What are Streaks on Snapchat & Why We Need

What are Streaks on Snapchat & Why We Need

A streak, or “Snapstreaks”, is an indication of how many times you have been able to send photos or videos back and forth with a particular friend for a given number of days.

What is a Streak?

Snapchat is much more enjoyable to use when you have a streak. If you can get a streak going for Snapchat, you’ll never want to stop. For example, if you send snaps every day to a friend and they reply with snaps each day, your Snapstreaks would count to five.

How to see your Snapstreaks

In your conversations tab, Snapstreaks is directly next to a friend’s name. The Snapstreaks can be represented by the flame Emoji. It may also be accompanied by additional Snapchat Emojis which represent other meanings of your friendship.

You’ll see a number beside the flame emoji as your Snapstreaks increase. This number represents how many days you have kept your Snapstreaks going. The red hundred points emoji will be displayed beside the flame emoji if a Snapstreaks is kept going for more than 100 days.

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How to keep up with your Snapstreaks

You and your friend must both send each other photos or videos within the 24-hour period to avoid losing your Snapstreaks. This is a team effort. If you don’t keep up your snapping within the 24-hour period, your Snapstreaks will disappear. Your friend will have to start over.

It doesn’t mean you have to know the exact time your 24-hour window ends. Snapchat reminds you to snap with your friend soon. When your 24-hour window is closing, you can add an hourglass emoji next to your friend’s name in the conversation tab.

Interactions: That Don’t Count Toward Your Snapstreaks

Snapchat allows you to communicate with your friends in many different ways, but they won’t help any Snapstreaks you already have. These are:

  • Chatting with Friends: Snapchat allows you to tap the name of any friend to start a chat, which can be very useful but won’t help your Snapstreaks.
  • Posting Stories: It will not affect Snapstreaks if you share a story with friends. You can share your story with any of these friends.
  • Sending Snaps to a Group: It would seem that photos and videos sent to friends will count towards Snapstreaks. But no! Sorry. You will need to send individual snaps to your friends to keep your Snapstreaks alive.
  • Sending Snaps from Memories: Photos and videos that you have previously saved in Memories or uploaded from your device won’t work for Snapstreaks. They will not be accepted if they aren’t sent within the 24-hour Snapstreaks timeframe. This is most likely due to them having been taken/saved at a different time.
  • Sharing Content: Have you got a pair of Snapchat Spectacles. These may make you feel like a pro-Snapchatter. However, any video you share and record through them will not count towards your Snapstreaks.

These are the only two interactions that count towards your Snapstreaks

To keep your Snapstreaks running for as long as possible, there are only two things that you must do. These are:

  1. You can send photos to individual friends.
  2. Video snaps can be sent to individual friends.

That’s it. If you remember to send a photo/video snap to a friend, not in a group snap, and within the 24-hour window from your last snap interaction, then you should be able to keep up with your Snapstreaks.

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How to Share Your Snapstreaks With Your Friends Using Filters and Stickers

Snapchat offers a few fun features that will remind you and encourage you to prompt your friends with a photo or video to keep your Snapstreaksalive. These include:

  • Snapstreak filter: Double-tap a friend’s name from your conversations tab. Take a photo or video and then swipe left or right through all the filters. You’ll notice a filter with your Snapstreaksfriend in large white numbers beside the flame emoticon.
  • Snapstreak Bitmoji sticker:  After you have connected Snapchat to your Bitmoji account you can double-tap on your friend’s name and then tap the sticker icon for Snapstreaks stickers. These stickers will feature your Bitmoji as well as your friends if they have one. To see all Snapstreaksstickers, type “streak”, or “Snapstreaks”, into the search box at the top. To apply it to your snap, tap any of the icons.

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