How To Borrow Money on Cash App (Cash App Borrow)

How To Borrow Money on Cash App (Cash App Borrow)

Cash app offers a Borrow option to a select number of users. This allows for short-term loans at a flat rate of 5%. These are just a few of the other features.

  • The loan amounts can range from $20 to $200.
  • You have four weeks to repay your loan.
  • If you are unable or unwilling to pay back the money within that 4-week period, a grace period of one week will be applied.
  • There will be a 1.25% finance fee if you miss the grace period.

Can you Borrow Money From Cash App Borrow? Here’s how.

as mentioned above, Cash App Borrow isn’t yet available to everyone. You can only find out if it is available by checking. These steps will help you determine if Cash App is able to lend money to you and, if so, how.

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Step-By-Step Guide

  • Open Cash App.
  • Tap the lower left corner to see your Cash app balance.
  • Click on the “Banking” header.
  • Look for the word “Borrow”
  • You can apply for a Cash App loan if you see “Borrow”.
  • Click on “Borrow”
  • Tap “Unlock”
  • Cash App will show you how much money you can borrow. Choose an amount.
  • Select your repayment plan.
  • Please read the agreement.
  • Accept your Cash App Borrow Loan.

Can Cash App Let You Borrow Money?

According to a 2020 TechCrunch article Cash app offers loans from $20 to $200. Cash App tried to Borrow with a limited rollout of 1,000 users. The status of the testing has not been disclosed by the company, but the app notes that Borrow is still unavailable to all customers.

It all depends on:

  • Your state name
  • No matter if you have an activated cash card
  • Your Cash App usage history
  • Your credit history

TechCrunch reported that loans were quickly funded and that you had to repay them in less than four weeks. However, carrying a balance for so long can be costly — Cash App charged a flat fee of 5% to borrow and another 1.25% per semaine after the grace period.

If you know that Cash App Borrow loans are best for quick repayment, then the new tool could prove to be very helpful if you’re in a cash crunch.

Is Cash App Safe?

Although it’s too early to analyze how secure a Cash App loan application will be, the Cash App platform is safe. Cash App safeguards your personal information as well as your money in several ways.

  • The app can be integrated with your smartphone’s screen locks, where Touch ID, PIN, Passcode, and Facial Recognition add extra protection in case your phone is stolen or lost.
  • If you lose your Cash App card, or you need extra security, it can be disabled.
  • To help you monitor your account activity and alert you to unusual usage, you can create push, email, or text notifications.

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How can You Borrow Money Online in Other Ways?

When you have an emergency, having quick cash can make a big difference. Many people use their emergency savings accounts to get money quickly. They borrow from friends and family or charge the expenses to their credit cards.

However, fast-cash loans can have some drawbacks. They can lead to personal or credit card debt and high fees. Block (formerly Square), continues to offer Cash App loans. However, you can also consider these other lending options to quickly get the money that you need.


Oportun is an “affordable option to payday loans” that may be suitable for borrowers who have no credit history or poor credit. You can borrow between $300 to $10,000 for up to 48 months. Oportun has a 35.99% annual percentage rate.


You can borrow as much as $1,000 to $40,000 through LoanClub.LendingClub will track your progress once you have established a track record. you can borrow as many loans as needed, as long as the total does not exceed $50,000

LendingClub charges a 3%-6% origination fee on each loan. The loan can be repaid in full within five years, but it shouldn’t take too much time — Annual percentage rates of 7.04% to 34.99% will apply.


OppLoans is another loan company that specializes in bad credit loans is OppLoans. Lending decisions are based on many factors other than your credit score or credit history. There are amounts from $500 to $4,000 available. Although repayment terms can vary from one state to another, they are generally between nine and 18 months.

While the flexibility to repay the loan over a longer time period relieves some of the pressure, it is important to be cautious. OppLoans’ APR is 160% for loans in many states.

As with all loans that are not approved for bad credit or low credit scores, It is important to pay attention to the APR. You could end up paying more interest than the original amount you borrowed.

Final Take

If you are eligible, a Cash App Borrow loan is a good choice for a short-term loan of a few dollars. Consider the cost of borrowing money and the repayment terms when considering other online lending options.

Online lenders often claim that they offer cheaper loans than a payday loan. However, the loans can still be very expensive if the balance is not paid off in a timely manner. You should fully understand the terms of your loan and determine if you have the financial means to pay it off.

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