Why is Elara App Preventing Shutdown in Windows 11/10?

Why is Elara App Preventing Shutdown in Windows

Are you experiencing shutdown issues with your Windows 11/10 laptop due to the Elara App? This post might help you solve it. Many Windows 11/10 users reported that the Elara app was running in the background and causing them to lose their attempts to shut down the computer. The screen displays the following message, according to the users:

Users also reported that they receive this message even though they have not installed the Elara app. This makes users question whether the app is legitimate or poses a security risk to their computers. We will answer common questions about the Elara App. What is it? Is it a virus? Why is Windows not shutting down because of it?

What is Elara app?

Elara app is associated with the touchpad on a laptop’s keyboard. Some laptops, such as Dell, have the Elara software pre-installed. The Elara app might be controlling your touchpad if it is found on your laptop. Some users of Dell laptops claim that a process called Alpspointing-device driver for Windows is running in the background and has an icon representing the Elara app. Right-click this process in Task Manager and choose the Open File Location option. The following path will open. This will take you to the ApntEx.exe app.

C:\Program Files\DellTPad

According to HP laptop users, ApntEx.exe is located on the following path:

C:\Program Files\Alps\GlidePoint

Based on the feedback of users, we can conclude that the process Alpspointing-device Driver Windows may be part of Elara and control some functionality of your laptop’s touchpad.

Elara app preventing shutdown on Windows 11/10

As you can see, some laptop manufacturers have pre-installed the Elara app. It is therefore not malware or a virus. This can be confirmed by verifying the digital signature. Launch the Task Manager, right-click the ApntEx.exe or Alps Pointing-device Driver for Windows process, then select Properties. You will see a Digital Signings tab in the properties window. This tab displays the name of the signer who signed an app. If the Digital Signatures tab does not contain any information, you can run antimalware and antivirus scans on your system.

The following solutions can be used if the Elara app prevents your system’s shutting down:

  • Download the Device Manager to update your driver.
  • Before you turn off your computer, stop the background process.
  • Uninstall the Elara App.

Let’s talk about these solutions in more detail.

1. Download and install the device manager driver update

The outdated device driver could be the reason you are experiencing this issue. We recommend that you update your touchpad drivers from the Device Manager to see if this helps.

Below are the steps for updating your touchpad driver.

  • Press Win + R keys to launch the Run command box.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc, and click OK. This will launch Device Manager.
  • In the Device Manager, expand the Mice and other pointing devices node.
  • Right-click your touchpad driver, and choose Update driver.
  • Choose the Search Automatically for Drivers option.

Windows will then search for the most recent driver version and install it on your computer. Check if the problem persists after the installation is complete.

2. Stop the background process from running before you shut down your laptop

The Elara app may be preventing your laptop’s shut down. You can stop it by following these steps: Follow these steps:

  • Press Win + R keys to launch the Run command box.
  • Type taskmgr and Click OK
  • Right-click the ApntEx.exe process in the Task Manager and choose End task.

This will temporarily stop the Elara app from running in the background. You can then close your computer by killing this process.

3. Uninstall the Elara app

You can remove the Elara app permanently from your computer to get rid of the problem. Uninstalling the Elara app from your laptop could cause problems with your touchpad because it might control some functionality. Many users claim that the Elara app didn’t affect their touchpad functionality. Some users experienced minor side effects from uninstalling Elara, such as the inability to use the function keys to toggle the touchpad off or on. Users have not reported any major issues after uninstalling Elara.

Before you uninstall the app, we recommend that you terminate it from Task Manager to see if the app causes any problems with your touchpad. You can uninstall the app if nothing happens.

How do I remove the Elara app on Windows PC?

You can uninstall the Elara application  using Control Panel to remove it from your computer. Below are the steps to do this:

  • Start the Run command by pressing the Win+ R keys.
  • Type Control Panel and click OK.
  • Make sure you’ve selected Category from the View By mode in the Control Panel.
  • Click Uninstall program Link under the Programmes category.
  • Locate the Elara app in the list of installed applications. Right-click on the Elara app to locate it. Select Uninstall. Follow the instructions on the screen.

How can I eliminate the Elara virus?

Elara is an application that can be found in certain laptops made by different brands. It controls certain functions on the touchpad of your laptop. It runs in the background because of this. Although the Elara app was not installed, some users found it running in the background and considered it to be a virus. Elara is not a virus. Elara is a computer program that can be removed via the Control Panel.

You can run an antivirus scan if you suspect that Elara is causing problems on your system. You can use the above solutions to stop your system from closing down.

What stops Windows from shutting down?

Windows responds to a shutdown command by closing all running processes and programs. The computer then turns off when it receives the command. Windows displays the following message before closing any app or program.

  • Closing #apps and closing down
  • Click Cancel to return to your previous work and complete what you have started.

# is the number of programs or apps that have been opened.

You have two options: click Cancel to save your work and close all open programs, or click Shut Down Anyway to force close all apps and shut off Windows. You will lose any unsaved work if you choose the second option.

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