How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is one of the most efficient social media platforms to help increase business revenues. It is a place for professionals to meet and grow their businesses. The platform has seen an increase in popularity since the Microsoft acquisition. The site has 830,000,000 members across more than 200 countries. Statistics show that up to 40% of these members are active each day.

My personal experience with LinkedIn has shown that it was a key component in the launch of my agency. Through LinkedIn connections with entrepreneurs and marketing professionals, I was able to build a large audience. Many of these people were the first clients of my agency when I launched it.

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

These are 5 ways that entrepreneurs can increase their business through LinkedIn.

1. Profile Design

You can use a casual social media platform such as TikTok or LinkedIn for professional social media. It is important to make your profile look as natural and human as possible.

Remember that LinkedIn is full of spammers and bot accounts. It’s crucial that you distinguish yourself from these accounts.

Make sure that your profile is complete. Make sure you have a memorable profile photo that is easy to remember and a catchy cover photo. You can also include subtle branding on the cover photo. But, less is more.

Make sure you take advantage of the “featured section”. You can choose which content is most visible to your users and easy to access so that they can quickly get to know you. You can also highlight useful information to help your audience understand what you do in a compelling and interesting way.

A second recommendation is to use the cover story feature to record a short video introduction. This will create an instant “wow” effect on people. We see an increase in engagement and views when we add a cover story for our clients’ profiles.

To make your profile more lively, you can also use the audio clip feature. The audio clip function was originally intended to assist users in naming people, but can now be used to introduce yourself and make your profile more human.

Personalize your URL. This is an easy and quick way for visitors to remember where to find your page. Make sure the URL is as clear and pertinent as possible.

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2. Personal Messaging

Your brand building is more than creating a professional image and regular content. Communicating with your target audience is key to building your brand.

Based on our agency’s experience, the best way to find clients on LinkedIn is via personal messaging. It’s recommended that you aim to send a set number of personalized messages per week.

In most cases, it is common wisdom to not immediately send a sales pitch to someone. However, I have found that a direct approach is the best way to reach most markets.

It’s best to be concise when using LinkedIn messages. LinkedIn’s audience doesn’t like to listen to small talk. It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is primarily a business network.

This is because people can understand why you are there (it’s also the same reason they’re there – to conduct business). So you can both enter the relationship knowing that it’s a potential business opportunity.

People love that we don’t waste their time with useless “fluff”. They are certain that they will be sold something by the end of the conversation, so they would rather jump right into the sales section and skip the time-wasting messages. Our experience has taught us that the quicker a connection responds to messages, the longer the conversation.

3. Follow-ups

Research shows that the average response time to a LinkedIn message has been three times greater than for traditional emails. But, this doesn’t mean that you will get a reply. It is common to react to a message, especially if it has no substance to ignore it.

Does not necessarily refer to the person at the other end who doesn’t want to hear your proposal They are overwhelmed with tasks, notifications, and messages on LinkedIn, so it is easy for your message to get lost in the shuffle, or to be put off until later.

It is a good idea to send a follow-up. Many people appreciate it. Because they serve as reminders to the person and show that you still care about them, follow-ups are crucial. This relieves the person of the burden by allowing them to reply to a second message with more information.

You can follow up with audio, video, or skill enforcement. Or it could be an invitation to chat using an emoji and gif. You don’t have to be bored! Sometimes you can come up with fresh ideas to help the business. Your goals will determine how you follow up, but it is crucial to get more leads.

You can increase your chances of connecting successfully by creating a schedule or spreadsheet that tracks who you have messaged and when to follow up.

4. Content

How effectively you capture the attention of your audience will depend on how much content you share and create.

Social selling is not always the best, so it’s important to stay on top of current trends. Overloading your audience with text is one example. It’s actually more difficult to keep someone’s attention with text-only content.

It is best to share your expertise in shorter posts. It is important to organize a lengthy article in concise, easily readable sections.

Video content has 1.5-2 times more engagement than, so we recommend that clients concentrate their efforts here. People love to see a real person on their social media feeds. This is especially true if there is a sense of humor and some memorable, real-life examples. We create short videos for some clients with subtitles. Research has shown that 92% of people use social media videos that sound off on their mobile. Subtitles and captions can help you reach more people. It’s important to show that you are a person and not a spammer or bot.

I have spent time analyzing project reports from my agency across various industries (e.g. finance, telecom, IT) and have noticed patterns in how certain types of content result in consistently high response rates.

  • Use humor with taste
  • Expert and educational content
  • Guides and checklists on “How to”
  • Personal, lifestyle posts.
  • Situational agendas (these are attractive to journalists).

In contrast, certain content always has little-to-no engagement:

  • Posts that have long intros.
  • Previous posts are referenced in the post. (It is difficult to follow the thread. Each post should be it’s own.
  • Jargon-filled content.
  • No meaningful comments on shares. (The aesthetic is a turnoff).

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5. LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn allows you to quickly schedule events and invite your contacts. The platform currently allows you to send up to 1000 invitations per week. This gives you many opportunities to grow your network and generate leads.

An event can be small via webinar or Livestream. It could also include a conference. The type and size of your event will depend on the specific goal.

Organizing live events online is a great way to build trust. It shows that you are serious about sharing your knowledge and is legitimate.

For example, ModumUp, recently hosted a conference. We made connection requests to those we thought would be most relevant to their business goals. We used the conference to quickly build trust with new connections and provide a solid platform from which to send personalized messages with relevant ideas.

The step-by-step flow will look something like this:

  • Organize the event yourself.
  • Invite your target audience.
  • You can quickly build trust and relationships by using the event.
  • Send follow-ups containing additional materials.
  • Make sure your invitees are aware of the relevance of your product/service.

LinkedIn can be a valuable business resource if used correctly

Creating a strong online presence for your brand is possible through Facebook, Twitter YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, and YouTube. LinkedIn’s business-first approach makes it a valuable tool for anyone trying to grow their business.

Make sure you put a face to your profile and that your expertise is fully displayed. Use the platform’s private messaging features and event capabilities to make strong connections and generate a steady stream of leads.

LinkedIn has many more functions. However, my agency believes that the following features are the most effective for building relationships and expanding your business.

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