How to Get New Customers: 10 Effective Ways

How to Get New Customers 10 Effective Ways

Every small business owner wants new customers. These are 10 proven ways to attract new customers.

1. Ask for referrals

Referrals are a great way to get new customers. But if you wait for your customers to refer their friends or family to you, it could take you a while to see results. You can take control by creating a referral system that your customers are happy with. Build referral-generating activities into your sales process after a customer has placed an order on your e-commerce website, and send a follow-up email asking for referrals. Ask your B2B salespeople to refer customers when you follow up with customers.

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2. Network

Generate good old-fashioned word of mouth by Participating in events and networking groups that are relevant to your industry or customers. You should approach networking with the mindset of “How can you help others?” and not “What’s in this for me?” This will enable you to develop relationships that can lead to new customers.

3. Offer discounts and incentives for new customers only.

Introductory offers such as $100 for a two-week karate course can be a great way to get curious customers to your doors. They offer a low-risk, low-risk opportunity to test your products and services. Track the customers who redeem the special offer and then send them a marketing message encouraging them to buy more from you.

4. Re-contact old customers.

All that is old can be made new again, even old customers who haven’t done business in a while. It is possible to go through your customer contact lists on a regular basis. You can go through your customer contact list every six months or for a full year. You can reach dormant customers via email, phone, or direct mail with a special offer. They will be grateful that you remembered them and would love to win them back.

5. Improve your website.

These days, Consumers and B2B buyers alike search online to find new businesses. This means that your website must do some serious lifting in order to attract new customers. Make sure your website is in top shape with the latest design, graphics, and SEO. This is not your forte, so it’s worth hiring the services of a web design company or SEO expert to assist you.

6. Partner with complementary businesses.

Teams up with businesses that share a customer base but aren’t directly competitive to strategize how to target customers of each other to generate new business. A maternity clothing website and one that sells baby products could work together to offer discounts and other deals to their customers.

7. Promote your expertise.

Publicizing your industry experts will generate interest and get new customers. Potential new customers will be impressed by your industry expertise by participating in panel discussions, online webinars, speaking at events for your target audience, or hosting educational sessions or workshops.

8. Use online reviews to your advantage.

All else being equal, Most people want to support independent businesses in their communities. Ensure you are actively seeking out reviews from customers. Link to reviews on the website and post signage at your location encouraging customers to go to Yelp. (Or wherever the reviews are). Social proof is powerful. Customers are more likely to try your business if they see other customers praising it.

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9. Participate in community events.

People like to support local businesses. Participating in charity events and organizations can help raise your profile within the local community. Sponsor a local run, organize a holiday “toys-for-kids” donation, or provide equipment for a Little League team. This helps you get your name out there which can help bring in new clients.

10. Bring a friend.

To encourage your regular customers to bring in new customers, offer 2-for-1 deals, “buy one, get two” and “bring a buddy” deals. For instance, A restaurant might offer a “buy one, get the second” free deal to attract new clients. You can be more specific and say, “Invite your friend to our happy hour specials!” Let customers know that you are looking to expand your customer base.

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