How to Become an IT Project Manager: A Beginner Guide

How to Become an IT Project Manager

What is an IT project manager?

A project manager in information technology (IT), is an individual who helps organizations to achieve their IT goals through the planning and execution of projects. IT project managers may be responsible for leading projects that introduce new software solutions, scale IT processes, or switch cloud providers. Software development may be the responsibility of some IT project managers.

IT project managers are able to work with IT teams from many types of organizations including universities, tech companies, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities.

What does an IT project manager do?

An IT project manager helps to bring new IT processes within an organization. These are the responsibilities and tasks that an IT project manager may have:

  • Lead multiple IT projects, from their inception to completion
  • Budgets for projects should be developed and managed
  • Communicate with all stakeholders, including vendors and IT managers.
  • Mitigation and risk management are the key components of a leader’s role
  • Gather, analyze, and report IT metrics

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IT project manager salary and job outlook

As of March 2022, the average salary for IT project managers in America was $108,114.

Strong job growth is expected for IT project managers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 11 percent job growth rate in computer and information management from 2020 to 2030. Project Management Institute (PMI), which sees strong demand for project manager jobs worldwide, estimates that the sector will grow by 33 percent or 22 million jobs by 2027.

Below is a list containing the average US base salary for similar positions. The data is from Glassdoor. It was updated on February 20, 222.

  • Senior IT project manager: $123,684
  • Technical project manager: $117.506
  • Project manager: $96,312

How to become an IT project manager

Project management skills and experience are required for IT project management. Although technical skills are not always necessary, they can be a competitive advantage in your application.

1. Develop relevant skills.

A mix of project management skills and technical IT skills is a great way to get a job as an IT project manager. You can break down the main skills that you will need into three categories.

Project management methods: As a project manager you need to be familiar with different approaches to project management. It is a dynamic field that requires knowledge of methods and approaches. Often, requests are made for modifications that can be accommodated. These could include:

  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean

Project management process: Successfully completing a project means that you have completed the four stages in the project’s lifecycle: initiating and planning, execution, closing, and closing. It is important to understand how to budget, evaluate risk, create schedules, assign tasks and run kick-off meetings.

Technical IT skills: You will need to have a good understanding of IT processes as you work on large-scale projects. This could include security, systems and networks, cloud computing, programming, scaling, and scaling different aspects of IT processes. Depending on your industry and job, the exact technical skills that you need to develop can vary. A biotechnology company might require experience in biotechnology.

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2. Gain experience.

There are many ways to acquire the skills required to be an IT project manager.

  • You will gain experience in the field. IT project managers can start by doing practical work in IT, and then progress to project management. You can improve your leadership skills if you are in an IT job and want to go this route. You might also consider approaching your manager to express your interest in project management.
  • Start as a project support position. You can start in a project assistant role with an IT team as a program associate or project coordinator if you don’t have any technical experience.
  • Get a certification. Get a certification to increase your knowledge and credentials. In job descriptions, the Project Management Professional and SCM Master certifications are frequently requested. CompTIA ITF+ is a useful IT certification that can boost your technical skills. It covers all IT foundations and is intended for non-technical professionals.

3. Nail the job application process.

IT project manager resume

Your IT and project management experience should be a major part of your resume. What was your task and what impact did it have on you? What technical concepts do you know? And what skills are you able to offer?

IT project manager interview questions

Congratulations if you are successful in landing a job interview. Start preparing by practicing answers to common interview questions.

  • How do you start implementing a cloud service in large companies?
  • How do you ensure that a new service is compatible with all other services?
  • We would love to hear about your experiences with system integrations.
  • How have you had your Agile experience?
  • Please describe your industry experience.

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