How To Generate Leads on Social Media: Top Tips for Marketers

How To Generate Leads on Social Media

Businesses in all sectors are increasingly using social media. Did you know you can generate leads using social media?

Social media lead generation involves finding the people who are most in need of you and convincing them to buy your products. Social media can help you increase your audience and revenue, regardless of the platform you use or your previous experience.

Social media lead generation 101

Let’s review the basics of using social media to generate leads before we move on.

What is lead generation on social media?

Lead generation via social media involves using channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others to generate leads. Find people who are interested in your product or service, then connect with them and convert them to paying customers.

Some companies use Lead Generation to connect with potential clients, either by cold calling or through their website. Social media leads generation allows you to focus your approach and connect with your audience.

Why use social media for lead generation?

There are more than 5 billion users of social media. Social media is used by both businesses and individuals, so you may miss out on your target audience if you do not use this strategy.

Social media can be used to generate leads in many ways.

Increased engagement: With the help of social media, it is easier to encourage people like, click and follow your page. These platforms are designed to encourage engagement and allow you to connect with your audience.
Increase website traffic: As more people discover your brand on social media, it is possible to encourage them to visit the website without leaving the platform. Include links to your website in your posts.
Improved brand recognition: More people will discover your company when they see your social media posts. Even if your customers don’t buy immediately, they are likely to remember you when they do.
Improved customer service: About 67% of people utilize social media to provide customer service. You can use your social media accounts to communicate with customers and answer their questions, giving them a positive image of your brand.

You can also enjoy higher revenue as you convert more leads into customers.

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What to Look for in social media leads

Your goals, sales process, and company will all influence what you want from your social media leads. There are some signs you should look out for. You should look for:

  • Fit your target audience
  • Get in touch with your company to discuss services
  • Align your sales process

You can save time by focusing your efforts on the leads that are most likely to require your services.

How to generate leads on social media

Here are some ways you can generate leads using social media.

1. Posting content regularly

Posting on a regular schedule is the key to capturing new leads on social media. It’s important to keep a consistent schedule. Your schedule may vary depending on which platform you use, but it is best to stay with one.

You might, for example, post on Twitter once every day and spend one hour responding to tweets each other day. LinkedIn might only require a weekly update. Your audience will be able to tell what they can expect from each platform.

In this post, we will discuss when and what you should post on social media. This page can be used as a reference when creating your social media schedule.

2. Work with an influencer

Social media influencers can help you reach out to a specific audience and do so in a friendly way. Brands often work with influencers to show their audiences how they can use products and services.

Do you work in home maintenance or repair? You could also find an influencer who is DIY-savvy to share your project with their followers. Send them some of your best dishes if you own a restaurant.

3. You can optimize any landing page

Your landing page is where the user lands after clicking on a link that leads to your website. When users visit your website to find out more, optimizing your landing page encourages them to look around and convert.

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4. Specify your approach to the platform

You will have different lead generation strategies depending on which platform you are using. Here are some tips to help you attract more leads based on the channel.


  • Use Twitter Spaces. Users can chat on a topic of their choice. Connect with your fans in a whole new way!
  • Content should be short and snappy. Tweets should not be long, but rather short and sweet.
  • Use threads to express longer ideas. Keep your tweets linked through a thread if you want to say more.


  • Make content sharable. You want people to share your content with their friends and followers!
  • Regularly update your information. Your profile should be treated as a shopfront for your company. Include information about your business hours, location, web address, and any other details that customers may need to know.
  • Use live video. Facebook allows you to go live on the platform. Plan a time for live streaming and invite people to watch it in advance!


  • Use Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories allows you to add links in the post so that users can easily swipe up and visit your website. Instagram Stories can be used to run advertisements.
  • Upload reels. Reels are vertical, longer videos. Create more long-form videos, and configure them to be uploaded as reels.


  • Trends are important. Look at the hashtags, filters and sounds that are trending to see what is being posted. You can also tailor your TikTok for a specific demographic by finding and engaging with that niche.
  • Create versatile content. You don’t need to post only trends. While you can use TikTok to promote your brand, you don’t have to stick with the trends.


In conclusion, generating leads on social media requires a strategic approach. Focus on creating valuable content, engaging with your audience, utilizing targeted advertising, and leveraging social media analytics. Consistency, authenticity, and providing value are key to attracting and converting leads effectively on social media platforms.

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