Top 20 YouTube Channel Ideas

YouTube Channel Ideas

It is not easy to start a YouTube business. You will need to spend time creating, editing, and producing videos. But you must also find a topic and YouTube channel ideas that interest you and ensure it resonates with people.

We have compiled a list of thirty YouTube channel ideas that are popular. You can read on to find out why YouTube viewers love these videos and get started with your YouTube channel.

Top 20 YouTube Channel Ideas

1. Comedy Sketches

If you’re in the middle of a two-hour YouTube binge, You can probably put the flood of funny videos flooding the platform on Comedy sketches are a common form of comedy by YouTube stars like Jenna marbles. She is a YouTube sensation and blogger with over 19 million subscribers and Jimmy Tatro. A college kid who created hilarious videos for fun but turned them into a career. He has over 3,000,000 subscribers today.

Both Jimmy and Jenna built their YouTube audiences with low-production videos. However, they were able to nail humor and storytelling in many of their videos. This is why it’s possible to build a comedy channel on a small budget if you have the ability to write funny scripts.

2. Web Series

The human brain responds to stories. Neuroscience shows that storytelling is the best way for people to grab their attention, embed information in their memories, and form close personal bonds. Our brains are wired to seek out and crave great stories. This will never change.

You can make your YouTube channel look like a series of TV episodes and create a narrative-driven series with your videos. This will help you get your viewers to love your content, just like the Netflix series.

3. Music

Covers of songs are among the most popular videos on YouTube. People love to hear aspiring artists’ take on popular songs. If you are able to sing or play an instrument, consider covering popular songs and uploading them to YouTube. You never know, you might be the next Justin Bieber or Tori Kelly.

4. Album Reviews

The possibilities are endless with this highly-popular channel idea. Every day, new music is added. For the past decade, YouTuber Anthony Fantano has reviewed a variety of albums from a variety of genres. He has gained a loyal following for his views. Although his videos have been viewed millions of times, it is relatively simple to record your own. You’d be amazed at how many people want to hear your music if you have an ear for it.

5. Tutorials

They can be guitar lessons, beauty lessons, or how-to videos about making popsicle sticks houses for your hamster. People love to learn how to have more fun in their lives. People will live happier lives if you are able to share your passions and show them how to do better in these areas. This will increase your brand loyalty and sentiment and keep your viewers interested. It will also attract their friends through word-of-mouth marketing.

6. Software Tutorials

Software tutorials don’t need to be written by a programmer. However, a solid understanding of how they work can help you make some great YouTube videos. YouTube viewers might benefit from learning how they can use their software or how to download newer versions. The software can include subjects such as applications and systems.

7. Photography

Photography can be considered an art form that comes in many forms. Photographs can be used to capture landscapes, family portraits, and more creative editorial content. YouTube is a great place to share tutorials about how to capture the best photos with different equipment and purposes. You don’t need to have expensive equipment or software to take amazing photos.

8. Video editing

There are dozens of video editing software available to users but, Many may be overlooked as videographers might not know how to best use them to their full capability. Learn how to use Premiere Pro and other quality software. posting a tutorial can encourage your viewers to play with their content in new ways.

9. Self Help

Helping people solve their problems is another way to increase your channel’s brand sentiment and loyalty. You can offer advice to people about common problems they may have, whether it is about their personal or professional lives. However, you should have a lot of knowledge, education, and experience in these areas. People will distrust you if you don’t have a lot of knowledge or experience.

10. Cleaning and Organization

Although these tips are geared towards large families, single people can still benefit from house cleaning and organization tips to make their homes look better. Viewers may be motivated to do the same by watching videos that tackle difficult cleaning tasks or messy clothing bins.

11. Minimalism

Last year saw a lot of change in the world. One of those changes was increased home time. As people sought to make their homes more enjoyable and less cluttered, minimalism and decluttering soared. Filming your minimalist tips can help others in their journeys. Corey Jones shares minimalist tips on home decorating, wardrobe, and even the equipment he uses for filming his content.

12. Style

Everyone wants to look great. You can create a YouTube community by reviewing new clothes, keeping people informed about new styles and trends, and showing them how to look your best. Sponsors will be interested in your YouTube channel if you are popular. They will pay you to review their clothes and offer discounts to your viewers.

13. Cooking

The primal instinct of humans is to love cooking. We need food to survive so it is only natural that we are constantly trying new recipes and mastering old ones. Help them to do this by guiding them through your recipes and introducing them to the techniques. Show them how their food should look at each stage of your recipe. They will be able to create the best dishes possible. You can share your methods with others, but don’t forget to have a bit of humor. Joshua Weissman

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14. Baking

Baking videos are another area of YouTube that has seen a lot of popularity. Many people found creative ways to make baking a relaxing and fun pastime as they searched for new ways to spend their time in 2020. It doesn’t take a professional chef or even a skilled cook to share a recipe. People will likely be more interested in listening if the recipe is simple and quick because they can visualize themselves making it.

15. Fitness Training

Personal trainers can be expensive. You don’t necessarily need one to keep in shape. To stay fit, people are turning to YouTube for free personal trainers and yoga instructors. If you are an expert in yoga or weight lifting, create workout videos to help people achieve specific goals such as gaining weight, muscle gain, or improving their cardiovascular health.

16. Home Workouts

Many people feel nervous about going to the gym because they don’t know how to use the equipment, You don’t even know what a workout routine is. You make fitness more accessible for everyone by making home workout videos.

17. Yoga

Guided yoga videos are another form of exercise. Yoga is an excellent way to engage your mind and body. Sharing your knowledge of the proper technique will help viewers. You can help people calm down and stay healthy by showing them how to do Hatha or Ashtanga yoga.

18. Strength Training

Videos of strength training are great for anyone who wants to gain muscle and learn the correct way. Sharing your routine on YouTube is a great idea if you have a solid one that people would like to follow.

19. Dance

You can create dance videos to your favorite songs, whether you are a professional dancer or just a casual dancer. You can create your content more relevant by using choreographed moves or simply freestyle dancing to the most popular charting songs. This will encourage others to get out and dance.

20. Travel

Humans are biologically wired to explore the world and not respond to it. People love to explore. People like to do some research before spending thousands of dollars to go to a place they’ve seen on Instagram. If you have the money to travel, it is worth recording your adventures in beautiful landscapes and cities. The viewers will be able to see the place from a different perspective, which can help them make a decision about whether they want to go on a memorable vacation or save money for a trip they don’t like.

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