How to Start a Production Company: 10 Easy Steps

How to Start a Production Company

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the entertainment industry — acting, modeling, and film. This fascination grew into a passion over the years and I became more focused on the film industry, primarily acting. After more than a decade of being in front of the camera in various roles, and being continually exposed to it, I am now retired. The way things were on set behind the camera, My curiosity took over and I was captivated. I was eventually compelled to study the technical side of things by my curiosity.

My brother Joe Massa, a filmmaker, had just launched a docuseries in which he interviewed survivors of attempted suicide and shared their stories about their triumphs over their failures. After only a few episodes, the series gained significant attention and a larger crew became necessary. My brother asked me to join the series as assistant director and executive producer. I quickly gained a lot of technical knowledge.

The series was a success and reached thousands of viewers around the world. More importantly, hundreds of survivors of suicide attempts praised the series’ unique ability to offer a glimpse into the minds and thoughts of those who are suffering from “SI” – suicidal ideas.

My Suicide Story has six episodes to date. A seventh episode will be released in mid-November. The series has been featured in numerous national news media outlets, including USA Today and Yahoo Life. Medium, Medium, and Thrive Global. My brother was also featured in Connecticut Magazine’s 40 Under 40: Class of 2022.

My brother and I are currently producing and directing a feature-length documentary about a young lady who was tragically paralyzed from the neck down during her Disney internship. It will be released next autumn.

We were working on My Suicide Story as well as this documentary, so we decided to create our own production company last year. This journey inspired me to write this article, which I hope will inspire other aspiring filmmakers on the same path.

What is a Production Company?

A production company is responsible to create video content, such as feature films, TV shows, and music videos. Production companies typically produce two types of projects: content they create with their own creative teams and content they hire to produce physically without creative involvement.

How to Start a Production Company

1. Call your pocket

Like playing pool, being able to call your shot and stick with it can help you earn respect and success. Identifying your niche in production companies is like calling your wallet.

What kind of content will you produce? Are you able to make low-budget, artistic films that seem like you have a million bucks? Does that capture hearts, or is something, even more, niche and noteworthy? You can choose the most successful projects by narrowing your company’s brand identity.

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2. Create a blueprint

Building an empire is not easy. You need blueprints. make to essay and start with a name and a business plan. Identifying your niche will help you choose the best name for you, which will be your identity.

A business plan is an essential tool for any company that wants to be successful and earn high earnings. You should choose a business plan that allows for growth and improvement, while also accounting for startup costs. Consider every aspect of the production business, including taxes, labor, office space, and the black canvas chairs that spell “director.”

3. Get your story straight

You now know what you want to accomplish. It’s time for you to get organized and legal. While it might seem prudent to do everything yourself, hiring a qualified small business or entertainment lawyer can save you more than once. This guide will help you navigate the process to ensure everything is above board and in your favor help with contracts and hiring

Keep everything in order while you get it all in order. Stick to your organizational plan. You will be responsible for all aspects of your business from a bank account to IRS employer ID numbers, operating agreements, and many more. It will be easier to find them later if they are kept in an accessible and safe place.

4. Ink that Inc

Correctly organizing a business means that it is registered as a legal entity. There are many options:

  • Solo proprietorship: The easiest, but legally you are liable for any lawsuits against the company.
  • S-Corp
  • C-Corp

Because of the complexity of legal entities, I recommend hiring a lawyer first. They can guide you through this process.

5. Make money with money

You need funding to get started. There are many methods to do this. using your business plan to get a small loan for your business, from angel investors to independently wealthy individuals Be careful not to go overboard. If it doesn’t work out, you don’t want to be blocked, blackballed, or bankrupted.

6. Assemble your avengers

The MCU has skyrocketed and it’s not because of Thor’s flowing locks. It was a star team of brilliant people with great ideas. These are the four positions that you should be focusing on when searching for amazing minds.

  • Head of development: Determines what scripts to produce, and leads the creative team
  • Head of production: Responsible for budgeting and actual production
  • Head of post-production: Cuts and edits the final product
  • Head of distribution: Markets, sells, and markets the content

These four heads will form a mythical hydra that grows throughout the company. They can develop and grow their teams as your company expands, but it is important that these core members fully understand your vision, goals, and the niche you chose back in step one.

7. Stay accountable

There are many complicated parts that go into owning a production company, Accounting is a full-time job and does itself. Find a qualified public accountant who specializes in entertainment financing. They are trained and informed about regulations so that everything runs smoothly.

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8. Make sure you are insured

Any company can be easily taken out by a good old-fashioned accident, but accidents on set can be particularly devastating. Make sure you have the right production insurance to protect your productions that insurance can provide you with protection for any type of incident. It could be the perfect safety net for a stormy day.

9. Prove yourself

These proof-of-concept projects can be a great way for you to demonstrate your capabilities and show that you are moving in the right direction. Consider producing These shorter samples will allow you to make your voice heard and can be sold to investors or studios for larger projects.

10. Get the word out

A company is no longer a company without a website or social media. It is essential to create a website that allows big players to find short examples of your work as well as contact information. This will show that you are serious and allow people to get involved.

These 10 steps will help to map out your tasks so that you have no excuse not to. You’ll discover more stages as you go.

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