Metaverse & Marketing: How To Build Your Business Brand in the Metaverse

Metaverse & Marketing How To Build Your Business Brand in the Metaverse

Are you ready for the metaverse with your brand? This can be a difficult question. For one, the answer depends upon what “the metaverse” means for you as an owner of a business. It can also depend on what type of business you own. Brand owners want their businesses to be prepared for any situation. Active growth is often the top priority.

What is The Metaverse?

The answer depends on who you ask. However, a simple definition of this term is “collection technologies that allow us to interact with a virtual universe.” These technologies typically include augmented reality or virtual reality, and video.

Our ability to interact with AI and avatar representations of other people on social media is technically an offshoot of what the metaverse is supposed to be. The metaverse’s function is to merge the virtual and the real world into one.

Experts and innovators predict that as technology improves, we will spend more time in the digital universe than we currently do. We may even spend more time in our virtual worlds than in the real ones. This is not surprising given the increased focus on digital communications, eCommerce, and the increase in their use over the past two years. Already statistics show a rise in interest in AR/VR. In 2020, nearly 84,000,000 people used AR/VR frequently in the United States. This number is expected to rise to 110,000,000 next year.

The metaverse concept offers endless possibilities for creativity and business growth. Epic and Microsoft are just two of the big companies that have invested in the metaverse to claim their virtual brand. The market for mixed reality augmented reality and virtual reality is expected to grow to 300 million USD annually by 2024.

It’s clear that the metaverse will be the next major shift in digital technology, and it’s important to be prepared to capitalize on it.

These are the top three best ways to build your brand in the digital revolution known as the metaverse.

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Unified Branding

Building a brand is an essential part of building a business. Branding is not only about identifying who you are but also connecting it to core values, products, and services, as well as your audience.

It’s not the best advice to just make sure you have one brand. Inconsistent branding can be harmful to your brand. Inconsistency can be costly. 90% of consumers expect a consistent brand experience regardless of platform. Consistent brands have stronger visibility. Conversely, consumers who are less familiar with a company and have a less positive impression of it overall will be less likely to notice it and invest in the company. A logo design error or neglecting to use the right color scheme can lead to serious consequences.

Solid branding can also be achieved by incorporating specific elements. A signature color, for example, can increase a brand’s recognition by as much as 80%. This means that customers are 80% more likely than others to identify and interact with your brand in metaverse if you have your signature color.

A complete branding package should include leitmotifs (or sonic branding). According to some statistics, audio can help increase brand recognition by as much as 46%.

The numbers prove that branding is important as you enter the metaverse with your brand. It has been proven that unified branding across all platforms (print, website, storefront, and social media) can increase revenue by as much as 23%. This is significant growth, especially for small businesses.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual reality is the key to the metaverse, so incorporating virtual experiences into your customer’s offerings is a great way to prepare them for it. You may also be able to leverage the growing popularity of VR headsets which are one of the most popular ways of exploring the metaverse concept. In the US, there were just over five million VR headsets sold in 2020. By 2024, the US will have more than 14,000,000 yearly.

VR headsets don’t have to be the only way to create a virtual experience for your customers. Attract them to your company. Create a digital storefront to replicate your brick-and-mortar store. Make digital tours of products. Ikea is a great leader and has already demonstrated how to use the metaverse concept in order to grow a specific aspect of a brand. Ikea customers can view virtual rooms to see which furniture and features they will match, as well as how the color scheme will look and How frustrated they can get trying to figure it all out.

This last part is not actually part of Ikea’s virtual experience. It’s just a matter of time.

Video Production

One final way to increase your brand in the metaverse is to include videos in your marketing, website, and social media posts.

The importance of video isn’t anything new. Video is an integral part of the marketing strategy of approximately 85% of marketers. 92% of those marketers consider it essential for their future work. The most engaging social media platform is video, particularly Instagram. Social media videos are cited by more than 90% of businesses as a way to gain new customers or convert.

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Video production is a great option for companies looking to grow, especially with the metaverse focusing on virtual/augmented realities and video. Videos are not just used for marketing. Other popular types of videos include explainer or how-to videos and social media videos. Both of these videos place the emphasis on education and entertainment.

Your brand will be more attractive to new customers if you offer more value. Your brand will grow if you attract new interest.

To the Metaverse and Beyond

It is difficult to agree on the meaning of the metaverse and where it will lead us. One thing is certain: we have been spending more time in virtual worlds than ever before in the last few years. It’s almost certain that this trend will continue Your brand will grow with the right brand-building techniques

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