How to Choose an SAP Partner

How to Choose an SAP Partner

As a developer of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other useful software products, SAP is an integral part of many business operations. Some firms choose a certified partner to deliver this solution, which provides strategic consulting in terms of how to integrate this application.

Choosing the right SAP partner could make all the difference in the successful implementation and ongoing management of this system. With this in mind, here are seven vital factors you should consider when selecting an SAP partner to ensure the application reaches its full potential.


The first factor to consider is the partner’s expertise. Look for a partner with extensive experience in managing and implementing SAP solutions. This means they understand how it works on a deeper level than most others and can optimize your use of the application.

Make sure to check the credentials, certifications, and references of every SAP product partner. You might benefit the most from one with experience in your specific industry, as well as companies of a similar size to yours – ensuring their solutions can match your approach.

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Culture fit

Another important consideration is cultural fit. Your SAP partner should share your organization’s values, work ethic, and general business priorities. This helps ensure that you’re working towards the same goal and might be the only way to guarantee a productive and collaborative working relationship.

The more your organization aligns with an SAP support partner and their unique approach, the more benefits your organization can receive. Make sure to investigate several options and their company values; partners which invest in development and training will likely deliver high-quality work.

Long-term support

When choosing an SAP partner, you want to make sure they will be there for you long-term, which means they must be committed to providing ongoing support and maintenance. Changing from one partner to another can be difficult, especially after a significant amount of time with one.

It’s vital that you research all available partners to find one that guarantees ongoing management; online reviews can be especially helpful. Look for an SAP partner that has a proven track record of providing timely and effective support.


Every business has unique requirements when it comes to its SAP system, especially as different sectors use the system in their own ways. Look for a partner that can customize SAP solutions to meet your needs – this is another reason to select someone with experience in your sector.

SAP software is famous for its flexibility, so a partner that knows how to use this to your advantage can be invaluable. Your partner must have a thorough understanding of your business and its processes, allowing them to calibrate the software.

Minimizing downtime

Minimizing downtime is vital when it comes to implementing or maintaining the SAP system; look for a partner that knows how to keep this system stable, even throughout support and upgrades. For example, the way they approach updates is an important consideration. This partner must test updates using their own robust system to make sure it’s compatible with your solution and strategy. They should also be able to educate employees if the upgrades involve new functions, limiting any delays or issues that might otherwise occur with updates.

A shared passion for delivery

Your SAP partner should be passionate about delivering strong results, potentially exceeding your expectations in the process. Their commitment to you is the driving force of this partnership – giving you confidence in their service at every stage.

Look for a partner that is dedicated to delivering high-quality work at a reasonable price and in accordance with your deadlines. Their approach should be customer-based, placing you at the forefront of their service at all times; they should also go the extra mile to address your specific needs.

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Finally, collaboration is key when it comes to working with an SAP partner – look for a partner who is willing to collaborate with both your internal teams and stakeholders. They must be willing to take feedback and at least consider your own suggestions; especially as you know the company’s processes better than they do.

Your SAP partner should have a transparent and open communication style, which always keeps you (and other relevant parties) informed about the application. With a collaborative partner, you can work together to achieve your business goals.


In conclusion, choosing the best SAP partner for your firm could determine the success of your ERP system and other SAP products. By considering the above factors, you can find a partner which understands your business, including its culture, industry, size, and more.

A high-quality SAP partner could help you use the ERP application in a number of interesting ways whilst maintaining a strong devotion to teamwork. If you need an experienced SAP partner with a thorough understanding of the platform’s user experience, Bluestonex is happy to help.

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