Amazon Paid Holidays : A Detailed Guide for 2023

Amazon paid holidays

Excited to know about Amazon holiday pay…!

This guide lets you know everything about Amazon paid holidays policy along with PTOs and other important questions.

In general, Amazon offers various holiday pay throughout the year.

Amazon holiday pay is an excellent way to celebrate the end of the year with colleagues, friends, or families.

Along with the celebration of various calendar-marked holidays in a year, Amazon takes pride in celebrating each important holiday in a form of festivities with their employees and giving holiday payoff, big discounts on products, exceptional gratuities, and much more.

That’s why Amazon is a special place to work.

Fact: Amazon has severe PTO, UPT, and overtime pay policies.

What Is Amazon Holiday Pay?

Amazon holiday pay is a kind of employee benefit paid off policy that is given to each Amazon’s regular and part-time employees. Under Amazon holiday pay policy, employees receive paid holidays for that particular holiday event. Also you can speak with Amazon ERC number to know more about amazon leaves.

Amazon employees receive seven paid holidays for:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Some newly added holiday pays are Amazon Prime Day and Veterans Day.

Prime Day is observed as a major holiday event at Amazon. The day falls on the second Tuesday in July every year and is the day of the biggest discounts on almost every Amazon fulfillment product.

Veterans Day is another important holiday at Amazon. It is observed on 11 November every year and special discounts are given to military veterans on products, as well as job opportunities.

Fact: Amazon is one of the largest employers of veterans in the country.

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Guide To Amazon Paid Time Off For U.S. Amazon Employees

Following are the various Amazon PTOs for employees working in the United States. The information is pulled up from the official Amazon Jobs portal.


US employees are eligible to receive vacation paid leave from the date of joining. However, the paid terms criteria accrue depending on how long you’ve been with the company.

For instance; if you’ve been with Amazon for 1 year, you’ll have 40 hours of PTO. On the other hand, if you’ve been with Amazon for 6 years, the PTO is 120 hours.

Sick Time

In addition to vacation days, Amazon does also offer sick time PTO based on local, city, and state ordinances.

For example; if you’re from Washington state, you can accrue 1 sick day for every 30 hours worked, and a total of 5 days per year.

If you’re from Pennsylvania accrue 1 sick day for every 40 hours worked, and a maximum of 3 days per year.

Personal Time

There are only a few companies that offer PTO of personal days to employees. Amazon is one of them. Generally, Doctor’s appointments, family emergencies, and illness or sickness are allowed for PTOs calculated based on how long you’ve been with the company.

For instance; 1-year employees receive 10 hours of PTO, and 6 years or above employees get 30 hours of PTO.

Fact: Amazon offers several LOAs: maternity/paternity leave, family leave, medical leave, and sabbatical leave.

Does Amazon Pay On Holidays?

Yes, Amazon does pay in holidays to its regular and part-time employees.

And the best thing about Amazon holiday pay is that they provide a variety of different holiday payouts for employees that best suits their needs.

1. One-Time Payment

This payment concept is Amazon’s basic holiday payout in which a one-time payment of $200 is dispersed to each employee that has successfully completed 1 year with the company.

2. Installment Payment

This category in two parts:

  1. Holiday payout plan: Pays out $100 every two weeks from November to January.
  2. Holiday payout plus plan: Pays out $300 in November and $200 in January.

[Note: Both the installment payment policies require a minimum of 20 hours of work time per week, if not, the payout will be reduced accordingly.]

Additionally, if you fail to keep up with the minimum requirement of work hours, you will still be able to get Amazon holiday pay from the company to celebrate the day with your loved ones.

How To Receive Amazon Paid Holidays?

Employees only need to accomplish the certain eligibility draws made by the company to get Amazon paid holidays.

However, the first Amazon holiday pay is given to the employees after they complete the probationary period.

After that, the Amazon paid holiday is either on the employee’s anniversary date or on a designated company holiday.

We have already discussed the designated company holidays.

The eligibility criteria to receive Amazon holiday pay are:

  • For regular employees, 20 hours of work time per week to receive eight hours of paid holidays.
  • For part-time employees, 15 hours to 19 hours of work time per week to get Amazon paid holidays at a prorated amount. For example, 15 hours of work time will pay them 4 hours of paid holidays.

What To Do If Amazon Does Not Pay For Holiday Pay Offs?

Well, Amazon is a reputed company and is also counted among the top 10 fortune companies internationally.

Also, the company’s management and leadership policies are impulsive, supportive, and convenient.

Moreover, there is no case study to prove that Amazon does not pay for holidays to its employees.

However, in case it happens, consider doing the following agendas.

Take a printout of the holiday pay policy from the HR department. Read it carefully and examine whether you are qualified for the eligibility.

Obtain evidence of qualification such as a timesheet and notification of excused absences.

Inform about the case your personnel or supervision either verbally or in writing.

They might help you to solve the Amazon paid holiday issue.

Fact: Amazon tends to “trim” the bottom 20% of its workforce every year.

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What Amazon Does For Employee Benefits?

Amazon holiday pay has done a plethora of courtesy for its employees in the last decades. This includes a variety of programs and policies catered to provide a healthy life for them as well as their family members including domestic partners and their children.

The following comprehensive benefits begin with day one and those are Health care coverage, Paid parental leave, Paid tuition fees, Caring for families, and other resources for stress-free life and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon pay double on holidays?

No, Amazon does not pay double on holidays, instead, it pays based on the employee’s length of service and job classification.

Does Amazon holiday pay out PTO when you quit?

Based on general observation and talks, Amazon does payout when you quit. It includes vacation leave payouts, passed holidays pay, gratuity payouts, and more. For more information, read the document that you may receive at the joining.

What holidays are Amazon closed?

Amazon in the USA is majorly closed on the following days; Memorial day, Independence day, Labor day, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, New Year’s Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Does the Amazon holiday pay for Presidents Day?

It is quite tricky to answer because many people on the internet talk that they receive Amazon holiday pays for Martin Luther King Jr. Day but not for Presidents Day. However, the statement lacks conformity and truth.


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