Employment Contract Lawyer: What is it, Fee Structure and Cost

Employment Contract Lawyer

What is an Employment Contract Lawyer?

An employment contract lawyer is a legal counsel that assists people in the drafting, reviewing, and negotiation of an employment agreement. An employment contract is required if you are offered a job. While it may not be required in every case, many companies require these agreements.

Most employment agreements cover wages, sick leave, benefits, and other terms. Employers may use employment agreements to offer attractive terms of employment in order to attract new employees. These are common in high-paying positions such as CEOs and Senior Directors to ensure loyalty.

It’s a smart idea to hire an employment contract lawyer if you have to sign an employment agreement. These agreements can be complicated and you may find yourself stuck in a job that you don’t like.

Continue reading to learn more about employment contract lawyers, their fees, and what they charge. You can also find out if an employment lawyer is right for your case.

What does an Employment Contract Lawyer do?

Employment contract lawyers can assist you if you are required to sign an employment agreement upon receiving a job offer letter. These contracts bind you with agreements that affect crucial parts of your job, such as your salary or benefits. It’s never a bad idea for someone to help you and it will probably be a good investment.

These are other types of employment agreements that are common:

  • Full-time Employment Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Freelance contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement


Information about your compensation is perhaps the most important aspect of an employment contract. This section of the agreement will determine how and when you will be paid.

Two types of payments are the most popular in employment contract agreements:

  • Hourly pay
  • Salaried pay

As the name implies, Hourly pay is paid per hour at a fixed rate that was set at signing. Salaried pay means that you will receive a pre-determined amount for each task you perform during a pay period.

This section of the contract may also contain information about raises, how they are calculated and how they are communicated. This section must contain details if you are looking for regular raises.

Include here if you expect overtime pay or holiday pay.

Employment contract lawyers are helpful because they can help you understand the implications of your contract’s compensation clauses. They can also help you negotiate higher wages and other aspects of the compensation section of your contract.

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Vacation and sick time

The most important aspects of employment are vacation and sick time. They determine how balanced work and life are. Advocate for a healthy work/life balance you’ll be more likely to have the energy that you need in your personal and professional life.

You will have enough hours per year for sickness time to compensate for any time you are unable or unable to work because of illness.

Vacation time allows you to recharge when you are tired. You don’t need to sacrifice your pay if you are away from work. It is as important to take time off as it is to work. This has a huge impact on productivity and employee satisfaction.

Your employment contract should not include vacation and sick time terms. An employment lawyer can advocate for these items. If the hours aren’t enough, they can negotiate longer hours per year.


The best workplaces are those that care about their employees and take good care of them. Employees can be in great shape by offering benefits.

Some benefits that might be included in an employment agreement include:

  • Insurance for health
  • Dental benefits
  • Eye coverage
  • Extended leave
  • Family Leave
  • Disability benefits
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Student loans payments
  • Tuition reimbursement

Contract lawyers make sure that these terms are legal and in the best interests of their clients. If necessary, they can negotiate better terms.

After Termination Requirements

Employers may have expectations for former employees after termination of employment. This is usually outlined in an employment agreement. These requirements after termination are legally binding. If you do not comply, you may be in serious legal trouble.

A Severance Agreement allows you to receive a lump-sum amount if your employment ends. Employers are protected from lawsuits for wrongful termination by this agreement if they fire employees.

This clause will prevent you from bringing legal action against the employer if you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated. Employers will usually offer you a cash settlement to make up for the termination.

A non-compete agreement means that you will not be allowed to work for another employer in the same sector as your former one for a certain amount of time.

These clauses protect employers against losing employees to their competitors. This clause helps to ensure that former employees don’t share their knowledge with competitors.

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Common Fee Structures for Employment Lawyers

An employment lawyer is a great support. You are investing in your future by hiring an employment contract lawyer.

Employment lawyers can use a variety of fee structures:

  • Hourly
  • Flat fees

Talk to your employment contract lawyer about the fee structure options. This will help you to choose the best option for you.

A flat fee rate may be more cost-effective if you require extensive assistance with ongoing contract negotiations.

An hourly rate may work better if you only require minimal revision and review services. An employment lawyer can help you navigate the process and make the right decision.

Costs of Employment Contracts

It can be costly to hire an employment contract lawyer. On average, it costs $250 to $1,000. Lawyers set their rates based on how much expertise they have, how much they pay for school, and what other lawyers in the area charge.

Although paying an employment contract lawyer is a significant investment, it’s usually a necessary expense. Understanding your employment contract agreement will allow you to demand what you deserve.

When you sign any serious agreement, such as an employment contract, it is a good idea to contact a professional.

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