How To Know Your Phone Is Hacked?

How To Know Your Phone Is Hacked

Our privacy and data are at stake as we use our smartphones to do most tasks online. Fraudsters could compromise the security of your phone to track your activities and extract confidential data from it that could be sold or taken from the victim to make a ransom or other ways to monetize it.

According to Norton’s report, Apple provides better security for iOS users. However, this does not mean they can’t be hacked. Android phones are more vulnerable to hacking, and Malwarebytes reports that there has been an increase in pre-installed malware on Android devices, with the aim of either stealing data or stealing attention.

how to know if someone hacked your phone, You must monitor the behavior of your phone to protect your privacy.

How to tell if your phone has been hacked, here are some signs

Inappropriate pop-ups:

It could indicate that your phone is compromised if you see inappropriate or X-rated ads on your mobile phone.

Calls or messages you have not initiated:

Unknown calls or messages may indicate that your phone has been hacked.

Exponentially high data usage:

Your data bill may be higher than normal, even if you are not increasing your online activities. This is likely to indicate that your smartphone has been hacked. The fraudster is using your phone’s data to run applications in the background.

Draining of battery:

Your phone’s battery life decreases over time. However, if your battery drains at an alarming pace, you should take notice.

Poor performance:

It is possible that your phone has been hacked if it shows slow performance, such as crashing apps or freezing the screen, and unanticipated restarts.

Unrecognized apps:

Hackers could have unrecognized apps downloaded to your device.

Unusual activity on social accounts:

It could be a sign that someone has gained access to your phone’s device through social media accounts or email accounts that you don’t recognize. This could result in identity theft.

No calls or messages:

The hacker may have cloned your SIM card from the service provider to stop you from receiving messages or calls.

By being aware of the activities and applications on your phone, you can prevent hackers from accessing your phone. To stop hackers from compromising your phone, you can perform the following tasks:

how do you know if your phone has been hacked or cloned

Delete unrecognized applications:

You can check your app list and remove any suspicious apps you don’t recognize.

Run anti-malware applications:

Trustworthy anti-malware software can be used to detect and eliminate malware.

Reset your phone:

The easiest way to remove the malware is to reset your phone.

Reset your passwords:

To prevent hackers from stealing your personal information, change the password for accounts that are connected to your phone.

Inform your contacts:

Notify your contacts that your phone has been compromised and ask them to not click on any suspicious messages sent from your phone.

Unroot your phone:

You must root rooted versions of Android using the SuperSU app.

Contact service-provider:

It could be that a hacker has cloned your SIM card and you are not receiving any calls or messages. To resolve the problem, contact your service provider.

To protect your phone against being hacked, you must avoid connecting to untrusted Wi-Fi networks, clicking on suspicious pop-ups, and other inappropriate activities.

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