  • Anti-government movements

Because not all browsers are compatible with the World Wide Web, it is necessary to use customized browsing methods that include a set of Dark Web browsers in order to access this area of confidentiality. This can be done by using Dark Web browsers.

This article will focus on the top 5 dark web browsers that can be used to protect your privacy while browsing.

These Dark web browsers can be used to hide your identity and prevent other entities from tracking it.

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Top 5 Dark Web Browser

1. Tor Browser

Tor was the first Dark Web browser on the market. It launched with absolute anonymity and security before other browsers.

Its remarkable power of in-depth browsing was what earned it all the credit until the FBI hack it in 2014. After the hack, Tor closed all loopholes and made it safer for dark internet users.

But Tor’s framework is not very secure. It redirects traffic through multiple nodes, rather than connecting to your physical device.

It does limit tracking, but it does not mask your IP address. Furthermore, it offers a lot more features than other Dark Web browsers.

To be anonymous, you will need to set up a VPN along with Tor.

Tor is managed by volunteers. They manage the bounce of network traffic through a series of relays.

Tor can be used in Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. It is a popular dark web browser that hides the user’s activity and protects you from ISP and other bad actors watching your activities.

2. I2P- Invisible Internet Project

Another Dark web browser I2P is quite different than Tor. It offers anonymity because it uses multiple layers of data streaming, thus protecting your privacy.

This message is strictly based on a reliable communications library. Communications are end-to-end encrypted (four layers) with the cryptographic identifications at the receiving side, which can then be decoded using either public or private keys.

The Dark web browser framework is based on TCP/UDP, or IP data transfer protocol.

However, Tor’s structure is not secure. It redirects your traffic through multiple nodes and does not connect to your physical device. This helps in tracking but does not mask your IP address.

I2P works on the tunneling system. The sender will create a tunnel to receive outbound data, while the receiver will have already created one for inbound data.

The sender client will use this outbound tunnel to send his message, which will be sent to the other client via the inbound tunnel.

These tunnels can be identified by requiring the same in a network database, that is more structured and distributed than a hash table based on the kademelia algorithm.

I2P can be used to create anonymous websites by connecting a standard web server with the I2PTunnel Server.

I2P is the best option for those who want anonymity on the internet, but are not ready to set up VPNs. This is yet another dark web browser that will keep you anonymous.


Similar to other dark Web browsers, TAILS also equally contributes and assists users with in-depth browsing.

The Amnestic Incognito Live (TAILS) OS is a live OS that provides anonymity and privacy to its users. TAILS can work on any computer that has a DVD or USB stick.

It provides absolute privacy through communication over the Dark web browser Tor network. Encrypting messages, files, and emails with cryptographic tools create complete anonymity.

TAILS is free software that turns off your standard OS temporarily after TAILS has been shut down. It also doesn’t require any storage space as it mostly runs on RAM, so it leaves no trace.

TAILS is a secure dark web browser that’s simple and easy to use.

TAILS break censorship in many countries and that allows you to access all blocked websites for the dark web browser family.

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4. Subgraph OS

Subgraph is an open-source Dark Web browser that is based on Tor. Unlike Tor and I2P, Subgraph OS is an OS. It’s not a standalone browser.

Subgraph OS uses Kernel hardening, Metaproxy, Sandboxing, Package security, Filesystem encryption, Binary integrity, and policy network policies for your application to provide strong security.

Sandboxing can isolate your browsing experience by identifying malware instances and separating them from the normal browsing container.

This Subgraph comes with CoyIM secured IM and Icedove email client to eliminate vulnerabilities in client communication.

Subgraph works in the same way as I2P. It uses different layers to provide users with uninterrupted access internet while preserving their privacy.

The Subgraph OS is a great tool for dark web browsing, thanks to its many security features.

5. Whonix

Whonix is similar in design to Subgraph. It is not a standalone browser, but an OS built on TOR’s free software.

The majority of the basic framework is available with the TOR network. This allows users to remain anonymous and private.

Whonix is so powerful that even malware with root privileges won’t be able to track down users’ IP addresses through the TOR connections.

Since Whonix is a dark web browser for OS that gives full privileges to users for setting up and using their server while remaining invisible.

Whoonix includes pre-installed apps that can be compared to other applications.

Whonix also has the above perks. It comes with ‘Data Stream Isolation’, and because it doesn’t use exit nodes from the TOR this is one the best dark web browsers.

The TOR browser is the best choice for deep browsing, as it relies on the TOR network.

You can also look for additional features such as file encryption, secure IM, and sandboxing in other dark web browsers.

Final Word — Top Dark Web Browser

This article lists the 5 best Dark Web Browsers that allow you to surf anonymously online and remain secure online.

If you know of any other dark web browsers, please let us know in the comments section. We will validate and then update.

Privacy is the top concern in this technology Era. Cybercriminals continue to increase their persistent attacks to steal users’ identities and then sell them on the dark web.

We have listed many Dark web browsers. It will be extremely helpful to be anonymous on the internet, which protects your identity.

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