What is A Marketing Planner? | Career Path and Overview

Marketing Planner

What is a marketing planner?

These professionals are responsible for the creation and execution of marketing strategies. A marketing plan is a strategy to market a business for a specific period of time. Market planners work with other departments to identify the business’s needs and determine budgetary constraints that may affect planned marketing efforts. This role also includes communicating the marketing plan with people outside the department and within the marketing department in order to maintain alignment.

Marketing planners are often referred to as marketing managers by professionals. Marketing managers focus more on the campaigns in the plans while planners are focused on creating marketing plans. These roles can overlap and an organization might not have a separate marketing planner role.

Why become a marketing planner?

Marketing efforts are used to increase awareness and grow companies of all sizes and in all industries. Marketing can provide many opportunities for professional success as well as continued growth. A marketing planner position could suit you if you are passionate about creating and managing plans. Working in this role can also provide the opportunity to engage with other people, use creative thinking skills, and work with a team.

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What does a marketing planner do?

These professionals have the main task of creating marketing plans for organizations. While some companies make an annual plan that outlines the company’s marketing efforts over a year, others create quarterly or monthly plans. The plan is created by a marketing planner who outlines the efforts that will be used during that time period.

Marketing planning may include conducting research to evaluate the effectiveness of particular efforts and adapting the plans accordingly. They may conduct tests or focus groups to see if the marketing plan works or needs to change based on feedback. They may also be responsible for:

  • Monitoring and reviewing marketing budgets
  • Analyzing marketing outreach activities
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in the past
  • Marketing efforts should be tested by testing the reception of clients or consumers

How to become a marketing planner

These steps will help you succeed if you are considering a career in marketing planning.

1. Earn a degree

A bachelor’s degree is not required to work as a market planner. However, a certificate can be helpful in preparing for the role candidates who are more attractive to employers may be preferred by them. A bachelor’s degree in a related field may be more attractive to employers. To gain the required skills, you can take courses in business, marketing, and project planning during your education.

2. Work in a marketing department

While you are completing your bachelor’s, you may be able to get practical experience in the marketing department. Even if your bachelor’s degree does not allow you to work in marketing, you can still apply for entry-level positions in this field once you have completed your degree. You can learn about the roles and functions of each department in marketing, as well as how they work together to support an organization’s outreach efforts.

3. Learn how to use industry tools and programs

Marketing departments depend on many tools to automate their work and streamline it. You can stand out with marketing planning jobs by learning how to use the most popular programs. You can improve your skills in marketing automation software, SEO tools, email, and social media marketing resources, and design software.

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4. Become certified in the industry

A marketing certification can increase your credibility and help you learn valuable skills. Although certifications are not as common in the marketing industry, professional associations do offer them. You can take online courses to earn certification from some of the most popular marketing platforms and programs. These certifications will help you keep up to date with industry trends and best practices.

5. You might consider a higher degree

While an advanced degree in marketing planning is not required for most jobs, it can be a great way to move up the ladder. An MBA in marketing will give you additional education to help you in your search for a job. This degree typically includes core business classes that focus on marketing tools and consumer behavior.

Marketing planner skills

A marketing planner is responsible for analyzing the organization’s needs and developing a marketing plan that meets those goals. It’s important to have the following skills in order to be successful in this role:

  • Written and oral communication
  • Time and organization
  • Data analysis and research
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Budgeting and financial planning

This role requires a solid understanding of marketing plans and their purpose and how they are used. It can be useful to review marketing plans that have been created by other marketers planners in order to identify the information that is most relevant.

Marketing planner job outlook and salary

When looking at the job outlook and salary estimates, marketing planning often falls under the marketing planning category. The average annual salary for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers in the United States is $141,490 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to the BLS data, this category’s overall employment should rise by 10% between 2020- 2030. Marketing planners and managers are in high demand because they help organizations grow and expand and reach a wider audience with different strategies.

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