How To Build A Career In Ethical Hacking

How To Build A Career In Ethical Hacking

Hacking ethically is a profession Hacking is used to benefit others and accomplish a greater purpose. Before we get into the details, let’s give you a brief overview of what it takes to begin a career in ethical hacking. This guide is perfect for anyone who is new to ethical hacking or someone who has been doing it for a while. So, let’s begin.

What is Ethical Hacking

The first step to getting into any domain is to understand the basics of the subject. This is true for ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is a method of defending network and system security by exploiting the existing vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers improve security and network security by finding weaknesses and resolving them with the appropriate countermeasures.

Ethical hackers follow the same techniques They are the most well-known for finding system weaknesses and fixing them. They are only allowed to offer their services if they are legally employed by the organization.

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Different Types Of Hacking

Hacking is a controversial term that is often used in a negative light. There are many types of hackers, each serving different purposes. There are three types of hackers:

  1. White Hat
  2. Black Hat
  3. Grey Hat

Hackers of the White Hat and Grey Hat use their hacking skills for ethical hacking. Black hat hackers, on the other hand, are involved in illegal hacking or malicious practices.

Understanding the different types of hackers can help professionals to understand their limits as ethical hackers, and the legal nuances that come with being an ethical hacker. You could begin your career as a Penetration tester if you are a beginner in this field. This involves finding vulnerabilities in an application or system to protect it against various cyber-attacks. They notify the organization of any flaws in their system.

Skills Required for a Career In Ethical Hacking

There is no single way to be an ethical hacker. Based on the requirements of an organization They create a job description and then look for the skills of a candidate to match it. But still, a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematical or Computer Science will provide the foundation for a career in ethical hacking.

Also, you will need to have problem-solving skills and the ability to deal with pressure. You must be open to learning new things and always evolving in order to pursue a career as an ethical hacker. Technically speaking, You would need to be able to program in programming languages. such as HTML, ASP, C/C++, Python, Java, and others.

Soft skills like a passion for the subject, and strong communication skills are essential. A good ethical hacker will also have the flexibility and innovative thinking.

Learn Programming and Operating Systems

Ethical hacking requires a solid knowledge of programming languages as you will be working with different systems every day. Operating systems like Windows, UNIX, and LINUX are also important.

Ethical hackers can identify programming flaws and errors by having a good understanding of programming languages. This knowledge will be useful in the implementation of security solutions that require coding and for automating tasks.

A thorough understanding of the functions of operations systems and the commands that they use will be a great help in your role of ethical hacking.

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Knowledge of Network and Security

A basic understanding of computer networks is essential for a career as an ethical hacker. Aspired ethical hackers should have a solid understanding of both basic and advanced computer networking and information safety. These concepts include cryptography, firewalls, and various types of cyberattacks like DoS (Denial of Service).

You can find many books, journals, and online courses on the internet that will help you learn about security and networks for ethical hacking. These resources will allow you to master computer security concepts.

Join Training Programs and Get Certified

There is a growing demand for ethical hackers. Many training courses and free ethical hacking courses are available for aspirants. To improve your skills and practice ethical hacking in real-world settings, you should sign up for either a boot camp or training program.

It is important to become certified as an ethical hacker. You can get a valuable certificate from a reputable institute to help you get a job at big tech companies. Great Learning’s Cyber Security Course offers a great certification program for people who want to be ethical hackers.

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